Charlotte City Council Narrowly Votes Down Transgender Protection Proposal

RestroomCHARLOTTE, N.C. — City Council members in Charlotte, North Carolina voted down a proposal Monday night that would have provided protections for homosexuals and transgendered persons in the city.

As previously reported, council members had been considering additional wording for its existing non-discrimination ordinance that would add sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, marital status and familial status to its current citizen protections. The addition had been requested by a member of the homosexual and transgender advocacy group Human Rights Campaign.

If passed, any places of public accommodation, such as restaurants and stores, would have been required to allow transgendered persons to use the restroom with which they are most comfortable. Locker rooms and showers would also fall under the same requirement.

But the proposal created controversy, both within city council and among area residents. A meeting last month at city hall was tense as some expressed apprehension over the potential ramifications of the legislation.

Council Member Kenny Smith said that he does not feel it is appropriate for people who are biologically of the opposite sex to share such a private and personal space as a restroom.

“I am not comfortable taking my six-year-old daughter into the men’s room, nor is it acceptable for me to go into the women’s room,” he stated. “And I think I should have full faith and confidence as I send my daughter into the restroom, who’s in that restroom.”

Council Member Al Austin, a homosexual, disagreed with those who expressed hesitation and stated that those council members were lagging behind on civil rights.

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“[I]f you want to know about people being discriminated against because they are LGBT, it’s a bad feeling going into a restaurant and being asked to turn around,” he stated.

According to the Charlotte Observer, nearly 40,000 emails on both sides of the issue had been sent to city council from residents. By Monday, 120 people had signed up to speak at the council meeting about the proposal. The public comment period took over four hours.

“It is evil to allow men into women’s restrooms,” Adam Tennant told those gathered. “You’re going to stand before a holy God on the day of judgment.”

“This small minority of people want to use the government to bully and overcome the majority and overcome the law of God,” said Ante Pavkovic.

“Anti-discrimination laws exist to protect people, not your religious beliefs,” asserted Barbara Green. “Keep your faith but do what is right.”

Before a vote took place, city council decided by a majority to remove the restroom requirement section from the bill. However, it didn’t solve contentions as some council members who had supported the bill now stated they couldn’t vote for the proposal without the restroom protections.

Therefore, the measure was then voted down 6-5 as some opposed the ordinance altogether, and some opposed the compromise. Those who voted against the measure were council members Michael Barnes, LaWana Mayfield, John Autry, Ed Driggs, Greg Phipps and Kenny Smith. David Howard, Claire Fallon, Vi Lyles, Patsy Kinsey and Al Austin voted in favor of its passage.

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  • vfrtower

    “…that would have provided protections for homosexuals and transgendered persons in the city.”

    By taking protections away from non-homosexuals and non-transgendered persons in the city.

  • Gary

    It is a shame that the vote was not unanimous against. Shameful there is a sodomite and sodomite sympathizers on the council.

  • The Last Trump

    Huh. Looks like folks are finally catching on. Alabama Supreme Court halts the gay agenda in their State and now this. Perhaps there’s hope now that we understand better homosexual “speak”.

    Who knew that “we just want to be left alone” and “how does it even affect YOUR life” actually meant WE would be forced to undergo re-education programs and forced acceptance, our businesses would be boycotted, sued and shut down, our bathrooms would no longer be safe and our privacy violated, and we would be forced to undergo aggressive LGBT propaganda in our once favorite tv shows, commercials for our consumer products, on our cereal boxes, in our schools and at the job.
    In OUR faces every day. ALL day.

    Should’ve quit while you were ahead folks. Shouldn’t have been so vehemently intolerant to those who had extended to you unprecedented tolerance.

    • MisterPine

      “We just want to be left alone” and “how does it even affect YOUR life” – good points, have you got a response to them, or are you fighting for the right to hate?

      “Forced acceptance”. You make it sound like something so torturous. There are LGBT people out there and they have a right to not be bullied or judged, it’s really not that hard. What an absolute TRAVESTY that you should accept them as human beings!

  • BravesFan

    I’d like to ask the whiny council member to give me some specific incidents where homosexuals were kicked out of restaurants for being homosexual.

    Nice to see a little sanity prevail. For now.

  • When these stories come up, I cannot help but think what about women who have survived rape, stalking, or domestic violence? What about their rights?? Shouldn’t they be allowed to use a public restroom without fear of seeing a man in there, without fear of being harassed, groped, or even raped? Bottom line- if you have male genitalia, use the men’s room-that’s what it’s designed for anyways…because if you try to use the ladie’s room, one swift kick will remind you of where you really belong!!

    • Ambulance Chaser

      Since transwomen are, psychologically, women, them seeing men in the bathroom is not an issue.

      • Faithwalker

        However, they are still biologically men.

      • 9cfleet

        How stupid are you? No matter what mental illness you have and what genetic mutilation and hormonal overdoses you have undergone, you will always be the gender you were born as.

      • I have no problem with a transwoman who’s had bottom surgery, however, if you have male genitals, GET THE %$#& OUT OF MY BATHROOM!!

        • So then, maybe we do a genital check at the bathroom door?

          • Hey, if it looks like a man, it gets kicked in the groin. No more stalkers!!!

          • Yes, you are definitely in a position to judge others, advocating assault as you are.

          • Yes, thank you for recognizing that.

        • Ambulance Chaser

          Why? What’s the difference?

          • RAPE

          • Ambulance Chaser

            So you’re saying you believe transwomen are likely to rape other women in restrooms? Why do you believe this?

          • I don’t need to explain jack squat to you! YOU DON’T KNOW MY STORY, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I’VE BEEN THROUGH!!!

          • Ambulance Chaser

            No, you don’t need to explain anything to me but it would help if you want me to see your side.

            As for what happened to you, you’re right; I don’t know. But I’m sorry for whatever it was.

            However, we are discussing policy, and I’m not sure it’s relevant to this discussion.

          • Policy can often have an influence on the individual. Case in point- Stalking and harassment. You should know that policies and procedures for stalking and harassment weren’t put into law until around the last decade. I just do not want to see things go backwards for women. People forget about the woman who has suffered at the hands of a psychotic man. One who will stop at NOTHING to harm her. But hey, if he puts a dress on a walks into the ladies room, there’s now no rules to stop him- because we should all be “tolerant”. Remember this- domestic violence was once tolerated too.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            Okay, first of all, you’re all over the place on this. Let’s just cut right to the heart of the matter. You believe that a man would abuse this law to dress up like a woman to gain access to a bathroom so he can rape women, right?

            If a rapist were going to do that, why would he worry about committing trespass? Has anyone ever forgone committing a violent felony just because, in order to do it, he would first have to commit a nonviolent misdemeanor?

          • Exactly. Never mind the fact that they could (but are not) kidnapping boys from the restroom already. There are a bunch of would-be kidnappers and rapists laying low and waiting for the laws to change so they start their crime sprees.

          • Ambulance Chaser

            If only it weren’t for those gosh-durn trespassing laws! I mean, sure, they’re sadistic rapists, but even they have STANDARDS. We’re talking about going someplace they’re not welcome here!

          • Oh so you’re questioning my experiences now! You’re the same type of male chauvanist pig that lets men get away with rape! RAPIST MALE PIG!

          • Ambulance Chaser

            So, just to be clear, you are DELIBERATELY refusing to discuss this issue like a rational adult, right?


          • Ambulance Chaser

            Cognitive dissonance is a nasty thing, isn’t it? It’s really hard to have to critically examine and defend your beliefs.

          • How about NO. You’re a white male, check your privilege at the door.

  • Whew! Thank God transgenders can’t use the restroom where they’re most comfortable in Charlotte City!