Video Claims to Show Nine-Year-Old ‘ISIS Supporter’ Being Executed By Shia Militia

Iraq(Daily Mail) A horrific video has emerged claiming to show a nine-year-old child being brutally murdered by members of a Shia militia who accused him of being a supporter of the Islamic State terror group.

The footage was purportedly filmed near the Iraqi city of Tikrit, where a coalition of 30,000 Iraqi Army soldiers and private Shia armies launched a campaign to oust ISIS militants earlier this week.

The horrific film has not been independently verified and could easily be just the latest piece of propaganda to be released by the terrorist organisation. Nevertheless the sheer brutality of the clip calls into question the policy of allowing local armed groups to lead the fightback against ISIS.

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Warning: Graphic

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  • Deedee Keith


  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Natural humans are not good to children. Neither Paganisms or secularism/atheism protect children. Child-protection is a Christian principle.
    May God have mercy on the children and bring His justice upon the world swiftly.

    • John Anthony Montanez

      What foolish remarks, there are people who let their children die horrible deaths by substituting faith healing for medical treatment…

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        Those were cults who use the name of Christian. Normal Christians use any medical treatment available and pray to God for healing. In times and places where there is no medical treatment, there are a lot of healing miracles. God is in control and He knows our needs.

        • John Anthony Montanez

          The only difference between a cult is size and social acceaptance there are 20,000+ churches…even some state representatives or okay with faith healing and many states have “exemptions against these parents” ewxcept for about two.

          and you cant really blame them since there are verses in the bible that condone faith in god with exception if theirs medical treatment allowed.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            No, the Word of God, the Holy Bible, decides what is the proper religion and what are cults, not majority. Majority means nothing to the Christian faith. You secularists are killing millions of babies and enslaving millions of children and forcing abnormal immorality upon the world; the Christian Church alone is battling against your barbarism. The secular West has returned to its pre-christian barbarism by becoming illiterate on the Holy Bible. Wake up and stop doing evil.

    • John Anthony Montanez

      Also your bible has instances where children are brutally killed such as when 42 children were killed by bears for making fun of a prophets baldness

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        The prophet did not cause it; those were a divine punishment. Even children can cross the line in doing evil and should take heed.