ISIS Threatens to ‘Blow Up’ White House, Demands Middle East Christians ‘Convert to Islam’

ISIS Credit MenendjIn a new audio recording released by the Islamic terror group ISIS, which identifies itself as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani threatened to blow up the White House, Big Ben and Eiffel Tower and take over much of the world for Islam.

“We won the day Europe and [the] U.S. dreamed of reclaiming Tal Hamis, Mosul, Sinjar, Tikrit, Qaim, Derna, Tell Abyad and more,” al-Adnani declared in the 28-minute recording entitled “So They Kill and Are Killed.”

“We—with Allah’s help—want Paris, before Rome and Islamic Iberia,” he continued. “And after we blow up the White House, Big Ben, and the Eiffel Tower before Paris, and Rome, the Muslims will return to power to be the vanguard and lead in every place.”

al-Adnani then laid down an ultimatum for Christians and others in the Middle East, stating that they would be unable to stop the spread of the Islamic caliphate.

“Convert to Islam or pay the ultimate price when you armies are expelled from Muhammad’s peninsula, from Jerusalem, and all Muslim lands,” he demanded. “What you [will] be paying to us in jizya (a tax on non-Muslims) won’t account for [even] tenth of a tenth of a tenth of a percent of what you pay to finance your doomed war.”

“The Jews and the Crusaders are scared and weak,” he said.

According to reports, the recording was released in response to recent statement by Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau, who called upon Muslims worldwide to “pledge allegiance” to ISIS.

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“We announce our allegiance to the Caliph of the Muslims … and will hear and obey in times of difficulty and prosperity, in hardship and ease, and to endure being discriminated against, and not to dispute about rule with those in power, except in case of evident infidelity regarding that which there is a proof from Allah,” he declared earlier this month. “We call upon Muslims everywhere to pledge allegiance to the Caliph.”

Boko Haram, which being translated means, “Western education is sinful,” has been seeking to build it own caliphate in Northern Africa, a part of the continent that is predominantly Christian. The group has killed thousands since it stepped up its attacks in 2009, often targeting churches and those who are non-Muslim.

As previously reported, last August, after taking over a Nigerian town that is largely inhabited by Christians, Shekau released a video stating that Muslims were commanded by Allah to rule the world.

“Thanks be to Allah who gave victory to our brethren in [the town of] Gwoza and made it part of the Islamic caliphate,” he declared. “By the grace of Allah, we will not leave the town. We have come to stay.”

“Allah commands us to rule Gwoza by Islamic law,” Shekau continued. “In fact, he commands us to rule the rest of the world, not only Nigeria, and now we have started.”

Some have stated that groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram have an apocalyptic strategy.

“What ISIS and virtually all Muslims anticipate is for Jesus to return on the white Eastern Minaret of Damascus (Syria) gliding in on the wings of two angels and then through much blood and carnage will convert the whole world to Islam including killing all of the Jews, break all of the crosses and live as a Muslim for 40 years, before dying and thus heralding the final countdown to Judgment Day when Muslims expect to enter paradise,” Nadeem Walayat of the Market Oracle wrote last year.

Photo: Menendj

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  • starflight

    cowards hide behind there masks little men
    with big guns, take away the guns and they will run
    like the cowards they are,isis fight like men you cowards

  • Gary

    There can be only one response to such people: you have to kill them all.

    • Zolicon

      They say great minds think alike and I say that People who think like them are just like them.

      • Gary

        If someone is determined to kill you, you have to stop them somehow. Or, they will do what they want.

        • Zolicon

          Naturally and the best way to stop them is to be as stubborn as a Mule and just plain refuse to die come Hell or high-water.

        • Echo2November

          LOL, Reminds me of an episode of Firefly when the captain is teaching a young girl to handle a weapon, “Just remember, if someone is trying to kill you, well, then you just kill em right back.”

    • Sashineb

      And then who becomes the terrorist?

  • Jean Adams

    Amazing to see biblical prophecy coming true. As Jesus was a Jew, why would moslems think he would be against Jews. All Jesus’ family and friends were Jews. The prophecies say what is happening and what will happen. Only 10% of the population will survive, the moslems will be destroyed.

    • Yvonne Celeste Lee

      Furthermore, Jesus will return to Jerusalem, not Syria, so anyone who rises up in Syria claiming to be Jesus will not be.

  • Dan

    Completely delusional are these Muslims. This is why people need to understand that the God of Islam is not the same God of the Bible. They do not believe in the Trinity. The Book of Revelation describes the end times which we are now in. everything that happens from this point out has already been prophesied

    • wandakate

      The trinity comes from the HRCC. JESUS and the FATHER GOD were one in mind only. They thought the same. That is why JESUS said, “I can do nothing but what the FATHER has instructed me”. He and the FATHER were on the same page. JESUS went to the garden and prayed unto the FATHER GOD. He would not have gone there to pray for Himself, there would be no point in that, makes no sense.
      JESUS said, “My FATHER is always working, and I also am working”.
      GOD was the FATHER GOD who is a “spirit”.
      JESUS was the SON of GOD who was flesh and blood with a spirit inside of Him
      The HOLY SPIRIT was the comforter, that would lead us into all truth, and is a spirit being.
      If they don’t believe in the Trinity, that’s fine.
      And yes we are living in the end times and all of the future is in Revelation and Daniel and will happen. It’s like GOD’s puzzle being put together piece by piece until the culmination which is when JESUS will return and open up the graves and after that the wrath of GOD will be poured out onto all of sinful mankind.

  • bowie1

    They want to send us to heaven and they to hell do they?

    • Zolicon

      No in Their delude way of thinking they want to send us to Hell and themselves to Heaven so they can get Their 72 recycled Virgins.

      • bowie1

        In their mind yes…but I see it as just the opposite, as a Christian believer. But, let’s hope it doesn’t happen here.

        • Zolicon

          And Your being a Christian is the very reason they want to send You to Hell.

        • wandakate

          I do hope all this doesn’t happen here, but what is going to stop it? It’s not going to be this administration…They want to fly their flag at the White House. Others want to blow it up…they want to take over the world. That is their goal. Everyone will worship Allah…Otherwise they will be martyred for their faith, or just killed if they have no faith, but won’t worship Allah…
          I do believe by the end of 2016 they will be here doing what we now see them doing on television on the other side of the world. They are taking over there now but it will be here later.

    • wandakate

      Could you reword this sentence and it’s not making sense…
      They want to send us to heaven and they to hell do they? What are you saying?

      • bowie1

        I was using sarcasm since they believe they are sending Christians to Hell, when in fact they will end up in Hell, and we to Heaven.

        • wandakate

          Oh okay. They don’t know JESUS, and that is their “main” issue (problem).

  • Zolicon

    Day After Disaster (Nuke Attack on DC) (part 1 )

  • Andrew Diamond

    ISIS needs to be faced with forgiveness, love, and prayer. Not guns, bombs, or any form of violence.

  • Gail Petersen

    I used to get upset over all of this. Then, my Lord Jesus reminded me to not get angry unless it was worth getting angry over. He has shown me that these people are His children too. That they have been mislead, confused, and lied to by the father of all lies, satan himself. So I now pray for these and many others whom satan has attacked. We are living in the end times and Christ Jesus is returning soon. It is now that we need to pray for the souls of the lost harder than ever. Evil is very much alive in the world, not just ISIS. Pray my brothers and sisters. If evil should overcome some of us, then we shall still be standing firm in our belief and faith. I know that the Lord will protect us as we strive to do good. May peace be upon you all.

    • Marvelatthis

      I find your statement filled with love, hope, joy, and peace. It is true that everyone is God’s children if they show repentance. We do need to pray for the souls of others I agree. May peace be with you as well. I hope that everyone stands together against this evil. It needs to be stopped. Pure propaganda by ISIS but the threat is real. To let them continue to do evil to people is something we must stand for. Christ said no greater gift is there, then to give up his life for his friends. He also came with a sword of justice.

    • wandakate

      GOD is good, but JESUS in the scriptures warned us that we will be persecuted for our faith. He will come yes but not until all these judgments are over. The last 7 judgments of Revelation are the wrath of GOD and the evil will all be done and over with then but not before that time. Much suffering and persecution and tribulation, testing and trials will come on us before JESUS comes.
      You message is very positive but it’s not quite matching up with scriptures.

  • jmichael39

    We can rebuild…no big deal.

    • wandakate

      WHAT, rebuild? Millions will have their heads cut off. When they are done with the world millions will die at their hands. Rebuilding will be the least of our concerns.

      • jmichael39

        I’m talking about the WH…Sheesh. You’re lucky I didn’t add what I wanted to add to that first post. I was offering to make sure the current resident of the WH is there when then blow it up.

  • Echo2November

    Not sure how they will pull this off; just watched a video of 3 of them running fast and hard away from Tikrit. They didn’t make it.

  • Marvelatthis

    Is it the Muslim faith that is the problem? No. Is it the ISIS propaganda that is the problem? Absolutely. Are all Muslim people bad people? No they are not. Is this so called Caliph going to rule the world? They are not of this world, but of pure evil. Can they win against all of the nations they claim they can. Not for a second and here is why. Jesus Christ taught love not death. He taught that giving one’s life for a friend is the greatest gift of mankind. I’ve seen hundreds of men that are Christians that are going to fight them voluntarily because the truth is that we as Christians will sacrifice our lives if necessary for our friends (and that includes all of God’s people). Is it scary, in a way yes in a way no. Jesus stated many times that we are to stand up to the face of tyranny at every opportunity. Jesus knows this situation well, because he lived it during his time on earth. He gave up his life for his friends. We must stand for Jesus now more than ever. Islamic terrorism is a battle for hearts and minds. Do we go through life as Christians with fear? Jesus said don’t worry. Do we as Christians, and U.S. citizens have the right to protect ourselves against pure evil. We certainly do and we will. This ISIS group of radical Muslims must be stopped, not only for Christians, but for every Muslim that believes in their religion. I hope that the Atheist community will at least join hands with us as Christians to protect our (all inclusive) rights and privileges that the United States offers us. ISIS will maam children, women, or anyone but they will never sway me from Jesus Christ as God’s son. Not Allah’s prophet, but God the creator’s son. Its up to all of us to never let evil control this world, and there is plenty of evil in it. Jesus provided us a way to our spiritual salvation. Does anyone believe I would give that up because of ISIS? Like Christians that have been slain by this evil, if it comes to that for me, I will praise Jesus Christ as they take my physical body, because they can never touch my soul.

    • MarkDonners

      This has absolutely nothing to do with religion. They’re just plain psychopaths, no more, no less, and must be eliminated as such. The psychopaths can be in your face murdering you directly, or they can be in position of power in a corporation or government, and murdering you slowly. A psychopath is a human gone completely insane, and will always be a psychopath.

      • Marvelatthis

        I think it has to do with the beliefs of Christians. I just saw yesterday a statement by ISIS trying to say that all Muslims should join up against Christians and anyone that doesn’t convert to their version of Islam will be killed. This article points that out. I wish it was as simple as them being psychopathic but I feel it is more than that. Pure Evil is what I think these terrorist’s are. I’ve lived long enough to see evil at work, but I’ve never seen this type of brutality in a group of human beings. (The exception would be Hitler and Stalin.) Anyway thanks for your post.

        • wandakate

          What I think you’re seeing with this (evil) that you mentioned is a manifestation of satan (the god of this world).
          You know satan is real and his agenda is powerful. He hates all Christians and want all of them to die. He wants as many as possible to go to hell. His time is short now. JESUS is going to be coming in the near future and satan is alive and well on planet earth and he is doing everything within his power to distract us and keep us busy so we have no time for the things of GOD. Pure evil is correct and satan and the antichrist and the false prophet will all be pure evil. They ( the antichrist and the false prophet),will be controlled by satan. He will be indwelled within the two of them.
          These people want to take over and slaughter everybody that does not subject themselves to the will of Allah. It’s coming to America and when they are done conquering overseas they will show up on our front door right on American soil, bet you life on it.
          It’s all part of the plan.
          JESUS warned us of this very thing.

    • wandakate

      It’s your SPIRIT that can’t be touched…When JESUS died, he did not give up His soul to the FATHER GOD, He gave up His ‘SPIRIT” (LUKE 23:46…And when JESUS had cried with a loud voice, He said, FATHER into they hands I commend my “SPIRIT”. He gave up His spirit to the FATHER, and no His soul.
      Also see GENESIS 2:7…And the LORD GOD formed man of the dust of the ground, and He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life: and MAN BECAME A LIVING SOUL. ( the same as being, person, human, flesh and blood).
      We are according to scripture a soul with a spirit inside of us…
      This is just general info from the Bible and not what man has told us, but the truth of the word. You can’t add to or take away from the words.
      You comments were noteworthy.

      • Marvels of life

        Thanks Wanda. I consider the soul of man, and the spirit of the lord to be the difference, but appreciate your comment.

        • wandakate

          Okay…bible disagrees with you however. It said man was created a “soul”. As in the saying, “there isn’t a soul in the place”. It’s saying there is nobody here.
          And it says that JESUS gave up His spirit. So, how you turn all that into something else is beyond me, but we don’t all see things the same. I just see them the way the scriptures tell them and not my own interpretation. GOD’s ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts.
          My name is Wandakate, not Wanda. thx.

          • Marvels of life

            I would prefer not to argue with you if your of the Christian faith. I propose we join hands in our belief in Christ. I think we are talking the same thing but using semantics. Have a blessed day. Sorry about the name.

          • wandakate

            Understand…the comments were for the benefit of other readers that may not know the scriptures. Most people think one thing without actually studying the scriptures to know the difference or what is really the truth.
            So, it was under a comment to you but there are other readers here also.
            All is well…

          • Marvels of life

            An FYI, “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole
            world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for
            his soul? 27″For
            the Son of Man is going to come in the glory of His Father with His

            22But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!
            24Those who belong to Christ Jesus have nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to his cross and crucified them there. 25Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives. 26Let us not become conceited, or provoke one another, or be jealous of one another.

            Man would = Soul
            God Trinity = Spirit.

            For our readers sake. Have a blessed evening

  • ISSENet

    ISSE Foundation Inc. (Texas Registered Non-profit Org) is preparing to send teams of former vetted military, special operations, military and security personnel to several areas affected by ISIS/affiliated terror groups to provide non-lethal tactical support and humanitarian assistance. We need your help.