Texas Students Petition Removal of ‘Insensitive’ Pro-Life Display Over Christian Symbolism

UT DisplayARLINGTON, Texas — Over 200 students at the University of Texas at Arlington recently petitioned a student pro-life group to remove an abortion display featuring nearly 3,000 crosses in part due to concerns that the crosses represented Christianity and thus were “culturally insensitive.”

“Every cross is supposed to represent an unborn child, but not necessarily every child that is aborted is Christian,” petition organizer Ashley Radovcich told The Shorthorn, the campus newspaper. “And therefore, they’re being culturally insensitive, especially since we’re the fifth most diverse campus in America.”

“[T]hey need to be more culturally sensitive to religions and cultures on campus,” she reiterated. “I mean, by all means, they should represent their views—freedom of speech … but they should also be more aware of what they’re putting out to the public.”

“When I’m looking at this, they’re basically telling us that we can go to Hell just for having options,” sophomore Olivia Frost added.

The student group Pro-Life Mavericks had placed 2,900 small wooden crosses on the university’s Central Library mall last month to represent the number of children that are killed in the womb each day by abortion. It had done so the year before and was likewise met with opposition.

Adam Fogel, public relations officer for the Pro-Life Mavericks, said that while a number of pro-abortion students took issue with the cross display, the group had no problem with those who held signs in front of the crosses to express their support for abortion.

“It’s their opinion. They’re exercising their freedom of speech, so I have nothing against it,” he told the newspaper. “We’re trying to get our opinions out and they’re trying to get out their opinions.”

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But Fogel also outlined to Campus Reform that disagreement has gone beyond simple sign holding, as the group’s display has been vandalized by those who have taken offense at the spread of cross memorials.

“About 100 crosses or so were kicked over and our display signs went missing for a couple of days,” he said.

However, Fogel noted that not all response to the memorials has been negative, since some have found the display to be eye-opening.

“The biggest surprise we had was finding out how many people had no idea that abortion was this common and this much of a problem in the states,” he explained.

The Pro-Life Mavericks plan on erecting the display again next year.

As previously reported, in 2013, a similar display of crosses was vandalized at Rachel’s Park in Waco during the 40th “anniversary” of Roe v. Wade. Approximately 600 of 4,000 crosses were knocked down or destroyed in the incident, and it appeared that someone had driven a vehicle over the crosses, as the vandal left pieces of the underside of their vehicle littered throughout the park as well as traces of motor oil. Automotive tires were also left at the scene.

“It appears the animosity against the preborn knows no bounds,” park founder Rusty Thomas lamented following the incident. “Not only are we content as a nation to stand back and allow the preborn to die through the sin and crime of abortion, but now there are those among us who seek to destroy the very memory of these children as well.”

The year-round memorial, named after Jeremiah 31:15, which speaks of Rachel weeping for her children because they are no more, was later restored and rededicated. It has reportedly been attacked several times since its inception in 2000.

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  • Eponymous1

    By all means they should present their views… but just in ways that we don’t find offensive.

    • The Last Trump

      Crosses that represent, and have always represented, grave markers are “culturally insensitive”!?
      But not the murder of innocent children.
      God help the liberal left. What monsters.

    • Gail Petersen

      Crosses do represent Christianity. But if you find that offensive, perhaps this won’t. Long before Christ was crucified on the cross the cross was used by man as weapons for torturous and inhumane ways to slowly kill a person. Actually, some countries still do this barbaric deed today. Which do you find more offensive? A cross representing a child that has gone to heaven or a cross used in the most evil and inhumane way man can imagine it.

      And how can anyone find a cross “offensive” if they don’t believe in what it represents. That’s like me finding it offensive to believe in Santa Clause. I know he does not exists….but I don’t find it offensive if others do. But to the world, that’s what Christmas is all about…..Santa and spending money. I don’t believe in that but I’m not so small minded that it offends me.

    • Maggi Fitzgibbon Escamilla

      Why should the message of murdered lives be watered down. It is what it is. Give it a name. For those murdered, they have no markers just incinerated so no one has to look at the results. You pro-abortion? Fine..it is what it is. Deal

      • 6660splendidday

        Please tell us how many unwanted children you have adopted.Have you visited an orphanage once in your life? If you did, did you take some books and spend some time with disadvantaged children. Some children never have a home of their own. After these children are born, did you offer to buy them clothes, send them to college, have you, in fact, ever done anything in your entire life for anyone but yourself? You talk a lot. Your type never does anything but talk. It is the easiest thing to do.

  • BarryWKilbane

    Eponymous, I hope you are referring to the pro-aborts. If not, then there will never be a manner in which we can express the Truth that will sit well with those who see nothing wrong with the pre-meditated murder of the unborn

  • Reason2012

    “I mean, by all means, they should represent their views—freedom of speech … but they should also be more aware of what they’re putting out to the public.
    In other words they redefine “freedom of speech” as “you’re free to say anything we allow you to say”.

    • OldArkie

      They show they have no tolerance towards any Christians. Nor do they want babies to live, and they do not want to be reminded that there’s a God and a Savior.

  • MM237

    They should stop looking at it from a relativisitc pov. Christ is the truth and if they kill their children and refuse to repent, they will be condemned to hell.

  • Gail Petersen

    Culturally “insensitive”….how foolish. Whether the crosses are there or not all that are against what they represent need to remember: All children, every single one, under the age of accountability, go to heaven…..regardless of what the parent who aborted the child believes. I agree with the crosses….I think they should be put up all across America as these unborn babies are not just “inconveniences” in someone’s life….they belong to God.

  • bowie1

    Had they simply been a stick without the cross piece I wonder if they would have complained. It would be interesting to find out!

  • Psygn

    It looks like a safety hazard to me. Wait … I’m not at work.

  • Peter Leh

    might be a better “witness” to include some “stars of david” and other symbols to represent abortion in all cultures.

    but yes it does seem a bit silly to complain.

  • Clayton Broyles

    I don’t agree with trying to get it taken down and certainly not with vandalizing it. Instead, let it stand as a testament to what assholes they are.

  • Grape Vine

    maybe mix it up next with some tombstones mixed in with the crosses

  • jmichael39

    Well, frankly, they make a valid point…however, until they’re willing to become party to that pro-life group, I don’t suspect that their opinions will matter, nor should they matter, to the people designed the display.

  • Michael Eade

    Pro lifers are pathetic, are you honestly saying a person should have no choice in such a matter, if a woman is viciously raped does that mean she has to have the child of the rapist?

    • Denise Miller Rorabaugh

      You think all those that are aborted are due to rape? Most are due to inconvenience and lazy contraception! Get real! There are many wanting to adopt babies others don’t want as well.

      • Michael Eade

        Try reading my comment properly before spouting your stupidity, i never said ALL abortions were because of rape, but i expect there are a fair number due to it.

        At the end of the day America is a nation where people are supposed to be able to do what they want so long as it is within the law, if states keep passing laws based on religious grounds then people are going to leave in favor of nations that offer more freedom of choice.

        And as for Adoption i expect i know more than you think i do, so do not talk to me of that.

        • Austin Snow

          Michael, what if YOU were conceived by rape?

          Should we round up everyone outside the womb conceived by rape for a massive genocide?

          The only way you can justify your argument is to say that a child in the womb is somehow sub-human and therefore disposable

          • Michael Eade

            Are all pro lifers this stupid or is it just people on this website that are as thick as two short planks?

            If i were conceived by rape then either 1. i would not be here by now or 2. I would wonder what would drive a person to commit rape.

            I would rather be born out of love by two people not hatred and anger and violence would you not agree with that? would you not agree it is better to be born wanted and loved rather than hated and unwanted?

            Besides if you want a reason to commit genocide just read your bible it gives you numerous reasons, i know thats where hitler got his inspiration from.

          • Austin Snow

            Michael, I just want to make sure I follow… if you were conceived by rape, you would either be dead by now or you would wish you were? (because you’d feel hated and unwanted?)

          • Michael Eade

            Where did i say i wish i were dead?, All i said was that i expect the woman who gave birth to me would have had an abortion, not that i would blame her as i would rather be brought as i said into love and happiness rather than hatred and resentment.

            I know someone who was conceived of force and was abused as a result, the woman who called him his mother tried to kill him when he was a baby by putting a pillow over his face, now answer me this would you wish that upon others?

          • Austin Snow

            You’re not simply saying I’d rather have love and happiness than hatred and resentment

            You’re also saying I’d rather be aborted than be born into hatred and resentment (or that you’d rather be dead)

            And if the options are that either 1. someone tries (but fails) to kill the child outside the womb or 2. the mother has a doctor successfully rip the same child in pieces from the womb, I’m probably going to lean toward option #1

            The main difference is that I believe God, that in the womb He really creates you, me, and all of us in his image and because of that ALL of our lives have value, even though we suffer in this life because of sin

            As the Creator, He alone is the rightful giver and taker of life, and anyone who takes a life must answer to Him for the blood that they’ve spilt

            But even as we slaughter our own children, my God continues to extend “the worst of sinners” hope of redemption in the Cross – if only we’ll turn from our sin and trust in what Christ has done in our place

            Michael, I don’t pretend to know or understand everything you’ve been through that may have informed your conclusions… but my God does, and I believe He is jealous for your soul

            One thing I know for sure, Michael, is that regardless of our rebellion the Lord will ultimately be glorified (whether in just wrath or incredible mercy) – I just pray that He opens your eyes to His Grace extended in Jesus Christ before it’s too late

          • Which God are you talking about? Hosea says Jehovah is a proabort.

          • Michael Eade

            I respect that you have your religious views, you are entitled to them, but i do not respect religion itself, all religion does is cause pain and suffering, for nearly 2000 years Christians have used their religion to kill and torture.

            You talk of god being the only one with the right to take peoples lives, he has done that alot, think of the great flood, think of how many unborn children were killed by that flood, think of how many children were killed that had been born.

            God has done a great deal of killing all of it out of spite, so i will not show respect to a vicious narrow minded bully of a deity.

          • Children are born by definition. There is a fetus in the womb. It is alive, it is human, it may be unwanted or defective.

      • Deina

        How many children have you adopted, Denise?

      • I would never adopt out a born child and hope for the best. A meanass whackjob like you might get the child. Better to abort when the fetus is only a clot.

  • thoughtsfromflorida

    While it is certainly the right of the students who oppose this installation to petition, I see nothing wrong with the display. It is how this group wishes to express themselves.

  • Hollis James Langley Jr

    Diversity and tolerance is what they are attempting to be able to employ. It’s not your position and that’s not tolerance is it?!

  • Denise Miller Rorabaugh

    Use small tombstones with male and female gender symbols next year. They can’t argue about the crosses being Christian then.

  • ariel a

    No one is pro-abortion, actually. The term is pro-choice. The use of pro-abortion is misleading and purposely inflammatory, missing the point of the pro-choice argument which is ‘the right to choose.’
    Aside from that and the people disrespectfully kicking things over- good for people in all camps who are trying to have civilized conversations at the school, even if they don’t agree with one another! Always good to see.

  • railhead

    “Having options?” Dang, I didn’t knowing killing people was an option!

    So if I find that my next door neighbor is an inconvenience to me, can I just go ahead and kill him too? I mean what if he parks in my driveway? You can’t tell me what to do with MYYYY DRIVEWAY!

    • Give your plan a try. See what happens.

      • railhead

        No thanks. You can only get away with murder in this country if you are of the three ‘P’s– Pregnant, police or politician.

        • It is not my fault that you cannot get laid without paying for it. It is your fault.
          Turn your hissy fit off and make some changes in your life. Maybe then some woman will take pity on you and make you a satisfied man.
          Until then, I find your disrespect for women quite off putting. I imagine I am not the only one.

          • railhead

            I find your disrespect for men quite off putting, as well. As for the rest of it, it’s obvious you’ve never advanced past adolescence where the bedroom is the only thing you think about.

          • In the net world, you are what you type. I am not talking about all men. I am talking about YOU.
            You disrespect for and animosity toward women comes through loud and clear.
            Your uncomfortable sexuality does too. As does you general lack of knowledge of human reproductive biology.

          • railhead

            Just because I don’t think you should kill a person who happens to reside in your belly? You know there are plenty of ultrasounds that show “a body part” snapping it’s jaw open in horror as it’s torn limb from limb by a doctor’s sutures. The woman having the abortion amazingly doesn’t start screaming. Hmm. I wonder if the screaming child is thinking “well at least mom had options.”

            You don’t know who I am or what I know, and those are some pretty bold statements. You sound like you live in a college dormitory somewhere and just are out to try and forward the agenda that you’ve been taught in public school and college. Trust me, I was there at one point and thought killing children was just fine. Now I think it’s barbaric, sick , and disgusting.

          • You probably should not have an abortion.

          • Murderporn. Let me know when you want to have a real conversation instead of the dramatic bathetic ranting. So boring and unproductive.

          • railhead

            ‘Murderporn’. You called it murder, and you are right. I rest my case.

          • You misquote me. So you have no case.

          • railhead

            Did you go back and edit your comments? You said ‘murderporn’. And there’s nothing pornographic about anything I said. Abortion is sick, however, I agree with you there.

          • You misquote me as argument. Too tacky. Dismissed.

          • railhead

            LOL. Okay …….. cool. How about the one where you stop your ears and go LA LA LA LA Thanks for the laugh, have a nice day.

            AND by the way, salvation is a free gift from God to all who will believe.
            Rom 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
            Rom 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;
            Rom 3:24 Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:

            Joh 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  • Austin Snow

    Murderers don’t like to be called out

  • StarkStealthArmor

    I do not support the people who feel that abortion is the only option available to them. Why? Because I adopted a bi-racial child now 23. We knew the mother, she was 15 and was brave enough to say, “I can’t take care of a baby, but my spirit would never consider an abortion” When we had an opportunity to adopt at that time we met this then young woman that made a mistake. She lived up to her responsibility for my son and has continued to stay in his life although lives some distance away now with her own family. My point is this. If a woman says she has the right to her own body, when does she think life begins? Is it at conception? When I say conception I mean when the first cells start dividing. I believe that life begins at that very moment. So, of course I’m pro-life. As a Christian that doesn’t mean I can’t see an innocent woman who has been violated as a “bad person”. What a difficult choice that must be to have to make a moral choice, a choice that no matter how you look at it, must be the individual’s choice based on certain circumstances. I’m just hoping that women in those situations can consider the options available before jumping to abortion. Again, it has to be a very difficult thing that a woman in that situation would be forced into a situation of such extremes. God loves us all, and likewise we as Christians must love as Christ did. I just pray that whatever the case, that Jesus will be with them during those times. (I’m not referring to those that just have an abortion without thinking through the options, I’m referring to those women that have been violated and have no support system to help them. I believe that is what we as Christians are there for, to help with a difficult time such as that).

    • If it is not your pregnancy, it is not your business.

    • Adoption if for when you do not want to be a parent.
      Abortion is for when you do not want to be pregnant.

  • What does the Bible say about when a fetus becomes a child?

    • Earl

      Depends on which part. 🙂 It can be interpreted as saying the fetus doesn’t become a life until it breaths, there are bits that indicate that god ‘knew you in the womb’, there’s even a bit that says the infant isn’t a real member of the tribe until it survives for a week or so…