California Senate Approves Bill to Allow Assisted Murder of Elderly and Disabled

California State CapitolSACRAMENTO, Calif. — Despite impassioned objections, the California State Senate approved a bill on Thursday that would allow some elderly and disabled people to seek help in killing themselves through lethal doses of drugs.

SB 128, also known as the “End of Life Option Act,” was passed by the Democrat-controlled state Senate in a 23-13 vote. If made law, it would allow adults suffering from illnesses that doctors say will lead to death within six months to obtain drugs to kill themselves immediately.

The measure, which was inspired by Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old San Francisco Bay Area resident who moved to Oregon to kill herself last year after being diagnosed with brain cancer, was modeled after Oregon’s “Death with Dignity Act” that has been in place in the state since 1997.

Maynard, who killed herself on November 1, 2014, and her family lobbied for the California legislation.

Should the proposed bill become law in California, the most populous state would join Oregon, Washington state, Montana and Vermont in permitting some form of what is often referred to as physician-assisted suicide.

SB 128 is now moving to the state Assembly.

Jonathan Keller of the California Family Council, whose group seeks to educate Californians on matters of life and family through a “Christian worldview and objectively-confirmed research,” stated that the proposed legislation would “open the floodgates of suicide and euthanasia” in the state.

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“Defying the concerns of thousands of medical professionals, disability rights advocates, and pro-life citizens, the California Senate today voted 23-14 to pass SB 128,” Keller said. “The disastrous new legislation, referred to as the ‘End of Life Option Act,’ would open the floodgates of suicide and euthanasia,” he asserted.

Keller, who joined in a chorus of opposition to the proposal, said that approving such a bill will lead to even greater abuses.

“Despite the claims from the bill’s authors that SB 128 ‘protects patients,’ multiple studies and stories have shown the dangers of physician-assisted suicide. From Oregon and Washington to Canada and the Netherlands, patient abuse is rampant. And once a society legitimizes voluntary suicide, it often progresses to involuntary euthanasia,” Keller continued.

According to Keller, SB 128 faced strong opposition on the floor.

California Senators James Vidak, John Moorlach, Sharon Runner, Jeff Stone and Joel Anderson all rose to voice their opposition to SB 128. Drawing extensively from medical research, personal testimonies, and legal concerns, these state senators spoke out against the proposed legislation.

However, several senators defended their votes in favor legitimizing suicide.

“Remarkably, Senator Holly Mitchell actually claimed ‘we cannot legislate morality.’ But that is exactly what lawmakers in Sacramento and Washington do EVERY day,” Keller stated. “The entire purpose of government is to indeed ‘legislate morality.’”

“We expect SB 128 to be referred to the Assembly in the coming days, where our hopes are better for stopping this dangerous assault on human life,” he concluded.

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  • MamaBear

    Most elderly, most terminal, and most disabled do not support right to die laws. That the people most affected by these laws oppose them ought to send a very strong message.
    In the Netherlands, it has gotten to the point elderly, terminal, and severely disabled people fear hospitals and doctors, the very places and people who ought to stand for hope, for comfort.
    Right to die laws are evil disguised as compassion. Belgium and the Netherlands have proven the slippery slope is incredibly real and that people gradually accept what once would have horrified them. Right to die often becomes duty to die.
    No one wants people to suffer. Better treatments for disabilities, better palliative care for the dying, are the real answers, not killing.
    Every place that has assisted suicide or euthanasia starts rationing life-extending treatments for the terminal. Palliative care becomes seen as a waste of resources as death is cheaper than providing comfort for the last months of life. I think it is very telling, that Stanford and the ASCO just came out with a joint report on whether the cost of a particular metastatic breast cancer drug is worth the extra 15.7 months (average) of quality life extension. They plan to do the same with other metastatic cancer treatments, measuring life by dollars rather than time and quality.
    There are lots of secular reasons for opposing right to die laws, especially that there is no way to ever provide enough safeguards to prevent their abuse. Plus, as they become widespread, both government and private insurance will see death as a cheaper alternative. As it is, almost every terminal cancer patient I know, including myself, has had to fight at some point to get the treatments our oncologists prescribe. Right to die laws always make that worse.
    But, as Christians we have an even higher standard. In Psalm 139, it says before we are even born, God knows us and has written our days in His book. Job is our example of dealing with suffering. He continued to trust in God despite his own wife suggesting suicide. And there was nothing for pain or comfort then, no palliative care, no hospice.
    As for myself, I have put my life in God’s hands. I do take the treatments and drugs my doctors hope will keep my cancer stable, but I know it is God who is in control.
    Life is a gift from God. He gives life and He takes life. It is not our place to shorten our own or others’ lives.

    • Hogwash! Pew Research polls show overwhelming support among Americans for the right to die – 79% in 2005 -> 84% in 2005. Every elderly, terminal person I’ve known personally supported it.

      • MamaBear

        Disabled and terminal groups like Not Dead Yet have strongly and openly opposed it. I suspect through my contacts and involvement with other terminal cancer patients through various metastatic groups I am involved with, that I know far more terminal people than you, and most either oppose assisted suicide/euthanasia or the few who support it want far more safeguards than currently present in any of the laws. Your research poll was among the general population, in other words the healthy who are in no immediate danger from these laws.
        But then you have even told a healthy person you happened to disagree with to slit her wrists and once you found out I have cancer, tried to sell me on assisted suicide.

        • WorldGoneCrazy

          How did your PET go? Or am I too early?

          • MamaBear

            Had it today. Don’t get results until I see my oncologist in a little over a week. Thank you for asking. And thank you for your prayers.
            God is in control.

          • Thomas Mysliwiec

            I’m so sorry MamaBear you had to endure him again. He came here only to harass you as he does everywhere I see and it is evident in his posts. Do not get discouraged by him not wishing you well as you have a great number of supporters rallying around you. God bless.

          • MamaBear

            Thank you wishing me well. I know I have many praying for me including you.
            The only reason I even answer him is so he won’t easily deceive others.

          • Thomas Mysliwiec

            The Internet is crawling with fake Christians promoting the culture of death under the false claim that it’s endorsed by Christianity. Only a handful are deceived by these types.

            Be well.

          • Jed

            For a “Christian minister” (do note the quotation marks), Gary sure seems anxious to see people killed.

          • Thomas Mysliwiec

            i recall he received his “degree” from an online program. Distance learning is such a “blessing” for some.

          • Jed

            I believed he said he did some of his studies in person; doesn’t matter — only his current positions make any difference, and his current positions appear to be pro-death. Not quite in keeping with John 10:10 is it?

            “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10 (RSV)

          • Thomas Mysliwiec

            If he did spend any time in an actual classroom he must have been a riot with his rejection of fundamental Christian dogma, unless he embellished himself.

            You know he has his own “theology” to explain this verse.

          • MamaBear

            There are, unfortunately, some seminaries associated with liberal denominations, where he might almost fit in.

          • Jed

            Gary is, at best, a charlatan. The only “religion” he would fit well is Islam.

          • Thomas Mysliwiec


          • MamaBear

            And pushing death at both ends of life! Put that together with G’s claims the Bible (including large parts of the New Testament) is largely forgeries and his denial of the atonement, and you begin seeing a wolf wearing a sheepskin coat.
            BTW, thank you for your prayers.

          • Jed

            Be well.

          • C_more

            You are in my prayers.

          • Jed

            MamaBear, I will also remember you in my prayers.

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            “Good philosophy must exist, if for no other reason, because bad philosophy needs to be answered.” — CS Lewis

        • No, I didn’t tell anyone to slit her wrists. And, no, I didn’t try to “sell” you on assisted suicide either. That two disgusting lies from you. Is that what your Christian beliefs tell you to do? To lie about people with whom you disagree? What kind of Christian church promotes that?

          • MamaBear

            Several people (unfortunately not me) screen shot your comment to a lady called PJ about slitting wrists, plus I SAW the original. She has the audacity to disagree with your pro-abortion stance. And yes you did try to push assisted suicide at me over on Live Action News, which both deleted your comment and banned you. One of several sites that has banned you.
            You claim to be a Christian, yet argue that much of the Bible is a forgery and call those who believe it blasphemers and idolators and Pharisees. Even told me I wouldn’t go to Heaven (or wouldn’t like it if I got there) because I believed too literally. You claim to be a Christian while denying that Jesus Christ died in sacrificial atonement for our sins.
            And you claim all who disagree with you or tell the truth about you are liars.

          • I’m sure you can find that comment in either my comment history or that of your white knight wannabe friend who’s posted a screen shot of it several times. I love it when he does. Seeing that comment alongside claims that it’s a “death wish” or a suggestion that she commit suicide is a great illustration of how distorted the view of some “pro-life” zealots can be.

            With regard to your own desire to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, what I ACTUALLY said was that if you get upset because there are others there who don’t support what you think are required, “correct” beliefs, you might dislike it so much that you keep yourself from entering.

            Apparently you’re unaware that belief that the Bible is the “Word of God” is far from universal among Christians. Likewise with the doctrine of Substitutionary Atonement.

            No, I don’t claim those who disagree with me are liars – unless they’re lying. And I’ve never called anyone who told the truth about me a liar either. If and when you ever tell the truth about me, I’ll be perfectly OK with that.

          • MamaBear

            Yes, you do throw out “liar” quite frequently to all who disagree with you, or tell things you probably regret writing. Anyone can look at your history and quickly see that pattern, and the tendency to name-call.

            And you can claim the name Christian without believing any basic beliefs of Chrisianity, just like I know people who set a Buddha in their home and practice meditation, but are not really Buddhists as they know nothing of the noble truths or middle way or other Buddhist teachings (except they all seem to know about “karma”).

            Likewise, you can call yourself a Christian, without believing Jesus died for your sins, without repentance of those sins and making Him your Lord, but calling yourself one does not make you one. Quite convenient of you to claim places where the New Testament says that are forgery.

            God is Who holds life and death in His power. We are not to usurp it. You are pro-death at both beginning (pro-abortion) and end of life. I pity you. I hope someday you will find the priceless salvation and new life we can have in Jesus Christ.

          • I can’t think of anything I’ve written on Disqus that I’ve regretted saying. The only people I call liars are those who lie – e.g. you. Whether or not I agree with them on any topic is immaterial to me with regard to that.

            How fortunate for me that deciding who’s a follower of Christ is above your pay grade. I’ve already found salvation and new life in Christ. Save your pity for those who need it. -e.g. those who cling to their lives afraid of God whose illusion of certainty has blinded them.

          • BTW: that was quite the attempt to deflect attention from your own lying.

          • WorldGoneCrazy

            You are welcome to take names when you kick butt like that. Oh, I see you already have! 🙂

    • Are you suggesting that it’s somehow OK with God for you to override His control and use man-made methods to extend your own life, but somehow not OK for others who see no point in further suffering to shorten their own?

      • MamaBear

        No where is medicine for healing or relief of pain and suffering forbidden. Killing is.

        • Actually murder is forbidden according to the Bible. Killing is not. I do not begrudge the choices you make for yourself. I feel somewhat sorry for you that you appear to live in fear that someone abuse the legalization of assisted suicide. But when it comes to other people’s lives and suffering, I think it would be good if you could learn to mind your own business. Because you fear that someone MIGHT abuse the freedom to have help in ending their lives, you want to deny that freedom to all. You need to realize that those who are intent on abusing others will find a way to do so – whether or not a particular way of doing so is legal or not only changes how careful they are when going about it – not whether or not they’re going to abuse you.