Ministry Uses Balloons to Reach North Korea with the Gospel

BalloonsNorth Korea (MNN/VOM) North Korea is sick of balloons. These are not the kinds that you find at parties, but they’re the sturdy kinds, built for tracking weather and able to carry weight—and they’re used by Voice of the Martyrs to reach North Korea with the gospel.

VOM USA spokesman Todd Nettleton explains, “They clearly are delivering the gospel into North Korea. They clearly are doing it very effectively because otherwise, the North Koreans wouldn’t take this step of publicly criticizing them.”

Nettleton is referring to a statement released by North Korea’s state media (KCNA).

“They threatened all kinds of things. They’re going to ‘turn South Korea into a sea of fire’ if these things happen. I actually really think of it as a badge of honor for our partner ministry, our sister office in South Korea that handles these balloon launches.”

At the same time, North Korea has also been denying the effectiveness, but by issuing a statement, “Obviously, it’s working,” says Nettleton. “We’ve gotten their attention. We know from GPS tracking that the Bibles, the leaflets, the balloons are going into North Korea. We can tell quite a bit about the locations, and their release kind of confirmed some of what we already knew.”

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    • bowie1

      I read today another article in which it can be used up to seven weeks which would make “it” more than just an embryo. Having seen an miscarried deceased baby about 8 weeks old I can say it is well along in developing.

      • amostpolitedebate

        Does this article actually exist? Please give the name, author and website it’s on so that I can look it up.

        • bowie1

          I believe that may have been a typo and it probably should say days not weeks. Don’t have the link anymore – I must remember to copy links to my computer next time.

          • amostpolitedebate

            Ah! That makes much more sense.

            I can confirm that the seven day thing is real. A sperm normally meets an egg further up the fallopian tube and then attaches itself to the uterus wall after traveling for about a week. The morning after pill causes the blood membrane of the uterus to shed itself (A natural process. This is basically what a period is), thus preventing the zygote from attaching itself. Thus, you COULD prevent a pregnancy a week after having sex.

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