ISIS Death Threats Reach Turkish Christians

ISIS pdTURKEY (Mission Network News)  As if believers in Turkey didn’t have enough to deal with, evangelical leaders are now receiving death threats from ISIS.

“These threats are against Islamic converts to Christianity,” Rody Rodeheaver of International Needs explains.

“ISIS wants to make an example of them, and are threatening to do just that.”

This news, along with increased fighting between PKK terrorists and the Turkish military, has set the Church in Turkey on edge.

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  • FoJC_Forever

    Doctor assisted suicide is doctor assisted murder. Abortion is doctor assisted murder. This ruling is simply political, rather than made to embrace the life that God creates and protect it. While abortion is legal, America will remain under the curse of the innocent blood.

  • Josey

    If someone chooses to murder a pregnant woman, they are charged with homicide of mother and baby. Same thing should apply to abortion as the pregnant woman chooses to kill her own baby with the assistance of a doctor and the same with assisted suicide. We used to attempt to stop anyone who is suicidal, now they want to help suicidal people die all in the name of choice.

  • Defied Reality

    I think assisted suicide should be legalized everywhere. If a person is going to kill themselves, they are going to do it, no reason why we should force them to take unpleasant methods which are not even full proof to work and if they don’t then the person lives with possible health consequences depending on what they tried to do.

    However I feel that first the person should be calm and decisive and legally ruled completely competent. Then I think their reasons should be assessed, what is going on in their lives, why do they want to die, is there some way to improve quality of life within reach, and if so at least one attempt to improve quality of life should be attempted.

    If what they want/need to improve their quality of life is out of reach then go on with their wishes or if they are simply ready to transcend, help them make it humane and peaceful.

  • bowie1

    ISIS terrorists make threats but they do so from behind their masks concealing their identities. Like the KKK they don’t have the courage to show their faces lest they be exposed and identified.