‘Are You a Christian?’ Report Confirms Oregon Gunman Shot Those Who Professed Christ in Head

Shooting Credit Aaron Yost NRToday
Photo Credit: Aaron Yost/NRToday

ROSEBURG, Ore. — A woman whose grandmother was reportedly inside of the Oregon college classroom where 10 students were shot dead on Thursday says that the gunman singled out Christians in his massacre on the campus.

“The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were Christian,” the woman, identified as Bohdi, wrote on Twitter following the tragedy. “If they said yes, then they were shot in the head. If they said no, or didn’t answer, they were shot in the legs.”

“My grandma just got to my house, and she was in the room. She wasn’t shot, but she is very upset,” she continued. “She tried to perform CPR on her friend, but it was too late. I hope nothing like this ever happens again.”

Bohdi’s report is similar to that of student Kortney Moore, 18, who told the News Review-Today that a bullet flew through the window of her writing class and she looked up to see her teacher being shot in the head. She said that the gunman then told everyone to get on the ground, and asked students to stand up and state their religion.

10 students were killed in the attack, and approximately 20 others injured. Some students are fighting for their life in the hospital.

As previously reported, the incident occurred after 10 A.M. at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, approximately 180 miles south of Portland, and is believed to have been contained to a classroom in the science building.

However, Cassandra Welding, 20, who was in the classroom next door to the shooting, told the New York Times that a woman in her classroom rose to close their door and was struck by a bullet.

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“He was just out there, hanging outside the door,” she recalled. “And she slumped over and I knew something wasn’t right. And they’re like, ‘She got shot, she got shot.’ And everyone is panicking.”

The shooter, who is now being identified as 26-year-old Christopher Harper Mercer, exchanged gunfire with police, and is now deceased. His MySpace page features a number of photos of rifles, including Mercer holding a rifle himself. Several photos are of the Irish Republican Army, which was considered a terrorist organization that carried out violent acts in opposition of British rule of Ireland.

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  • bowie1

    I do believe this neglectful officer should be dismissed from his employment. He is not suitable to be a police officer.

  • DNelson

    I’m glad they are investigating.

    • Josey

      I am thankfully surprised at your comment, maybe I’ve missed some of your comments sure I have as I don’t read everyone’s comments but glad to hear you say you are glad they are investigating.

      • DNelson

        It is important that the police provide protections to all people, regardless of their political or social beliefs.

  • Emmanuel

    How about Christian Lives Matter.

  • Some times Christians have to understand their limits and this is something that I would have to stay away from or find myself in trouble.

    • Dave_L

      Obviously, this sort of situation is only for mature Christians which was certainly the case here. Job well done. Zero violence or retaliation.

    • getstryker

      (I am speaking to the Christians involved in this incident)
      You have a right to defend yourself or someone else from imminent harm. No one had any actual knowledge of ‘what’ was being shaken on them when the attack occurred. It was most certainly an assault. To ‘restrain’ the man and hold him for ‘real’ police officers would have been completely within your rights. Pressing charges is also your right. To forgive someone for their actions is one thing, to dismiss that individual from facing the consequences of his actions is quite another. The police officers actions in support of the perpetrator and lack of actions concerning the Christians and their potential injuries is absolutely egregious. It will be quite ‘telling’ to see how the police investigation concludes.

  • !?

    Must be liberal progressive cop.

    • getstryker

      That’s probably one of the ‘more reserved’ comments about this police officer that could be made based on his actions during this incident. His actions were, at the least, disgusting!

  • jmichael39

    Sorry, guys…as hateful and bigoted as the guy was…what harm did he really do. I am not going to advocate someone be arrested for something like that…arrest records do a lot more harm than some Comet does. While I think the guy needs mental help, he doesn’t belong in jail.

    • Josey

      It has nothing to do with arrest record, if you don’t want a arrest record don’t commit a crime. This guy assaulted these people, if nothing is done to the guy who committed the assault then it could set up a precedent for more of these kinds of acts to happen because this officer didn’t do his job to protect and serve and should be fired. You have the right to free speech assembly and religious assembly in the first amendment, it is clear and the officer neglected to protect that right and the men across the street that were doing lewd acts, they also should have taken a trip downtown, I wouldn’t want to see that let alone any child to have seen that.

      • jmichael39

        whatever…sheesh. If you want to press charges for something that minor. feel free. No one was hurt, and yet you still can’t turn another cheek.

        • Josey

          the other cheek was turned by these Christians but that doesn’t excuse the assault. Without laws there is tyranny, what if someone is hurt worse next time? Maybe you will be that person or one of your family members. This officer didn’t do his job, he even neglected to check on them to make sure everyone was ok. Throwing a chemical on someone is an assault, don’t care who they are. That officer would have charged anyone who threw a chemical on him with assault and yet he did nothing about a chemical being thrown on these people. You call it minor and act as if you are so much more righteous because I see it as breaking the law and in need of being dealt with, it doesn’t seem minor to me and that’s my final word on this matter.

          • jmichael39

            I think it’s time to learn what the gospel is about…grace and mercy and love. But I guess that’s just asking too much when revenge is the order of the day.

          • getstryker

            Who are you to pretend to inform anyone about the Bible, its tenants and meaning? You use the words ‘grace, mercy and love’ as weapons to mock, ridicule and belittle these Christian’s faith.
            Had the roles been reversed, I seriously doubt that you would have admonished the PP staff to be so forgiving nor do I believe that had you been attacked, that you would have simply ‘let it go’

          • jmichael39

            As a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I’m more than qualified to teach on what the bible says. You’re not obligated, of course, to listen or accept. And while no one was injured by this gentleman with the Comet, I find it highly illogical to attempt to compare what he did to what the PP people have been doing to innocent and defenseless human beings. You don’t want to turn the other cheek, then don’t choose to be a Christian…cause we’ll be having to do a whole lot more of it soon.

          • rationalobservations?

            Your Disqus history indicates that you do nothing but recycle lies and propaganda that is totally unsupported by a shred of evidence and that originates between the 4th and the 14th centuries CE.

            It’s clear that you’re employed and paid to lie – but please don’t think that you can lie with impunity?

            Very few would condone violence in the name of any ideology. That is why so many of us despise the history of violence, terror, torture, persecution, mass murder, crusade, inquisition and totalitarian tyranny perpetrated by the politico-corporate business the 4th century Romans founded and called “christianity” before that terrible evil empire was displaced by modern, peaceful, secular democracy.

            You have been asked several questions about the apparently fraudulent origin and nature of the tax exempt business of religion that employs you but that you have never been able to answer, btw.

          • jmichael39

            Those are some lovely accusations. Would you care to substantiate any of them? Or are you content with mere fly-by insults?

            For example, if you’ve actually read through my disque history, you’ve seen the evidence I’ve presented to substantiate an early dating for the NT documents and to substantiate authorship. And while it must be nice to simply call that “recycled lies”…it IS evidence and as any one who engaging in honest debate would know, any evidence requires some form of rebuttal/refutation. Mere name calling is purely a waste of internet space.

            “It’s clear that you’re employed and paid to lie” – by whom? and where are these checks? Would you care to help me find them. Cause they’re not getting into my bank account.

            “Very few would condone violence in the name of any ideology” – that’s a rather sad display of hypocrisy…considering the 58M children killed just here in America in the last 42 years in the name of an ideology perpetuated by a woman who was little more than a racist. And that doesn’t even include the 10s of millions more killed through an ideology that is not even remotely religious in nature (unless, of course, you accept the reality that humanism is itself a religion and ideology)…namely communism and socialism.

            “You have been asked several questions about the apparently fraudulent origin and nature of the tax exempt business of religion that employs you…” – You really should try to avoid loaded questions. It usually only ends up making you look stupid. The insurance company I work for is hardly religious in nature. But don’t let that stop your rants.

            But please go right ahead and re-ask these questions I’ve supposedly never answered about tax exempt status of churches.

        • getstryker

          Had the Christians doused the Planned Parenthood employees with Comet, would they ‘turn the other cheek?’ I think NOT!

          • jmichael39

            So what? They’re not bound by the precepts of the Gospel, are they? They’re not told to turn the other cheek…followers of Jesus are.

    • KenS

      Really, how were we to know that it wasnt anthrax in that comet bottle, and assault is assault no matter what is being used.

      Also, the point is that the officer took no action whatsoever to see if anyone was hurt, needing their eyes flushed out or any such medical attention.

    • getstryker

      Well step right up and let’s douse you with a caustic chemical and lets see what your reaction would be . . . would you dismiss those actions against you so quickly as you do for these Christians?

      • jmichael39

        OMG please tell me you’re not serious. Have you ever cleaned a sink with Comet and got any on your hands? That’s the essence of the danger these people faced. You honestly need to find a better outlet for your bitterness.

        • getstryker

          Alright, fine . . .Somewhat begrudgingly, I have to admit that either by temperament or training, I never scored above a C- in “turning the other cheek” class . . . I shall forego my ‘hang ’em high in the street’ attitude for the moment, however, the actions and lack of actions of the Officer are still an issue. May I ask, what is your position concerning him and the attacker? Should the Christians dismiss legal actions against each man or pursue criminal charges? I am curious to know what you would have recommended.

          • jmichael39

            you know what, there are paths that can be taken…with the officer…that come long before necessarily pressing for any disciplinarian action. Remember, the goal is always to bring the gospel to all people. We’re ambassadors first and foremost. So seek diplomacy until there is no possibility for it.

          • getstryker

            We’ll see what happens with ‘diplomacy’ – If that doesn’t work . . . then I’m all for ‘bust’n heads’ ;-)) Thanks

          • jmichael39

            whatever, dude. Remember our commission. Leave the head busting to Jesus and his angels.

          • rationalobservations?

            If only that was always the policy of the mass murdering followers of Yeshua/”Jesus”….

          • jmichael39

            Save your ignorance for someone who doesn’t know better what’s been done NOT in the name of God over the centuries…including the 58M preborn children killed all for the sake of a “choice” and at the urging of a woman who thought of blacks as “weeds to be exterminated”.

            Humanism is by no means clean of blood in the history of the world. So pull the log out of your own eye first.

          • rationalobservations?

            You merely continue to demonstrate how out of touch with reality you are and what a warped view of humanity results from the lies and propaganda of your evil death cult.

            It has been calculated that the god of the Old Testament/Pentateuch murdered (or caused to be murdered) many hundreds of thousands of people. Including the whole of mankind, except for Noah and his (amazing multicultural-multi-ethnic?) clan in “the flood”.

            On the other hand in the whole of the bible – Satan is listed as killing only ten people (Lot’s children) and even that was as a result of taunting from “god”.

            Perhaps those in thrall to christian businesses of religion are backing the wrong deity and going to the realm of the Devil is in fact going to the more benign deity?

            If I was inclined to believe in any super-spook, I know where my best interest could be..

            As for christian “morality”?

            In the 4th century when “christianity appears to have been cobbled together and brutally imposed upon the Roman Empire., it is estimated that around 5% of the population of the Roman Empire belonged to any of the several messianic cults that existed. The casual slaughter that accompanied the imposition of the then new religion included the destruction of the people’s temples and holiest artifacts and mass murder of all who refused what they considered the heresy of the mythology of Jesus as god-man.

            That was followed by too many centuries of domination by a cruel and totalitarian tyranny called “christianity”., including:

            9 mass murdering christian crusades between 1095 and 1291. All sent off with instructions to slaughter every middle eastern man, woman, child and baby – regardless of their religion. 20,000 Jews were casually slaughtered before the 1st crusade passed through what became modern Germany.

            1 Mass murdering christian crusade in the 20th century in which over 6 million Jews and many other innocents were casually slaughtered.

            300 years of inquisition during which ever more sophisticated instruments of torture were developed. All designed to inflict the maximum possible agony for the longest possible time before the innocent victims of christianity finally escaped into death.

            Terror, torture, persecution and domination is the historical bench mark of christian “morality”.

            In modern times in the western world we have broken the totalitarian and tyrannical yoke of christian domination.

            The most significant evils perpetrated by christian cults and sects is the continued terrorising of the week minded and the gullible in order to continue to amass and hoard obscene wealth in a world still filled with ignorance, starvation and premature preventable death from curable diseases.

            To put an imaginary “god” first must by necessity downgrade the rights and needs of humanity. Fortunately the rapidly growing cohort of humanitarian humanists grow in number and strength each and every day, as the numbers of those in thrall to evil religions dwindles.

            Here are some questions for any who remain in thrall to one of the cult businesses of christianity:

            1) Can you refer to any 1st century originated evidence of the life and times of a messiah claimant (only much later Greek scribes employed by the 4th century Romans) named “Jesus”?

            2) Can you name a complete bible text that dates prior to the oldest/first 4th century Codex Sinaiticus christer bible and matches any complete text within the oldest/first 4th century originated Codex Sinaiticus?

            3) Are you aware of and can you explain the almost endless differences between the oldest/first 4th century Codex Sinaiticus bible and those many diverse and different versions of bibles that followed it?

            4) Can you explain the confusion and internal contradiction, historical inaccuracies and scientific absurdity that is contained within all the diverse and different versions of christer bibles today?

            5) Can you explain the complete absence from Jewish literature of the Jewish prophesies that the god-man “Jesus” is claimed to have fulfilled?

            6) Can you explain why “Jesus” (according to the legends within bibles) fails to meet the specification of messiah that actually exists within Jewish literature and tradition?

            I hope you can provide evidence based answers to these questions and note that your opinion, the recycled opinions of others or reference to cut-n-paste apparently human authored fiction from any of the many different old or contemporary bibles, or the very first/oldest 4th century bibles – just doesn’t conform to the definition of “evidence”.

            You appear to have no shame or sense of honour, jmichael – so I guess I can expect only more blanket denial, recycled lies and unsupported boastful empty, evidence devoid claims?

          • jmichael39

            “Fortunately the rapidly growing cohort of humanitarian humanists grow in number and strength each and every day” – You’re right, humanistic based governments have been popping up all over the world especially since the beginning of the 20th century. So let’s take a look at the results of this massive exodus to a humanistic controlled world.

            The triumph of secular humanism with its atheism, evolutionism and situation ethics has led to the rise of gangster statesmen such as Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe and many more like them.

            At least 180 million people have been killed by secular governments in the 20th Century. And that is a very conservative estimate. We are not here talking about people who have died in wars caused by secular humanist states, because that would massively increase the body count. No, over 180 million people have been killed by their own secular humanist governments in the 20th Century. The greatest threat to life in the 20th Century was not firearm accidents, or crime, or even wars! More people were killed by their own governments in peace time than were killed by foreign invaders in wartime.

            The publication of The Black Book of Communism created a sensation. First published in French and later translated in to English, the Black Book is a scholarly, detailed account of the crimes of communism starting with the Russian Revolution and continuing through Eastern Europe, Red China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Angola and Afghanistan.

            In his introduction, Stephane Courtois declares: “The fact remains that our century has outdone its predecessors in its bloodthirstiness…indeed (communism) occupies one of the most violent and most significant places of all…”

            If we were to add to the number of those victims murdered by their own government in the 20th Century the pre-born babies who have been killed by abortion, and those old and sick people killed by euthanasia, in secular states, the death toll would approach one billion people.

            THAT is the legacy of your precious humanism. And that’s just in the last century plus. And feel free to transfer your accusations of Nazism being somehow of Christian legacy, to that of Satanism. There is little question that the origins of Nazism lay in Satanism.

            Founded in a large circular room in the basement of Wewelsburg Castle, the Nazi party began in the roots of occultism and Satanism. The room has a sunken circular alter with polished steps leading towards a burnt and cracked stone. From here you can see thirteen lanterns flickering on the curved walls.

            This room was the central temple of the Satanic cult that created and directed Germany’s Nazi party. This so called Vril Society counted many of Hitler’s henchmen as members, including Himmler, Bormann, and Hess. Central to the whole cult was Hitler, who they believed to be a psychic medium in contact with powerful forces that would create an all-conquering Aryan nation. Some saw him as the Dark Messiah.

            Historians have tended to downplay the occult foundations of Nazism for fear of trivialising its heinous war crimes, but a recent documentary on the Discovery Channel laid bare the untold story of the secretive religion at the heart of fascist Germany. And bizarrely, it is thought to have been based on a 19th Century science fiction novel that predicted flying saucers, an alien race at the centre of the earth, and a mysterious force known as Vril.

            “Occult myths played a central role in Nazism,” says Professor Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, head of the Centre for the Study of Esotericism at Exeter University. “When we look at these ideas today, we think of them as crazy, but they were central to the early Nazi Party and through them played a critical role in 20th century history.”

            “The Vril society was dedicated to evil,” says historian Michael Fitzgerald. “Through their control of the Nazi party they committed the greatest acts of evil in the 20th Century.

            It was in the Thule Society that Hitler met those who would help him take over Germany and wage the Second World War. Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, Martin Bormann, Dietrich Eckart, Alfred Rosenberg, and Hermann Goering were all said to be members. It was these, along with Hitler, who used the Thule Society – and it’s inner sect the Vril Society – to launch and promote the Nazi Party.

            “Bormann was an avowed Satanist, says Michael Fitzgerald. “Bormann, together with Rosenberg and Himmler, wanted to destroy Christianity and replace it with a truly occult religion of their own making. And along with the Thule Society, they created a political party that would try and do just that.”

            For more info see: Hitler and the Secret Satanic Cult at the Heart of Nazi Germany by Danny Penman and The Black Book of Communism by Stephane Courtois and others.

            As for your six questions…I’ve already answered every one of them thoroughly in a prior post. I suggest you go look for it. But here are just come highlights of what is said..

            There are over 42 sources within 150 years after Jesus’ death which mention his existence and record many events of his life.1

            9 Traditional New Testament Authors – Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Author of Hebrews, James, Peter, and Jude. (we can debate the first century authorship of these books if you feel you have some semblance of education of these fields of study)

            20 Early Christian Writers Outside the New Testament – Clement of Rome, 2 Clement, Ignatius, Polycarp, Martyrdom of Polycarp, Didache, Barnabas, Shepherd of Hermas, Fragments of Papias, Justin Martyr, Aristides, Athenagoras, Theophilus of Antioch, Quadratus, Aristo of Pella, Melito of Sardis, Diognetus, Gospel of Peter, Apocalypse of Peter, and Epistula Apostolorum.

            4 Heretical Writings – Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Truth, Apocryphon of John, and Treatise on Resurrection.

            9 Secular Sources – Josephus (Jewish historian), Tacitus (Roman historian), Pliny the Younger (Roman politician), Phlegon (freed slave who wrote histories), Lucian (Greek satirist), Celsus (Roman philosopher), Mara Bar Serapion (prisoner awaiting execution), Suetonius, and Thallus.

            On the other hand Tiberius Caesar, the Roman emperor who reigned during Jesus’ ministry, has 10 authors who mention his existence within 150 years of his life. These include: Josephus, Tacitus, Suetonius, Seneca, Paterculus, Plutarch, Pliny the Elder, Strabo, Valerius Maximum, and Luke.2 If one removes Luke, since he is a New Testament source, there are 9 secular non-Christian sources. This means that there are just as many non-Christian sources for Jesus’ existence as there are for Tiberius Caesar’s! And, to compare, the total number of sources between Jesus and Tiberius Caesar are 42:10. Therefore, there are over four times as many sources for Jesus’ life and deeds than for Tiberius Caesar’s.

            If one is going to doubt the existence of Jesus, one must also reject the existence of Tiberius Caesar.

            2) As I told you before, the ‘bible’ is a collection of 66 documents that the 4th century church organized in an effort to maintain the integrity of the history of the church. To ask for earlier copies of the collection is a foolish question. Instead one must ask for evidence regarding early authorship vs later authorship for each document separately. I am more than happy to engage in any discussion on date and authorship of any New Testament document.

            3) Fully aware…but allow me to use an example of how historians deal with such an issue.

            Pretend your Aunt Sally learns in a dream the recipe for an elixir that preserves her youth. When she awakes, she scribbles the complex directions on a sheet of paper, then runs to the kitchen to mix up her first batch of “Sally’s Secret Sauce.” In a few days, she is transformed into a picture of radiant youth.

            Aunt Sally is so excited she sends detailed, handwritten instructions to her three bridge partners (Aunt Sally is still in the technological dark ages—no photocopier or email). They, in turn, make copies for ten of their own friends.

            All goes well until one day Aunt Sally’s schnauzer eats the original script. In a panic she contacts her friends who have mysteriously suffered similar mishaps. The alarm goes out to the others who received copies from her card-playing trio in an attempt to recover the original wording.

            Sally rounds up all the surviving handwritten copies, 26 in all. When she spreads them out on the kitchen table, she immediately notices differences. Twenty-three of the copies are virtually the same save for misspelled words and abbreviations littering the text. Of the remaining three, however, one lists ingredients in a different order, another has two phrases inverted (“mix then chop” instead of “chop then mix”), and one includes an ingredient not mentioned in any other list.

            Do you think Aunt Sally can accurately reconstruct her original recipe from this evidence? Of course she can. The misspellings and abbreviations are inconsequential, as is the order of ingredients in the list (those variations all mean the same thing). The single inverted phrase stands out and can easily be repaired because one can’t mix something that hasn’t been chopped. Sally would then strike the extra ingredient reasoning it’s more plausible one person would mistakenly add an item than 25 people would accidentally omit it.

            Even if the variations were more numerous and diverse, the original could still be reconstructed with a high level of confidence with enough copies and a little common sense.

            This, in simplified form (very simplified, but you get the point), is how scholars do “textual criticism,” an academic enterprise used to reconstitute all documents of antiquity, not just religious texts. It is not a haphazard effort based on guesses and religious faith. It is a careful analytical process allowing an alert critic to determine the extent of possible corruption of any work and, given certain conditions, reconstruct the original with a high degree of certainty.

            If the number of manuscripts available for comparison are few and the time gap between the original and the oldest copy is wide, then the autograph is harder to reconstruct. However, if there are many copies and the oldest ones are closer in time to the original, the scholar can be more certain she has pinpointed the exact wording of the initial text, for all practical purposes.

            To get an idea of the significance of the New Testament manuscript evidence, note for a moment the record for non-biblical texts. These are secular writings historians rely on for all their data from antiquity that have been restored with a high level of confidence based on available textual evidence.

            Josephus’ first century document The Jewish War survives in only nine complete manuscripts dating from the 5th century—four centuries after they were written. Tacitus’ Annals of Imperial Rome is one of the chief historical sources for the Roman world of New Testament times, yet, surprisingly, it survives in only two manuscripts dating from the Middle Ages. Thucydides’ History survives in eight copies. There are ten copies of Caesar’s Gallic Wars, eight copies of Herodotus’ History, and seven copies of Plato, all dated over a millennium from the original. Homer’s Iliad has the most impressive manuscript evidence for any secular work with 647 existing copies.

            Note that for most ancient documents only a handful of manuscripts exist, some facing a time gap of 800-1,500 years or more. Yet scholars are confident they have reconstructed the originals with a high degree of accuracy. In fact, virtually all of our knowledge of ancient history depends on documents like these.

            I can go into a much more elongated dialogue on exactly what the textual variations of the thousands of manuscripts are…if you’d like. You can even go read Bart Ehrman’s book so you can have some sort of meat to your arguments.

            4) As I said in previous response to these questions, you’ll have to be more specific. But I will make one point, while science has contributed significantly to human understanding, it is, by far, not the only means by which we can observe or understand truth. And since science can only help us understand the physical, material world around us, it can do little to help us understand the non-physical, non-natural world.

            5) As I said in prior responses to this question, I suggest you read any of the writers for Jews for Jesus, or Jonathan Cohn or any number of other Messianic Jews alive today. While I have little doubt that any Jew still rejecting Jesus as the Messiah would also reject His fulfillment of Jewish prophesies about the Messiah, clearly there are more than sufficient numbers of Jews who have accepted the Messiahship of Jesus. So to answer your question, I can simply say, why WOULD there be anything in Jewish literature regarding the Messianic credentials of Jesus when their rejection of Him is, itself a prophetic fulfillment.

            6) I reject the premise of this question, because I believe He has fulfilled all prophesies regarding the Messiah…except those yet to be fulfilled by His return. Again, I’m more than happy to go through all the historicity of anything regarding His fulfillment of messianic prophesy. If that’ll suit. Of course, you actually have to acknowledge your questions have been answered.

            “I hope you can provide evidence based answers to these questions and note that your opinion, the recycled opinions of others or reference to cut-n-paste apparently human authored fiction from any of the many different old or contemporary bibles, or the very first/oldest 4th century bibles – just doesn’t conform to the definition of “evidence”.” – This is likely the most humorous logical fallacy I’ve ever seen. Unless and until you can refute the evidence of those I quote, you’re little more than an intellectually dishonest coward. A statement like yours is little more than a cowardly way of excusing yourself from answering the evidence provided by people far more knowledgeable on the subjects than you or me. This is especially funny considering an earlier version of your post (which I’ve found regurgitated in one form or another on various sites where you troll) contained cut and pastes from another site (which I called you on and you no conveniently pretend like you never did). Additionally, for all your loud mouthed accusations and questions, I’ve yet to see a single shred of evidence from you to argue for any of the assertions you make.

            “You appear to have no shame or sense of honour, jmichael – so I guess I can expect only more blanket denial, recycled lies and unsupported boastful empty, evidence devoid claims?” – considering I’ve already answered all theses questions before you fail to even acknowledge those answers, I would consider you be the one lacking honor. You’re little more than a sham who runs around various sites copying and pasting the same retarded questions and then, like the intellectual coward you are, rejecting any semblance of evidence before you’ve even read it. You’re an icon of prejudice and intellectual dishonesty.

          • Steven

            Very informative response. I really appreciate the information.

            I find all of the subjects discussed highly interesting and I would really like to know if you could point me to more resources. I know you have cited a few within your response but if you have a definitive list of recommended books/authors, I sure would appreciate it. (Specifically books/authors regarding NT and scripture reliability as a whole, and books/authors discussing non-scripture evidence (which I whole-heartedly believe in) for the existence of Christ, etc..)) Thanks much in advance!

          • jmichael39

            Metzger is considered one of the most knowledgeable on contextual criticism and the historical Jesus. If you want to read from the perspective of an agnostic, read Ehrman. Ehrman was actually one of Metzger’s students.

            A few other books I like that take on biblical authority from a more theological perspective, rather than the historical side:

            Meredith Kline, The Structure of Biblical Authority

            William Whitaker, Disputations on Holy Scripture

            Ned Stonehouse and Paul Woolley, eds., The Infallible Word: A Symposium by the Members of the Faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary

            N.T. Wright’s a great authority on the subject. But I’ve mostly just read lectures or heard him speak.
            Patterns of Evidence is a great book (and the movie does the book justice) on the archaeological evidence for and against the Jewish Exodus.
            I could go on, if you’d like.

          • Steven

            This is a great start! I appreciate it. Of course, if you have time and energy, you could list more 😉

            I had heard that Ehrman was someone to read regarding the historicity and validity of an actual Jesus. I’ve hesitated reading him due to his agnosticism, although that should take nothing away from his evidence of Jesus actually being an historical figure.

            I will get started checking out what you have listed and shall return 🙂

          • jmichael39

            The key to reading Ehrman…as well as author…is to be able to isolate the facts he presents from his opinions and conclusions. And to make sure you read others who present other facts that, if considered by Ehrman, might alter his conclusions.

  • FoJC_Forever

    The True Cleansing is coming. Follow Jesus, find Salvation.

  • Dale Barry

    Margaret Sanger is sitting uncomfortably in Hell as will any of these Planned parenthood types if they don’t change their ways!

    • LadyFreeBird<In God I Trust

      Amen and amen.

  • Thin-ice

    Poor, poor persecuted Christians, dusted with a bit of Comet. Almost as bad as being eaten by lions . . . (queue hateful responses)

  • Josey

    All women but especially black women ought to be disgusted and outraged with PP and organizations like them because of the founder Margaret Sanger of planned parenthood believed in darwinism, that there is a race of people that are better than any other race, that they are somehow a magically evolved race, totally a bunch of lies and these elite people who believe they are that evolved and “the special race” and who are filled with hatred against any race they perceive to not be of the elite race and Margaret Sanger believed they should not be alive. Why do you think that 70% of abortion clinics and PP are in black neighborhoods? Very telling. The black woman on the video in Hobby Lobby proudly rearranging letters to form the word pro-choice and placing condoms all around the store, black women should let it be known that they are not proud of such a woman, she is a silly woman who lacks understanding of what Margaret Sanger believed and why she founded PP. She tried other ways first of doing away with the black people and those who she believed were not of this “evolved elite race” but she found out that society wasn’t having it, so she devised a deceitful plan to make it seem as if she is giving women power to choose, a lie she propagated to kill as many black babies and some white babies coming from poor families. She looked down on these people as if they were a infestation of rats to be disposed of and she is burning in hell right now for her anti God views and for all the blood on her hands and she still has women following her lies, believing her lies and promoting them. And also providing contraceptives to prevent pregnancy from happening in the first place, this is clear rebellion against God.

  • Josey

    there is a website ran by a pastor called ‘black genocide’ and he gives the statistics of how the black race is being killed off by these so called pro-choice organizations with the main one being PP. I believe also the killing of millions of unborn babies has brought a curse upon this nation and women that want babie are finding out that they are barren and contraceptives I am convinced play a role in the young women who have used them for years have made them sterile so that when they want a baby they have problems getting pregnant, or if they get pregnant, miscarriages happen or they are given high dosages of fertility treatments to get pregnant which is a why so many multiples are being born today which is a risk in and of itself for the babies and the mothers.