‘Prophetic Prayer’ Claims God Has Given Donald Trump ‘Anointing for Mantle of Government’

Trump-compressedDALLAS, Texas — A leadership and motivational speaker recently delivered what he called a “prophetic prayer” to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump via his attorney, claiming that God has given Trump “an anointing for the mantle of government.”

Lance Wallnau of Dallas posted a video on Facebook on Tuesday that showed the speaker encouraging Christians at an event in North Carolina to support Trump. He was surrounded by scores of attendees who cheered for the presidential candidate with their hands raised in the air.

“My dear Michael Cohen,” Wallnau states, referring to Trump’s attorney, “I am here with a group of people that are praying for and encouraging Mr. Donald Trump. These are the tribe; would you all encourage him!”

Then people then raised loud cheers for several seconds.

“God has given this man an anointing for the mantle of government in the United States and he will prosper,” Wallnau declares, the people then cheering again and clapping.

He said in his social media post that he won some of the attendees over for Trump after telling them that he recently realized that the 2016 election will select the 45th president, and he felt that God was telling him to read Isaiah 45 to “see who the 45th President of the United States should be.”

“This is what the Lord says to His anointed, Cyrus, whose right hand I have grasped to subdue nations before him, as I strip kings of their armor, to open doors before him and gates that cannot keep closed,” Isaiah 45:1 reads.

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“I told them my experience and asked them to consider standing behind Mr. Trump as he continues to step into the role of a rough reformer like Luther to take on the Political and establishment high places,” Wallanu said. “He needs to continue his work as a divine wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness that has been like witchcraft muzzling and intimidating the Christian community.”

He said that he acknowledges that there are other candidates that are more evangelical, but believes that Trump “fears God as best he knows Him and he is the only Cyrus I see fulfilling Isaiah 45 for the 45th President.”

Wallnau was among those present last month when over 30 members of the clergy met with Trump at his New York City tower and laid hands on him to pray for his potential presidency.

Prosperity preachers Kenneth Copeland, Paula White and TBN’s Jan Crouch were also present.

“Father, we just secure him right now by the blood of Jesus. We thank you that no weapon formed against him will be able to prosper and any tongue that rises against him will be condemned according to the word of God,” White, who leads New Destiny Christian Center in Florida, prayed. “I secure him. I secure his children. I secure his calling and his mantle.”

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  • The Skeptical Chymist

    Donald Trump will never be President.

    • Wesley Smith

      I agree, I think Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz or Dr, Ben Carson will be President

      • The Skeptical Chymist

        Dream on.

      • America has too many God haters for a real christian to be president. While our,country is mostly christian it’s like a battle between good vs evil over here, a battle over souls now that we have allow Satan to rule over the church

        • Chuck Jenkins

          What would you think would make so many people congregate together to worship? There are hundreds of churches in just some cities! And even though all there are not Christians, that is where they want to be.

          • Sadly it;’s both. There is what is known as the Bible Belt that runs though mostly the Southern states, and for the most part these areas of the country are very faith based peoples. Excluding the big cities. But the highly populated cities and states like NY and California are melding pots,where,again sadly anything goes. You should be allowed to do anything you want” get,angry at a God they don’t know or understand, angry at misinformed image of a God,they,hold in their minds.

            They have now made us a nation that tolerates everything EXCEPT those who tell the truth,about what’s really happening the legalization of Gay marriage combats christian values, we have almost now become a secular nation that is going against anything that is christian.with Gay rights, abortion…

            We have been losing our grip on being a Christian nation, but it’s not gone yet we’ll still a nation,that values Christ, sadly now Satan the man of sin is ruling in most of the churches in or country, some churches are a exception if they don’t compromise the bible with the standards,of this age and accept the world’s values as it’s own. ”Satan wanted to be like the,most high God, so God granted Satan, his wish to rule this world until the end. Satan the man,of sin was bound and chained for 1000 years, but the 1000 years is up and now Satan, the man of sin, is loosed upon the world like a roaring loin, seeking to destroy everything, that God and Jesus Christ has created from the beginning of the world, because Satan knows he only has a little season until God/ Jesus Christ comes back to judge the living and dead..Read Revelation 18:4 read Matthew 24:15 read 1 Peter 4:17

    • peanut butter

      My hope.

  • Any god that would annoint Donald Trump in his quest to be President is no god that I would want to ally myself with.

    • Robert Stutz

      Chuck , God can use anybody he wants. To accomplish his purposes, this could be a stepping stone to him getting right with God. Don’t underestimate what God can do or use for his purpose. His will shall be accomplished regardless who’s in the presidency. Remember Chuck, God is sovereign over all of creation.

      • gizmo23

        This sounds very dangerous to me. A leader could justify their actions by invoking their faith

      • Then God is using President Obama to accomplish his purposes.

        • peanut butter

          To shake us and turn us back to Him.

          • Kena

            PB, I believe as you do. God has sent Mr. Obama to strike us as a rod of correction. And yet the people have not yet repented and returned to their first love. We shall see further corrective action and it will not be fun.

          • peanut butter

            But He has promised to save His own. We might be affected to a point, but not as harshly as those who do not repent and seek His face. I am thankful for that. And I have loved ones who still need shaking. I hope for that, so they will return to Him.

          • Kena

            Again, we are alike in this as well. 🙂

        • Chuck Jenkins

          Satan, who is in rule over the Earth, is using Obama, maybe. Did he not give $750Million to the Mulim Brotherhood, and 100Billion to our enemies in Iran ? Then again, might that finally turn some people around. I hope so.

    • Chuck Jenkins

      Since ‘god’ is Satan & not God it may be. Do you ally yourself with any god or God ?

    • Commentor

      You may be right Chuck I don’t think God is anointing Trump especially since he makes some of his money off of strippers; however, God can use any man to do His will.

    • Kena

      Chuck, Are you a Christian?

      • Cyrus represents Cyrus. This is not a prophecy for our time. But I do agree that God raises up kings for His purpose. And the US is walking away from God. In the past God used outside forces (twice He used Islamic countries) to show the people that they had strayed. There will only be one more time that this will happen and that is according to the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

    • Chuck Jenkins

      God does not have anything to do with this election. We are free agents on Earth.

  • Jade

    This story is an excellent example showing how insane religious people can be. Maybe Mr. Trump will be our 45th President, but it won’t be because of Isaiah 45:1. Just absolutely crazy talk coming from some extreme churches and their leaders.

    • Ruth Davis


      • Jade

        I said “some extreme churches”. If you are not an extreme Christian (generally speaking, Evangelicals come off as extreme to me) then I was not speaking about you. I know that there are some very wonderful Christians.

    • Chuck Jenkins

      Religious people? I think maybe that was someone joking. You are right… it won’t be because of any verse, chapter, or saying from the Almanac.

  • Rebecca

    LOL to the “prophecy”

  • /carolyn Tucker

    It was only a very short time ago that DT by his own admission said that he had never ask God to forgive his sin. Because of his statement he can’t even be a Christian. Holding a Bible up, going to church once or twice a year as he admitted, doesn’t make one a Christian either. Boasting he is a Presbyterian doesn’t either. He promised those “preachers” when they met to lay hands on him, that he would tone down his mouth, but he hasn’t. This whole episode
    is an insult to true believers.

    • “DT by his own admission said that he had never ask God to forgive his sin.”

      Well, DUH. That’s because Donald Trump doesn’t think he does anything that needs forgiveness. He has never done anything that he felt the need to apologize for later. His hair is designed to look like spun gold under the spotlights. He fancies himself to be America’s Golden Boy.

      • Chuck Jenkins

        Maybe no one has introduced him to God. Talked to him about it in the right way. Judging Trump doesn’t show to be too Christian either. Better get rid of that plank in your own eye, before you judge another.

        • Commentor

          he has no plank in his eye he speak the truth on this issue. Trump may be used by God but his lifestyle is that of a liberal. I like much of what he says but to vote for a many who makes some of his money off of strippers is a tough one.

        • peanut butter

          That statement sounds like judgment to me. Go look in the mirror. Opinions are not judgments, they are merely opinions. But opinions based on truth are not worthy of having to have a beam removed from your eye (not a plank).

          • Chuck Jenkins

            Opinions and Judgements are more/less the same. How you think of someone or something. And I don’t know where you get your knowledge from, but, 3“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

          • peanut butter

            You’re not using the King James Version, I see. You are reading the perverted words of men, through the interpretations of men. It is ‘mote’ and ‘beam’. Opinions are thoughts on a matter, judgment is way more intense than thoughts. Judgments are damning. All your words just show how easily you are led, and your lack of understanding.

          • redcarol57

            People who say this are prone to quote “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Yet they fail to put into context because later on you’ll notice it says, “You’ll know them by their fruit.”

            I don’t know the final destination of Mr. Trump’s soul, (that’s not my job, but God’s) however God has called us all to be “fruit inspectors.” That’s the core of discernment btw.

        • Trump, has already been introduced to Jesus, he just decided to make, a pact with the Devil instead, it’s why he has no problem surrounding himself with wolves in sheep clothing like Copeland & Paula White,so much deception comes from them.

          • Chuck Jenkins

            How do you know, Bunny? Were you actually there ? Did you hear it from someone else ? How could you know – do you know the Devil and he told you ? If you weren’t there, then aren’t your words deceptions ? Are you a Deceiver, Bunny? Telling things as truths you don’t really know?

          • Jesus said By their fruit you will recognize them. Trump is not a Godly man. He repeatedly denounced Christ as savior, refused to discuss the Bible as it’s a ”personal thing” and doesn’t want to get into it, it’s merely a nice decorative book for a coffee table. He surrounds himself with,wolves in sheep clothing, like Copeland. a man responsible for spreading many unbiblical teachings in the Word of faith movement. How he distorts the biblical concepts of faith and covenant. Reduces God to the image of man while elevating man to the status of God.

            Trump’s God is Money , I’m sure he knows what Jesus said about serving two masters, his comments on the rich and wealthy, it’s why he refuses to humble himself before God, ask for forgiveness. He may be a good person, but the Bible is quite clear that our own works do not help merit salvation.” Not of works(Ephesians 2:9).” There is none righteous, no not one( Romans 3:10)

          • Teresa Geib Bacon

            Amen Bunny

          • Thank you 🙂

          • Ruth Davis

            I agree to that. Lol

          • Thanks 🙂

          • Sharon Newman

            hiliary is involved in an international pedophile ring .That is satanic

          • Hilary and her husband, Bill, where not only involved with Satanism (both attended his/her versions of “the Grove” in both NE & CA), but also with pedophile rings affiliated with same.

        • Chuck Jenkins

          Donald Trump is one of our Brothers.
          All men were designed and created by God.
          Donald is a son of God. As we all are sons or daughters of God.
          God wants everyone to be in Heaven.

          Treat others like Trump the way you want to be treated.
          love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you

      • Teresa Geib Bacon

        Presbyterians, and all Main Stream Churches, non Evangelical ones think differently. I as raised Methodist, attended a few of Main Stream, wasnt till i became a Baptist late in life did i understand the difference in Teaching/thinking. Thats why he thinks that way in my opinion.

    • Teresa Geib Bacon

      to his credit he has toned down a lot, has a long way to go

    • Sharon Newman

      everyone is a sinner. Those who have not sinned let them cast the first stone. Moses killed an Egyptian.YEt GOD CHOSE HIM TO LEAD HIS PEOPLE OUT OF SLAVERY! with Hiliary there is NO HOPE. We must forgive and Its all in Gods Hands.
      Prophetically ,Trump was anointed by God. Its Gods choice .

    • MountainGirl

      While this is true, Cyrus in Isaiah 45 was not a follower of God either. Isaiah 45:5 says “I will strengthen you, though you have not acknowledged me.” God used Cyrus to save the Jewish people at that time. He is using Trump to save America.

  • Liz Litts

    In old testament Israel, false prophets were paid to tell the people what they WANTED to hear–sounds like a Trump ploy–Trump’s dog and pony show is sooooo over! and he can’t handle it.

    • Yep, just read Jeremiah! False prophets galore!

    • MountainGirl

      Look up Mark Taylor, a firefighter who prophesied Trump’s election years ago and who said things way before the election that are uncannily true.

  • gizmo23

    Does anyone see how these circus events make Christians look shallow and crazy? Why do we wonder and complain when secular mock Christians?
    The blending of Christ and government has been bad for both

    • Chuck Jenkins

      Who said that was a real Christian? Know that person personally ? Know about what it takes to be a real Christian and if this person fits the bill ? I think not, personally. A real Christian knows we all are free-will agents here. There are alot of ‘mock’ Christians to be sure.

      • gizmo23

        I’m sorry to use such a board brush but rarely do I see Christians calling others out on these kind of things. The “they aren’t a real Christian” gambit seems like a cop out especially when someone is respected then does something egregious

        • Kena

          Yes well Jesus said that a tree is known by it’s fruits and so is a man. So like yourself when we see certain fruits present in a person’s life we can say with a certain amount of surity that this person is not a true Christian but as Christ called them “a wolf” meaning fake. No, it’s not a cop out at all though it may look that way to others.

  • I likely will vote for who ever wins the republican nomination …be it carson ,trump or some else…….Democrats can forget about my vote …… God will be guiding the person he wants….

    • gizmo23

      You could vote third party

      • until a third party has a sizable Representation in congress then and only then will I consider a third party ….a vote for a third party now is a vote that increases the likelihood of a democrat in the white house…I think most conservative independents would agree with that assessment ….

        • gizmo23

          So things will never change with that attitude

          • tried that when Pat Buchanan ran …unless you have an extremely popular candidate it will never happen…get a good third party base in congress …maybe… my preferred choices would be a christian candidate such as Carson or huckabee …..not all leaders in the old biblical world were perfect in Gods sight but God used them …{ Cyrus } David ,Solomon ect

          • gizmo23

            I always vote my convictions not who might win or lose

          • And that is fine ….

      • peanut butter

        And you could just not go vote, if you are planning on throwing your vote away on a third party candidate and giving the victory to whichever party wasn’t split.

        • gizmo23

          Your attitude is why nothing changes

          • peanut butter

            I think that can be accounted for by your ignorance.

    • peanut butter

      Well said, Galut1. I feel the same way.

  • RodSerlingsGhost

    What a weird, bizarre event. I noticed Jan standing way over on the left. She looked a little intimidated to be in the same room with all the other evangelicals. Still looked pretty hot though. ; ^ )

    • RoburtMcDunn

      Jan Crouch will be a lot hotter some day. As for the hot she is today, I think I just lost my lunch. 😉

      • RodSerlingsGhost

        Predictable comment was predictable.

  • I thought that tax-exempt ministries weren’t supposed to be endorsing political candidates.

  • Commentor

    A man who made his money off of casinos and strippers anointed of God – this man is a false prophet – Right now Trump is making money off of strippers he may be the best person for the job but God is not promoting him

    • Trump, also surrounds himself with Kenneth Copeland, a wolf in sheep clothing, many of Satan’s tools in the church, he is responsible for spreading many of the Word in Faith movement, as they call themselves to unbiblical teachings. He insists” Satan conquered Jesus on the Cross and took his Spirit to Hell, where Demons torture him. He reduces God, to the image of man while elevating man to the status of God.

  • peanut butter

    That scripture COULD apply. But it could be that it will apply to whoever is elected. But I wonder how many prophets he had to search to come up with this particular wording. Modern day prophet-wannabe’s try to put the grandeur on themselves. I guess time will tell if this is coming from a prophet or not. It just sounds like one more instance of somebody using the scriptures to promote his own candidate. I, for one, hope the spoiled brat rich kid doesn’t get in there. We have had enough of a spoiled brat getting his way all the time.

    • Kenneth Copeland, Paula White are wolves in sheep clothing, Copeland is responsible for the decline of the church, with many of his unbiblical teachings, misleading his followers right into hell.

      • peanut butter

        There are MANY wolves out there now. Christ prophesied that for the last days. The ones who follow the wolves and lean to their own understanding are the ones who weren’t chosen by Him to follow Him. He said that He would send them strong delusion that they would be consumed by their own lusts.

        • I agree, it is very alarming and I mourn over the loss of so many peoples to the apostasy., Saints, as we are called in the Bible need to be aware that this ” mantle anointing is very unbibical and is contrary to the doctrines of our Lord Jesus Christ. This group pushing this hereesy is the New Apostolic Reformation. They are Dominionists who believe that are commissioned by God to takeover the world for Jesus as modern day Crusaders. Under the ruse of what Lance Wallnau refers to as the 7 Mountains Mandate. in this case, one of the mountains they aim to take over,is,the government under the direction of Donald Trump. This group of locusts is devouring,the faith of many peoples, including children, as they have departed from Bible-based Christianity..Make sure to Cling to every Word of God( Matthew 4:4) putting your hands,to the plough in your service to Jesus Christ..

          I believe, Trump is one of the Leaders in NRA, just recently he requested that several” evangelists,and pastors” lay hands on him and pray in front of main steam media.. Here are,some names and groups in the NRA: International House of Prayer- also known as IHOP,is NRA they are often referred to as Joel’s Army and the Manifest Sons of God.

          Joel Osteen,- Joel Osteen Ministries

          Joseph Prince,

          Bob Jones

          Lou Engle,

          Mike Bickle,

          Francis Chan

          Bill Johnson

          Morningstar Ministries – Rick Joyner

          Jesus Culture – Band out if Sacramento

          Chuck Pierce

          Dutch Sheets

          Rodney Howard Browne

          Kenneth Copeland- Kenneth Copeland Ministries  

          John Arnott

          Cindy Jacobs

          Heidi Baker

          T.D. Jakes

          Mark Casto

          Perry Stone

          Paula White

          Lance Walnau

          Peter C. Wagner

          And many, many more

          • peanut butter

            I don’t trust anybody that wants to make public the receiving of a blessing on the news. Something like that is private and very personal. At first Trump was evasive about religion, then one day he showed off his Bible, then he started talking about his religion, but I bet he actually KNOWS no scripture, by the way he evaded the “What is your favorite” question. Many of these preachers you mention gathered together and the Pope sent them a message that “You are all Catholics now”. It’s on youtube. The pope’s head man in the formation of a one world religion died in a motorcycle crash days later. I don’t trust somebody that has had everything handed to him all his life to be our president anyway. Look at Obama.

        • The NRA is a CULT, they go by many various names, including the Manifest Son’s of God and Joel’s Army, IHOP,International House of Prayer..This Satanic group is very active globally. They are workers of iniquity. in their wicked quest, they are even targeting our children though conferences,concerts, mystical, schools, false signs and wonders, false prophesies, etc. Jesus,spoke very adamantly against those who cause children to stumble.

          Please be careful friend, discernment is very important be cautious about EVERYONE!

  • Kena

    Whoever becomes president next term will inherit many woes. I hope it is not one of my Brothers in Christ, that would be hard to watch.

  • FoJC_Forever

    False prophecies from false prophets and preachers. As we near the End, these things will continue to increase in preparation for people to receive the Antichrist. Some will claim he is God, others that is he is like God.

    People who want to be deceived seek out those who are deceiving people. The blind lead the blind. May those who are truly seeking God come to the knowledge of the Truth and leave these false ones behind.

    Follow Jesus, find Truth.

  • Dianne

    May this too be PROVEN to be a LIE….

  • Daniel 2:21 – God sets up kings and removes kings. God allows things to happen according to the way the chips need to fall in these end days. But I don’t believe that Isaiah 45 has anything to do with the 45th president of the united states. Prophecy is clear and it says nothing about the 45th president. That’s hogwash.

  • Teresa Geib Bacon

    to be expected from a False Teacher as are those who met w him. He is not annointed by God.

  • Rick

    Matthew 7:21-23 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. 22“Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ 23“And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’
    These people who support a godless candidate such as Trump are no more prophets than these in Matthew 7. The blind leading the blind.

  • redcarol57

    I’ve been hearing about the comparison of Trump to Cyrus and that should actually frighten all Christians when one considers that while Cyrus was an instrument of God, he was also a total and absolute dictator.

    So, if God is planning on using either Trump (or Hillary), I suspect it’s because God has grown tired of being mocked and of almost 60 million aborted children. Also keep in mind that in Romans, Paul stated that God will “give them over” to lusting for one another. Our sexual habits, attitudes and winking now at homosexuality is often a sign of coming judgement as well. We are being “given over.”

    And I suspect anyone saying that Trump is anointed to bring great blessings unto America is a false prophet. I will likely forego voting in the presidential election in November.



  • Sharon Newman

    Whatever Gods Wants it will happen .

  • laurelladesborough

    I sincerely doubt that God would be putting his hand on Trump, unless it were to slap the heck out of him. If there ever was a godless man, Trump is a good example of it. How can any REAL christian support a man who gloats about grabbing women by their privates? A man who refuses to pay contractors for their work so they go bankrupt? A man who is basically a narcissitic egomaniac without a solid foundation in history or even reality.