African Child Marriages Will Double By 2050 Unless Action Is Taken, UN Warns

Africa pdJOHANNESBURG (AFP/Yahoo News) — Child marriages in Africa are set to more than double by 2050 unless urgent steps are taken, UNICEF warned Thursday as delegates met in Zambia to discuss how to halt the practice.

The two-day meeting in Lusaka is the African Union’s first conference on “Ending Child Marriage in Africa”, gathering representatives from member states as well as first ladies, UN officials and civil society groups.

“The total number of child brides will rise from 125 million to 310 million by 2050 … if we do not do something now,” UNICEF deputy executive director Fatoumata Ndiaye told AFP.

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  • Angel Jabbins

    According to the article, Bangladesh, Chad, Guinea, Mali, Mozambique and Niger are countries where early marriage is the most common. And guess what? Islam is the major religion in most of those countries and growing stronger in others. So with the advancement of Islam, there will be more of this. Sharia Law is based on the life and practices of the so-called prophet Muhammad who married his third wife when she was only 6 years old. He consummated the marriage with her when she was only nine. Some Islamists say that it is not how old the female is that matters, but the age at which her parents or guardians feel she has reached sexual maturity (6 or 9!)….totally a matter of subjective judgment. (And if a family is poor, this is an easy way to make money…basically selling their daughter to the highest bidder) Under Sharia, marrying a female under 13 is acceptable and even encouraged. Islam is an evil religion.