Vatican Replacing Ambassador Who Arranged Roman Catholic Pontiff’s Meeting With Kim Davis

Davis Bergoglio-compressedROME (New York Daily News) The Vatican ambassador to the U.S. who arranged the 2015 meeting between Jorge Bergoglio, also known to Roman Catholics as Pope Francis, and controversial Kentucky clerk Kim Davis is set to be replaced, according to reports.

Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò will be replaced by French-born Archbishop Christophe Pierre, the Catholic magazine America reported, citing Italian blogger Sandro Magister.

The Italian clergyman is currently the apostolic nuncio to the U.S., a position similar to a Vatican ambassador.

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  • bill@19D

    which was expected. Carlo Maria Viganò is a stanch opponent of same sex marriage and had ties to liberty counsel and set this meeting up to make it look like the Pope was supportive of Kim Davis. this meeting was not supported by the Pope and was a huge embarrassment for the Vatican so it was expected that Carlo Maria Viganò would be sacked at the first convenient opportunity.

    • Sean

      Yes, embarrassing for the Vatican to support traditional marriage.
      The church should conform to the secular culture 100 percent. It says so plainly in the Bible.

      • The Vatican is Satan’s church.

      • The Vatican is a seat for The Antichrist stated in Daniel & Revelation.

    • acontraryview

      Actually, he reached the mandatory retirement age of 75. Nothing more.

  • Rosavera

    Stop the lies…! Read the truth and not these few words being reported here. Where did any of you who are posting hateful remarks about the Pope, which includes Christian News Network, where did you read about him being embarrassed about meeting with Kim…? Nowhere..!

  • If Kim Davis is a born again Christian, then she should not have met with the pope.