Belgium Proposes ‘Death on Demand’ Euthanasia Law

hospital-pd(Christian Concern) A law that would allow ‘death on demand’ is to be put before legislators in Belgium.

Already the country with the world’s most permissive euthanasia policy, it is now to consider the introduction of a law which would stop doctors from denying euthanasia requests from patients.

The law was proposed by the country’s opposition socialist party and is expected to receive support from the majority of parliamentarians.

If passed, requests for assisted suicide would also have to be considered as urgent, so doctors would not be allowed to ask patients to wait in case they changed their minds.

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  • Paige Turner

    This sounds like a humane law. We provide animals with more dignity in death than some suffering humans.

  • TampaZeke

    Pouring more lubricant on that slippery slope.
    This is a culture of death, not life.

    • John N

      A culture of death? You could call it that way.

      Looks like the remains of a failing christian death cult, still trying to monopolyze how and when people are allowed to die.

  • Europe supposedly got rid of Nazism forever, but it sneaked in through the back door – the old Nazi category, “life not worthy of life.” Guess how that works out?

    • John N

      So you do compare people taking the final decision on their own life, to relieve intractable suffering, with the murderous results of a fascist, racist and antisemitist regime?

      And you do not see any problem in doing so?

      • I don’t feed trolls. Bye.

        • John N

          You mean you don’t have anything valid to add in the discussion outside your vicious analogy?

          • Asemodevs

            Get a life, you pathetic bored old fggot.

  • Gena B

    You can’t preach the gospel on a street corner without it being considered a hate crime, but hurry up and help kill people who want to die is ok… maybe they think it’s a good idea for population control, with all the people fleeing to Europe they need to make more room.