Colorado School District Censors ‘Inappropriate’ Literature to Be Placed by Atheists

Censored Atheist BookDELTA, Co. — A professing atheist group is expressing disappointment as officials with a Colorado school district have deemed some of its literature “inappropriate” that was to be placed in area middle schools.

As previously reported, the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers and the Satanic Temple applied to place atheist and satanic-themed materials in Delta County schools after officials declined to stop Gideon International from making Bibles available for students.

With permission, Gideons had placed Bibles in December, prompting a student to complain, and FFRF to seek to put an end to the distribution. But when the district would not budge, FFRF applied to place their own materials.

“The school district is not required to maintain this open forum and is free to close it rather than allow FFRF to distribute materials,” attorney Andrew Seidel wrote in a letter to the district. “We do not think schools should be a battleground for religious ideas. But when schools allow the Gideons to prey on children, their message of eternal damnation for any who don’t believe in their God must be countered.”

While some parents were opposed to the idea of having atheist and satanic literature made available for children, Kurt Clay, the assistant superintendent of the Delta County School District, told reporters that the district couldn’t turn down groups such as FFRF because of way the district distribution policy is written.

“The way the policy is written, cannot discriminate what is handed out. We just have to follow the process,” he said.

The district also noted in a statement that the only prohibitions are materials containing obscenity, pornography or violence, those that promote hate, are commercial in nature or promote a candidate in an election.

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FFRF had planned to place its brochures “An X-Rated Book: Sex and Obscenity in the Bible,” “Why Women Need Freedom From Religion” and “What Does the Bible Say About Abortion,” among others, in schools on April 1. However, the Delta County School District took issue with the covers of two of the publications.

“An X-Rated Book: Sex and Obscenity in the Bible” features an image of a Bible groping a woman as it places its hands under her dress, and “What Does the Bible Say About Abortion” features a naked Adam and Eve.

“It is inappropriate in a school setting; we would not allow any of the high school students to wear or otherwise display such a cartoon,” Clay said of the “x-rated” brochure. “Why would we allow them to carry it in the building? It may also qualify as hate literature, demeaning women.”

He also deemed the nude Adam and Eve cover to be pornographic.

As a result, both booklets were not allowed to be placed in junior high schools, but were permitted for high school distribution.

“Albrecht Dürer’s famous depiction of Adam and Eve in Paradise can be called many things, but it is not pornography,” Seidel responded in a statement. “Dürer completed this engraving in 1504, and it is one of the most technically precise woodcuttings in all of art history. It has been displayed in the world’s foremost museums and is a staple of most art history classes. The idea that this picture is somehow pornographic is, to be frank, absurd.”

“The school district misses the point entirely,” FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor also remarked on the “x-rated” brochure. “The cover image is a feminist cartoon whose message is that the Bible itself demeans women.”

The atheist organization says that it placed stickers over the groping graphic as a compromise. They read, “censored by order of Delta County Schools.”

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  • Catherine Neill

    As it was in the days of Noah….come quickly, Lord!

    • Frank Dorka

      Yeah, we’ve been waiting for the “approaching” second coming for over 2,000 years. We are getting awfully tired of waiting.

      • bowie1

        But do you want Him to come?

        • Frank Dorka

          Sure. I have accepted that there is no such thing as heaven, hell, angels, devils or gods. My fate in “one life” is sealed. Bring it on. Hahaha.

        • Chikkipop

          Where would this “Him” come from?

          And how do you know such a “Him” exists?

          • bowie1

            He will descend from above as it were, when we least expect it, and I know He exists because we exist. But since you posed the question how do you know he does not exist if that is what you are implying?

          • Chikkipop

            From “above” …. “as it were”?!

            Well, with details like that, I’d say that settles it! 😉

            “I know He exists because we exist.”

            Have you considered that anyone – believing in any variety of unseen entity – can say the same thing? (“I know we are the result of alien visitation because we exist!”)

            Our existence doesn’t favor YOUR particular belief about how we got here; that’s why we search for real knowledge and we value objective evidence. Think about it.

            “how do you know he does not exist”

            There are limitless examples of things whose non-existence I do not know of; I’d prefer to consider the evidence people have FOR claims that something exists. And the bigger the claim is, the more important they have good reasons for it.

            Until they have good reasons, it’s quite reasonable to doubt a spectacular claim. This doesn’t require that we *know* the claim is false, as highly improbable as it may be.

          • Paige Turner

            The “post hoc ergo propter hoc” discussions are strong here.

          • bowie1

            Well then you will need to continue to search until you can confirm for yourself the Truth. I can’t do it for you.

          • Chikkipop

            Ahh, yes…… continue the “search”, so I can confirm… for myself, of course….. the capital “T” Truth!

            Sorry, but I don’t go on searches for invisible and unlikely entities; there have to be reasons to go out looking for something. And – you know – facts and evidence being rather critical in such matters, I don’t see it as a *personal* search; if something so important is actually true, we don’t find out about it through private means.

            In fact, if you have good information about an entity like the one you can’t seem to describe, you could very well win a Nobel Prize! I know if I had such incredible information I’d be doing my best to present objective evidence! It would be stunning news to many people!

            “I can’t do it for you.”

            The theist never tires of his collection of cliches! 😉

          • bowie1

            It’s all in the 66 Books but you have decided to just shove it aside because you don’t really WANT to believe in God, nor do you have any desire to do so, since then you would have to live differently. You would rather eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you may die. But without faith God cannot be pleased since we must approach Him with trust. Some have searched and found faith in God to be released from the bonds of atheism which has a very myopic vision relegated to a small portion of time and space. It is a very narrow and limited vision which like a legally blind man cannot see beyond a very narrow range.

          • David Burrier

            bowie1- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

          • John N

            So you limit yourself to 66 books that some people 1500 years ago selected for you, based on their feeling of what might be usefull in their political agenda?

            Talking about a limited view….

            But indeed atheists have a limited view on what reality is as well. Most of them do not consider purple unicorns, little green gnomes living in mushrooms or small tea kettles flying around Uranus a valid explanation for any phenomenon in real life. They do exactly the same for invisible, immaterial all-powerfull deities creating the universe while meddling with our sex life. Neither should you – you probably do not consider Odin, Zeus or Brahma to be real, although there is at least as much evidence for any of these guys as there is for Jahweh.

          • Chikkipop

            Can you be so completely unaware of how often we’ve heard all of this?

            When someone recites all of the same programmed sounding cliches we’ve heard countless times, it appears as though they aren’t really paying attention, and are so isolated in their devotion to a belief that they spend no time examining the arguments against it.

            This is never wise.

            So we’ve “shoved aside” an ancient myth, and of course it’s not because we’re thinking adults in the 21st century who don’t think we should get our understanding of reality from old books written by numerous different people over a long period of time, when superstitions were rampant and the knowledge we have since acquired was inconceivable.

            No; it’s because we don’t WANT to believe in this magical entity your “66 books” have convinced you of.

            Do you have any idea how rich I’d be if I had a dollar for every time a believer said that?! It is so utterly ridiculous, and reveals such a low opinion of your fellow human beings! But this is what religion does to folks.

            “But without faith God cannot be pleased since we must approach Him with trust”

            Notice how that statement assumes the existence of a being, who is pleased if we trust in him, and presumably angry or upset if we don’t?

            Yet nowhere is evidence provided for this being. When the doubter suggests the believer present his evidence – which, if compelling, would certainly be worthy of a Nobel Prize in science – he is ignored.

            Why?! Did you not know there are many benefits to proving extraordinary claims?

            Here are 3 of those benefits: worldwide fame and acclaim, the satisfaction of educating your fellow human beings about an extraordinary and important fact, and the approximately 1.5 million dollar award you would receive!

            It is only human nature that most folks would want all of these benefits!

            You go on about “the bonds of atheism” and narrow vision, etc, as though you had some unique understanding which was being ignored, even as you arrogantly refuse to provide anything remotely resembling evidence. What person – so sure he possessed knowledge of an incredible fact about the world – would be so unable to present it, while hiding behind the evidence-free notion of “faith” as though that could tell us anything about what is real?!

            Only in the mind of the believer do we get this notion that reason and evidence – normally critical to the establishment of a claim – take a back seat to absurd notions like “faith”, and the stories of ancient people. Such belief is on a separate track, exempt from the demands most other claims about reality are subject to.

            How twisted.

            Look; I get that you somehow got involved in religion, probably at a young age, before you’d developed the wisdom and judgment to see the obvious, but assuming you’re an adult now, it’s time to to grow out of it, no matter the emotional hold it may still have on you. You don’t need myth and absurd ancient tales to live a thoughtful and positive life.

            Cut it loose and you’ll see the same result so many others are experiencing! Thinking for yourself, asking honest questions and rejecting fanciful tales is liberating!

          • bowie1

            I prefer the freedom of believing as opposed to the slavery of atheism with its myopic vision of reality.

          • Chikkipop

            OK, but consider what you’ve just said:

            You value the “freedom” of believing something….. without regard to whether there is any reason to believe it’s true? This is nothing more than wishful thinking.

            Where is the integrity in that kind of freedom? And can you really call believing things without good reasons “freedom”?

            Then, you call atheism “slavery”; in what strange world do you live? Making the informed decision that ancient tales of gods are at best highly doubtful is a form of slavery?!

            Heck; even if I turned out to be mistaken, because evidence of a god came to light, all I’d have to do is adjust to the new information as any reasonable person would. This is “slavery”?!

            Interesting that you would be the one to speak of myopic visions of reality, when it is clearly you who prefers a belief that has no connection whatsoever to the real world. (For what other reason would “faith” be invoked to defend it?)

            When you describe others in a way that better fits you, it is called *projecting*.

          • bowie1

            Atheism sees only reality in this world and then it’s as if you never existed because of the loss of self awareness once you draw your last breath. Having faith in God expands the possibilities of going beyond this reality into another plain of existence. It’s the finite versus the infinite.

          • Chikkipop

            Look; I like a good debate as much as you, but you have to bring a bit more to the table. The standard issue nonsense we regularly hear from believers is old hat. It’s easily refuted, and you’d know that if you paid attention to the responses you get when you pull this stuff.

            “Atheism sees only reality in this world”

            Let me fix that: a person who is an atheist is willing to see ANY reality for which evidence can be presented! If you know of an alternate reality it’s YOUR job to present evidence for it instead of fact-free claims and appeals to “faith”.

            Don’t try to shift the burden of who is being unreasonable! It’s a stale trick and it doesn’t fly!

            “…and then it’s as if you never existed because of the loss of self awareness once you draw your last breath”

            Surely you can think this through a little better; just because it disturbs you that living things eventually die, you don’t get to create a better place – except in your imagination – just because you wish for it!

            “Having faith in God expands the possibilities of going beyond this reality into another plain of existence. It’s the finite versus the infinite.”

            Exactly! You admit that it is nothing more than wishful thinking which helps you cope, and you call it “faith”, which no one would ever call something they actually had sound reason to believe was true.

            I refuse to distort the one world and one life I have with an absurd story about life after death in the presence of some magical entity, simply because reality isn’t just how I might want it!

            As an adult, I’ve grown out of fairy tales and I’m willing to accept the world as it is.

          • SuperSanic

            And who is to say there cannot be an afterlife without a deity? An atheist doesn’t ‘have’ to believe there is no afterlife. Atheism is a lack of belief in deities. Nothing more, nothing less. This is why I choose to be an atheist. It is a win-win situation.

            And even if there was no afterlife, why would that be a bad thing? Why do we read books even though they end eventually? It’s the experience and the journey that matters, not the destination.

          • Frank Dorka

            And living the daily “in the now” without concern for an afterlife is completely freeing. I don’t have to care about who sleeps with whom. I don’t lose sleep because some woman is choosing for herself what she can legally do with her body. I don’t dream up ways that I can sneak prayer into high school football games, or Bibles into public schools, or In God We Trust bumper stickers onto police cars, or Ten Commandment monuments onto public land, or Nativity scenes on State Capitol lawns. I don’t concern myself if I am going to be judged well or poorly by a truly nasty SOB god. I live my life as happily as I can and welcome the end as the only natural termination of life. I’m happy with that.

          • Frank Dorka

            I would probably look at all the evidence of a god, or your God, and then weigh that against fact, proof, reason, logic and believability. Then I would have to deny the existence of any supernatural being. No implying about it.

        • Jerry Dale Stubben

          The only reason he would come is to send all Christians to Hell for 2000 years of genocide in his name.

    • Ambulance Chaser

      School districts censored publications in the days of Noah?

      • bowie1

        I don’t think your comment makes any sense.

    • Cady555

      In the days of Noah, according to the story, every baby and small child drowned. Pregnant women and their unborn children drowned.

      What is it exactly that you are looking forward to?

      • Amy

        I thought you people were OK with abortion.
        And don’t you favor population control?
        Liberals are always saying that human beings are a “cancer on the planet.” So what’s the problem with the flood story?

        • Cady555

          I thought you cared about unborn fetuses.

          I value life. I believe people living and breathing on this earth deserve food, shelter, health care and a family that wants them.

          A fetus without a functioning nervous system, without functionung organs and that has never taken a breath is not a person.

          • acontraryview

            Pompous blowhard

          • Cady555

            acontraryview said:
            “Pompous blowhard”

            Thanks for such a thoughtful addition to conversation. Cheers

          • Ambulance Chaser

            Why are you going around mimicking people’s screen names?

          • Cady555

            Must be that super duper morality only christians can tap into.

            I’m just a godless heathen, but I always thought cheating and lying are wrong.

          • gizmo23

            But spreading AIDS to other people is OK?

          • rubellapox2

            Atheist spread AIDS? That’s news to me…

          • Patrick Van Der Ven

            Sometime Rubellapox, it astound me the nonsense people will write. Good luck with educating people 🙂

          • gizmo23

            Um, “unborn fetuses” is redundant.

        • Chikkipop

          1.) Very – very – few people are “OK with abortion”. In fact I’ll bet most would prefer it didn’t happen, even if they see it as a choice someone else should be able to make.

          2.) “And don’t you favor population control?” Nice; sure is easy to toss out a casual “you” in reference to a whole set of people you don’t agree with. And you might wanna consider how population control by drowning is a tad bit different from, say, advocating slower population growth by considering a smaller family, particularly if resources are low. But hey; no time for subtle nuance in your understanding, right?

          3.) “Liberals are always saying…” I’m a liberal and I would never say that. That’s not to say we aren’t being unnecessarily destructive, but if we’re the problem, we’re also the cure.

          4.) “So what’s the problem with the flood story?” At least you recognize it’s just a story. Of course the problem with it (beyond the sad fact that many actually believe it happened) is that it’s an absurd tale of evil on the part of a “creator” any thinking person would despise.

          • Reason2012

            // 1.) Very – very – few people are “OK with abortion”. In fact I’ll bet most would prefer it didn’t happen, even if they see it as a choice someone else should be able to make. //

            The outrage that ensues by the masses when it’s even hinted that abortion should even have more limits on it proves otherwise.

          • Chikkipop

            It does nothing of the sort, and you’d understand this if you weren’t so busy doing your moral grandstanding.

            The fact that people have come to the conclusion that abortions should be legal says nothing at all about what they think of it. There are many things in life that we wish we didn’t have to encounter, but reasonable people can understand that we’re not all in the same circumstances, and that things happen in life that are not what we wanted.

          • gizmo23

            Chickipoop is a cute name.

          • Chikkipop

            Ooh! Good one.

            I’ll see if I can switch it. Keep up with the suggestions! 😉

      • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

        Catherine was referring to this …….

        GENESIS.6: (NKJV) = The Wickedness and Judgment of Man

        6 Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, 2 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.

        3 And the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”

        4 There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the
        sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

        5 Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. 6 And the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart.

        7 So the Lord said, “I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the
        earth, both man and beast, creeping thing and birds of the air, for I am
        sorry that I have made them.” 8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

        • Chikkipop

          You’ve quoted an ancient story, which most of us are quite familiar with.

          And your point?

          • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

            U r familiar with how wicked or evil u r.?

          • Chikkipop

            OK. So you’re not going to try to make sense.

      • Reason2012

        And yet in the name of “I don’t really believe in God” over 57 MILLION sons/daughters have been slaughtered by their own parents in the past few decades alone, with a million more each year. Your pretense at caring for babies, small children, pregnant women and their unborn written about in a book you do not believe is disingenuous.

        • Cady555

          Catherine said she wants the lord to come as he did in the days of Noah.

          I find a happy yearning for global genocide to be repugnant.

          So I ask again, please spell out exactly what you are hoping for and explain why any rational caring person would wish for genocide.

          • Reason2012

            Realize that right now people who reject God ARE petitioning for genocide to continue: over 57 MILLION sons/daughters slaughtered by their own parents with a million more a year. Don’t you realize how hypocritical it is to claim to be offended by genocide, but on the other hand to in reality support genocide actually going on today?

            Secondly, we don’t know everything. So what if, for example, you were to later find out that many people born here were previously fallen angels who sinned against God and were born here as humans to be judged? Jesus almost hints at this possibility:

            John 9:2-3 “And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind? Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.”

            A person “born” blind because of his own sins?!

            If it turned out to be true that a great many people born here were fallen angels reserved unto the day of judgment, suddenly how foolish we’d be to try judging God for “genocide” of supposedly innocent people who are in fact not so innocent after all.

            And how much MORE foolish that we try to pretend to be offended by such things when because of us we currently are performing genocide against other human beings that did nothing wrong.

            Luke 12:4-5 “[Jesus said] And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him.”

        • Chikkipop

          { in the name of “I don’t really believe in God”}

          Yet another example of the atrocious “reasoning” we get from believers!

          We either believe in an unlikely, unseen magical character – for which there is not the slightest evidence – or we behave a certain way BECAUSE we don’t?

          The debate about abortion, pro or con, should take place, but the idea that a believer establishes anything approaching solid ground by basing their position upon the wishes of an imaginary entity is absurdity at its finest.

          Make your argument using facts and reason, allowing & insisting that your opponent is also doing this, and let the best argument carry the day.

          • Reason2012

            // The debate about abortion, pro or con, should take place, but the idea that a believer establishes anything approaching solid ground by basing their position upon the wishes of an imaginary entity is absurdity at its finest. //

            Hardly. A person who honestly believes they will be facing God wouldn’t dare_kill another innocent human being, let alone their own son/daughter.

            By contrast those who do not believe in God show they’re so wicked they won’t think twice about_killing others they can get away with_killing, sacrificing their own sons/daughters no less, all to avoid being inconvenienced.

            57 MILLION slaughtered by their own parents in the past few decades alone, with over a million more each year. Behold the fruits of not really believing in God.

          • Chikkipop

            “A person who honestly believes they will be facing God wouldn’t dare_kill another innocent human being.”

            So you have no moral sense of your own; you fear having to face a god of some kind, and you are convinced this god has a list of what is right and wrong, and you don’t wish to be on the wrong side.

            You openly admit you only behave because you suspect it is the wish of your unseen, unlikely god!

            So then, if you somehow came to understand that this unseen magical entity did not exist, you would then be fine with abortion, along with any number of other “wicked” actions.

            How despicable.

            Contrast that moral indifference & cowardice with someone who does not hide behind the will of an imaginary dictator who was invented by people long ago, who understands that WE are responsible for deciding what is right & wrong.

            Behold the fruits of believing ancient myths.

          • Reason2012

            // So you have no moral sense of your own; you fear having to face a god of some kind, and you are convinced this god has a list of what is right and wrong, and you don’t wish to be on the wrong side. //

            If you want to know my view, I wouldn’t do it whether I believed in God or not. If you read more carefully what I wrote, I was talking about people in general.

            // You openly admit you only behave because you suspect it is the wish of your unseen, unlikely god! //

            And yet 57 MILLION sons/daughters, with a million men more each year ARE killed by people because they feel they can get away with it, since in their mind there is no God. That’s what is despicable.

            // So then, if you somehow came to understand that this unseen magical entity did not exist, you would then be fine with abortion, along with any number of other “wicked” actions. //

            You just described yourself – fine with abortion and fight tooth and nail to keep it nice and legal.

            How despicable indeed.

            // Contrast that moral indifference & cowardice with someone who does not hide behind the will of an imaginary dictator who was invented by people long ago, who understands that WE are responsible for deciding what is right & wrong. //

            Yes, and the oh so more “we are the ones responsible for deciding what is right and wrong” decided it’s “right” to slaughter your own sons/daughters, sacrificing them on the altar of avoiding person inconvenience if they couldn’t be bothered allowing them to live long enough to be adopted.

            How despicable.

            Behold the fruit of “we know what’s right/wrong” as sons/daughters continue to be slaughtered daily by their own parents but such people who do not really believe in God, who believe the myth that “nothing did it” and “we’re just worthless animals anyway who evolved from ape-like ancestors”.

      • Paige Turner

        Noah was over 900 years old.


  • BarkingDawg

    Ezekiel 23:20 “There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

    Sounds like porn to me.

  • BarkingDawg

    So, if quotes from Ezekial 23:20-21 are not allowed to be published in this comment forum, why should the source material be distributed in schools?

  • BarkingDawg

    Hmmm someone is upset that I point out the hypocrisy?

  • George T

    Passages of the Gideon books are more violent and pornographic than anything handed out by the atheist and Satanist groups. Why didn’t the school censor those?

  • George

    how can a bunch of morons who want the bible banned in schools call themselves free thinkers in the first case? doesn’t free thinking allow for ALL possibilities? the quicker God judges these heathens the better I say….

    • Cady555

      Perhaps because they do not want the bible banned.

      Students are free to bring in whatever literature they want to read.

      This is about school officials allowing one group into the school to promote one religious viewpoint. The secularists, some of whom are Christian, know that this is illegal. All views about religion must receive equal treatment from government.

    • Chikkipop

      So, you’re good if we bring the Quran into schools? How about the Book of Mormon, & the Torah, & Guru Granth Sahib & The Analects of Confucius, & the I Ching, and many, many other ancient religious texts? You wanna have a religious study class where we examine all of the countless religious myths throughout human history?

      Seems like a good idea to me!

      “doesn’t free thinking allow for ALL possibilities?”

      Not quite: it examines all possibilities, but it actually comes to tentative conclusions about many of them when, for example, there is no evidence at all for a proposition and the good thinker decides it is reasonable to reject the idea until there is solid reason to reassess.

      And since you’re obviously not a moron, you probably wouldn’t want your kids coming home from school with notions about ghosts or witches or any other invisible magical entities in their heads, told to them by their teachers as if they were real, would you?

      Do YOU allow for ALL possibilities? Have you looked seriously into Scientology? 😉

      ” the quicker God judges these heathens the better I say….”

      Notice you have strongly suggested there is a “God” who judges, and that people who see no sign of such an entity are “heathens”?

      In science, when major discoveries about the world happen, those who have accomplished such things can win a Nobel Prize. This prize includes a CASH award of roughly 1.5 million dollars.

      George! What are you waiting for?! Show these morons!

      • George

        your very clear problem is that you by default, and by presupposition, have already ruled out that Christianity is a historic faith, that Jesus Christ was a real person, the wealth of scholarly work/research and archaeological evidence which supports many of the claims of the Christian faith.
        So, where is your free thinking? you have ridden something off before you even have investigated it properly?!? You come from an absolute position that God doesn’t exist, yet, statistics show that more people believe in a deity/deities than those who don’t. so, do you have some special revelation? Are you atheists smarter than us? If science struggles to explain the origin of the species, why don’t ‘free thinkers’ allow for the possibility of intelligent design? doesn’t sound very ‘free’ when you have already counted something out. you guys do contradict yourselves.
        Hows this for free, I too didn’t believe in God! But my free thinking allowed me to investigate the claims of the bible and the historic person of Jesus Christ. I no longer believe mr magical nothing brought complex, living organisms to life, but some one with amazing intelligence, just like it takes a person to build a computer program.
        Its clear from your argument, you hope God doesn’t exist, so you can continue watching your porn, fornicating if your single, lying when convenient, being your own authority, living for yourself etc. I used too as well. But, the evidence from our own consciences, the moral code which most of humanity is embedded with, its clear there is an objective moral law giver, which we must each face one day…

        • Chikkipop

          Well, that was hilarious! But you blew your cover!

          You’re an atheist, because no believer could come up with every silly cliche, stereotype and completely bass ackward understanding so effortlessly! 😉

          As an atheist I know you’ve heard all this nonsense so often you can recite it all from memory.

          Isn’t it fascinating to come to these sites where the creationists roam, and confirm that there really are people that ignorant & gullible?! Isn’t it wacky how they keep repeating all these absurdities as if they haven’t been refuted a million times?! They think they’ve stumped us, and they’re really pitching watermelon-sized softballs!

          I guess it shows when they want to believe something badly enough they’ll go to great lengths to plug their ears and cover their eyes; can’t let that darn reality in!

          Especially loved your “I used to be an atheist” bit!

          Well played, George! I wonder if any of the believers here will catch on!


          • George

            I expected you to come out with something informative, something with a little research, a good defense of your position, but no, its the common atheist reply when stuck in a corner, either they’re stamping their feet up and down in anger, or, like yourself, the ol use of scorn, or mocking.
            Didn’t even answer the crux of the issue.
            Really revealing that people like yourself with no facts want your opinions to be absolute.
            Also, I should of used ‘restricted thinkers’ instead of ‘free thinkers’ that’s what you guys should be called

          • Chikkipop

            ^ People like this really exist!

            I’m gonna save this exchange. It’s just so classic!

          • George

            yes, of course people with reason and common sense exist….

          • gizmo23

            Funny how atheists have no life at all except spewing their hate on Christian blogs.

            Kinda gives the impression that they are sad and bored little things.

          • rubellapox2

            And funny how christians are so interested in what everyone else is doing in their bedrooms and with their vaginas.. Doesn’t give the impression they lead sad bored little lives, but gives proof to it…

          • Chikkipop

            Funny how believers can figure out who has a life by comments on a website…..that they also comment on!

            (But then, forming beliefs about things with low levels of information is one of their specialties!)

            Funny how believers think criticizing bad ideas is “spewing hate”.

            Funny how believers think the positive action of calling out nonsense indicates someone is sad. Sad that folks still fall for ancient myths? Of course, but HAPPY to be speaking up about it and seeing it decline!

            We’re winning! And even better, everyone benefits, including those who have yet to pull their heads out of the sand.

          • Cady555

            Wow. It looks like we have yet another who instead of speaking for themself has hijacked the name of another frequent commenter.

            Isn’t stealing and lying immoral?

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    US children need the Holy Bible for knowledge and liberty. Secularism has only blasphemies, sexual decadence, infanticide, and suicide as its core value. Christianity alone has the truth, light, holiness, true love, and life.

    • tatoo

      Yeah, especially the parts where Lots daughters have intercourse with him, and the parts where God approves the massacre of peaceful people (Judges 18:1-28) and babies slaughtered and wives raped (Iasaih 13:9). Etc.

      • Reason2012

        Sin is not in the Bible to condone it, but to show the consequences of it.

        And God doesn’t judge “innocent” and “peaceful” people. Please cite the verse that proves they did nothing wrong ever as a people group.

        • Chikkipop

          What god are you talking about, and could you tell us how you know of this god?

          It would be very interesting news to many people.

        • Grace Kim Kwon


      • Grace Kim Kwon

        You are wrong. Lot’s daughter did it because they grew up in Sodom, a society like today’s godless secular USA or its dogs. Judges 18 people were not just peaceful; read Leviticus ch. 18-20 for what all the Canaanites were about. Danaites were godless apostates anyway. (Genesis ch. 49) Isaiah 13:9 only talks about God’s justice. Read the entire chapter and entire book before ranting stupidity. Perv West and its servant nations will get God’s justice as well if you don’t repent.

    • Chikkipop

      You are delusional. If you are an adult you should be embarrassed.

  • tatoo

    It is pretty hard to be more x-rated than the bible.

    • BarkingDawg

      Just don’t even mention Ezekial.

    • gizmo23

      You’ve never read a Bible.

  • Becky

    This is all the heathens have to offer kids…hate and rancor against the bible and God’s people. They’re obsessed with trying to discredit the bible. They’re bonkers really. Well, it’s not like anyone expects heathens to have anything edifying to offer anyone.

    “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ They are corrupt, They have done abominable works, There is none who does good.” Psalm 14:1

  • tatoo

    Judges 18:1 -28 in the New International Version.

    • gui1hermegano

      So what?

      Get a job or get a life, you old bored fat hag.

  • Gena B

    home school