UN Says Christian Assemblies Violate Children’s Human Rights

Children(The Christian Institute) Asking children to attend Christian assemblies undermines their human rights, according to a United Nations committee.

A highly controversial new report by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child expresses ‘concern’ that pupils in the UK are legally required to take part in a daily act of collective worship, which is “wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character”.

Conservative MP David Burrowes described the criticism as “ludicrous” and said the Government can “respectfully put those kind of reports in the bin where they belong.”

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  • Amos Moses

    The UN says you have all kinds of “rights” under the “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” ………..UNTIL …………. you get to Article 29 (3) ……….. and then you have no rights if they say you have no rights ….. so much for that ……….. Seen @ un;org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/
    ……. replace the ; with a period …………

    Article 29.

    (1) Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.
    (2) In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.
    (3) These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

    Article 30.

    Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

  • Nidalap

    Yeah. History is replete with despots who wanted to “protect” the children from “dangerous” ideas…

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    UN is such a West’s dog, promoting abortion and homosexuality. Mankind should not be enslaved to rich Western pervs in the 21st century. Enough of slavery by immorality. Sin is slavery. Reading the Holy Bible liberates humanity from illiteracy and slavery.

    • Chrissy Vee


    • John N

      ‘Both thy bondmen, and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, shall be of the heathen that are round about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids. Moreover of the children of the strangers that do sojourn among you, of them shall ye buy, and of their families that are with you, which they begat in your land: and they shall be your possession. And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; they shall be your bondmen for ever.’

      I guess you recognize this verse, Grace. It is a nice example of the immoral standards presented by your precious bible – your god’s command to buy and own slaves. Care to comment on that? Do you still think mankind needs your holy book for the truth and liberty for everyone?

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        Bond-labor has been mankind’s way of economy for most of the time everywhere on Planet Earth. Your illiterate savage ancestors were educated by the Christian Church and found in the Gospels that leaders must serve the people instead of lording over them. European Christian thinkers and American Founding Fathers applied those into every system. That was the only reason Christian West alone was able to abolish slavery labor among mankind. Application of the Holy Bible counts. The Holy Bible also tells that everyone is equal to the Creator God and commands to be free by the truth. You are a slave to the perv rich to the soul because you refuse to read the Holy Bible, the Word of God. Those who are not slaves to God stay slaves to villains; that’s why you massacre unwanted children in wombs as sub-humans. You always go wrong when you oppose the Holy Bible.

        • John N

          Bond-labor was slavery. Buying and owning people is slavery.

          Your holy book promotes, actually commands you to buy and own people.

          And in fact your holy book tells us it is OK to silence and oppress woman.

          You do not see any problem in worshipping a deity that demands you to keep slaves and oppress woman?

          Then why should anybody listen to your ‘moral’ lessons?

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Slavery has been a normal practice among illiterate mankind, in the harsh vengeance-oriented worlds where survival was at stake constantly and starvation was common. The Holy Bible commands people to treat slaves fairly and to free them and become free where applicable and possible. God declared that He owns all of His creation. Ancient slavery had to do with survival, and the system was tolerated to prevent mass deaths. America is well-fed only because the American fathers followed Biblical virtues of hard works. Sodomic West is the only civilization where rich pervs enslave people with literacy and bread; you guys are truly exceptional in human history, wasting all of the finest education and the vast land. Christians have created utopia in all of English colonies; you really didn’t have to ruin everything so hard with your inclination to blasphemies and sick depravity this century.

            The Holy Bible is the only item that has taught mankind that men and women are equal. You secular Americans never learn any history beyond your 230 years, and that’s why you have no idea where the concept of gender equality and all the rights came from. You guys are pervs and mental patients to your own forefathers and to other civilizations. You must not force or fund your Sodomic culture upon other nations just because you are powerful. God is holy; it is today’s secular Sodomic Western culture that is despicable and abhorrent. Everyone must listen to the Holy Bible because it is God’s decree. You Westerners need it especially because you have no moral standard apart from Christianity.

          • Mellow Fellow

            “The Holy Bible is the only item that has taught mankind that men and women are equal.” LOL. It’s the most misogynic book I’ve ever read, it goes out of its way to demean women and uphold slavery. Evil is another word for it.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            You are wrong because you haven’t actually read any book. The Holy Bible makes slaves able to read and gain freedom and makes women and children as important as men. You secular Westerners are repaying the good with evil to Christianity. You only have sexual depravity and mental illness apart from Christianity.

          • Mellow Fellow

            “When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six years as the men are.” Exodus 21:7

            Women are slaves for life, while men can be set free.

            Remind me again how men and women are equal in the bible. It’s clear you are one of the many so called christians who have never bothered to actually study the bible.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Read the rest of the text, the whole chapter. Women are to be treated better than men because women are weaker for survival. You need to read the entire text when you talk about it. You atheists are dishonest to the core against Christianity.

          • Mellow Fellow

            “Women are to be treated better
            than men” – the Bible according to Grace

            So now you are saying everyone is NOT equal, as your docrine commands men to be subservient to “the weaker sex”. Please make up your mind, either they are equal or they are not. Christian feminists are an odd bunch.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Read the Holy Bible entirely. You lack comprehensive knowledge in the entire Holy Bible. It says women are weaker and need more care. You won’t be able to grasp Biblical teachings by reading your atheist gurus’ junk literature all the time. Secular West departed from the Biblical virtues, and that’s why you can’t even protect women and children from the men entering into woman’s bathroom. That’s below the level of pagan cultures. If you are a woman, do something to protect children.

          • Mellow Fellow

            Admit you lied about men and women being equal in the bible and I shall accept it as an atonement for your sin. The way to salvation is repentance of sin.

            I spent many years living in a seminary training to become a member of the clergy. Went to church three times a day, every day and garnered far more biblical knowledge than most people. You?

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            The Holy Bible teaches that man and woman are equal but have different spiritual roles because of God’s creation order and that women are weaker. You probably went to a wrong of kind of seminary and wrong kind of church, or you simply chose falsehood against your former church. I read the Holy Bible since youth using a study Bible and studied it; “Knowing God” by J. I. Packer and “Portable Seminary” were a good read. You must read the entire Holy Bible, not just your favorite verses.

          • Mellow Fellow

            You love evil more than good, Falsehood more than speaking what is right.

            You admit that the bible does NOT treat them the same nor does the bible insist men and women are objective equals as you first claimed. Without any knowledge of what was taught or my circumstances, you now bizarrely claim I went to the wrong kind of seminary and church. Your compulsive lying is worrisome. A great sin is on your back, does this compulsion to lie have you so committed to sin you can’t repent?

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            You got a false education or false memories. Read your Bible again. The Holy Bible alone does declare the equality of all men and of man and woman. It’s your duty to find it out. Do your homework. You just do not want to read the text. You are an atheist and not a student of the Holy Bible. Read John ch.1-3 and Romans ch.1-10 to get saved.

          • Mellow Fellow

            “women are weaker” & “Women are to be treated better than men”*

            Those two statements are incompatible with objective equality. Why do you love sin?

            *Which biblically means being treated as property, rather than an individual human being.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Today’s secular Western culture went wrong by misplacing gender equality as well. Natural science agrees with the Holy Bible that women are weaker than men physically. ( You guys used to worship science; why are you going against science suddenly this century?) Your Christian forefathers were civilized people because they protected women and children as they should. Stop being brainwashed by the femisnists. Feminists are trying to destroy manhood and womanhood and childhood and true equality among mankind. You guys just want to overcome women in sports by dressing like women and play.

            The Holy Bible declares every individual belongs to God the Creator. It only commanded men to protect and feed women and children, never to exploite them. Abusive men were executed in the Bible time, unlike today. You don’t get it because of you grew up in a decadent, irresponsible culture which lets villains go about freely and men just sleep around with women with no sense of responsibility. Your culture is wrong, not the Holy Bible. You guys are the first feminized species in the history of mankind. The Holy Bible speaks to all men everywhere for all time, not just to the feminized Americans. You must live as a man if you were born as a man, no matter what your filthy culture says.

          • Mellow Fellow

            “It only commanded men to protect and feed women and children, never to exploit them.”

            Another compulsive lie. Exploitation is females are slaves for life while male slaves are to be given freedom after a few years. That is the opposite of protection and is proof that the bible sees women as lesser than men.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            The Holy Bible teaches that men and women are equal in God’s sight and also that women are weaker vessels. The Holy Bible is objective and practical and not falsely politicically correct. Slavery has been illiterate mankind’s mean of survival because of rampant starvation and annihilations in a vengeance-oriented world. The New Testament era made slavery unnecessary, though servants and emplyees are and will be always there. Biblical commands are applied to the masters-employess relationships. Married females do not have to leave the masters if they choose so. Women had little means of survival even if they were free. Your grew up in a culture where people let women oppress men and freely sleep around with anyone like animals. Children need to grow up with real parents. Both illiterate pagan worlds and secular worlds are unhappy ones for women. You need to follow Biblical instructions to be humane and civilized.

          • Mellow Fellow

            “I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.”

            As a woman, you are unable to understand the bible and need a man like myself to explain it to you. Is that why you lie about what the bible says, or are you in love with sin?

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            This is not a church setting as the context indicates. I don’t belong to your denomination which is probably an apostate. And I didn’t mean to teach you; ignorance on the Biblical massage is your personal problem. You must listen to women or children or foreigners when they testify some objective truths and facts. A fact is that you must read and study the Holy Bible fully and then say something about Christianity.

          • Mellow Fellow

            “A woman must learn in quietness and full submissiveness.” – Tim

            You can’t teach me as you are both a woman and have proven yourself as so biblically ignorant that you compulsively lie about what the bible says. You just provided another prime example, as that verse had nothing to due with the church, in fact you won’t find the word church in the entire book of Timothy.

            I’ll repeat that if you missed it, Timothy never used the word church at all in the bible. Why do you love to sin so much?

            Instead of preaching god’s word, you have chosen to create your own twisted version of the bible by thinking that verse was along the lines of stuff found in Corinthians. As a woman you are weaker mentally and are not able to understand the bible as your biblical ignorance proves, you need a man to explain it to you. You are a woman, that is your condition and curse.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            God told His people not to submit to evil men. (Proverbs ch. 24) So your point does not apply to this case. You need to read and study the Holy Bible to cure your illiteracy on the Holy Bible. Don’t teach the subject you do not know.

          • Mellow Fellow

            I already proved you are a biblically ignorant woman who isn’t fit to be spreading god’s word. You don’t know the difference between timothy and corinthians, and instead of owning up to your mistake, you double down on sin.

          • Jolanda Tiellemans

            She did the same thing to me. Thinking she knows me better then I know myself.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            You secular Westerners speak and behave the same. Stop forcing your depravity upon the poor nations. Enough of the rich pervs’ atrocities from their mentally insane inclination to depravity. You guys were mentally sane only when you adhered Christianity. Go to church and hear the life-saving Gospel message and also get some sense of morality.

          • Jolanda Tiellemans

            Question. Ever been to any Western country? Ever met a Western who isn’t religious? Ever talked to anyone else then Christians? Or do you blindly believe what is said about none religious people? And don’t come again with the whole, “the west need Christianity” cause that isn’t what I asked.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Yes, I did. Your secularist values are the same. They blaspheme Christianity, falsely believe in godless evolutionism, defend infanticide and the suicide of the weaker human beings, and push Sodomic agenda in the world. You push your immoral culture upon others to adhere. It is a very wrong thing to do. People have rights to keep morality and to expose lies and to reject immoral sins.

          • Jolanda Tiellemans

            Yes, I did. Did what? Been to the west? Met western none religious people? Or blindly believe what is said about western none religious people?

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            They were like you. They start insulting Christianity once they discover I’m Christian or go to church. You guys should stop making filthy money by showing off all your church buildings. I really felt sorry for your fathers and your grandfathers. You guys have wasted the good years after WW2. Enough evil boredom from prosperity. Stop pushing immorality.

          • Jolanda Tiellemans

            They were like you. Uhm, you don’t know me.

            You guys should stop making filty money by showing off all your church buildings. Uhm, I didn’t build them, not my church, not my filty money, they never got a penny from me. And i thought you would be happy with many churches.

            They start insulting Christianity. Insult me and my friends and I do the same. I don’t turn the other cheek

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            The Church buildings are feeding Europe. You guys are being supported by what your Christian ancestors had built well. I don’t mean to insult you. I’m just pointing that the Western culture must stop pushing blasphemy, infanticide, and Sodomy in the world today. You are an unbelieving Westerner coming to me; that says you are a supporter of such sins. The Holy Bible is true and practical about manhood and womanhood and will never change whatever any culture says. Empires fall but the Word of God is eternal. (Isaiah ch. 40) Europe must return to God in repentance as all others do.

          • Jolanda Tiellemans

            I feed myself, not the church. I support myself, not by what my Christian ancestors had built. I am a supporter of equal rights. i don’t care if you’re red, white, blue, purple, if you’re religious or not, if you’re straight or homosexual, if you’re a man or a woman. You respect me, I respect you. You disrespect me or my friends, sorry all bets are off. Like I said, I don’t turn the other cheek.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Secular Western culture does not respect the Christians but oppresses us by pressuring to confirm to their immorality. Secular Westerners are incomplete in understanding the Holy Bible. Turning the other cheek is commanded when personal insults are done by a villain against an innocent person; when you are on the godless offenders’ side, your turning the other cheek or not does not matter. Please read Matthew ch. 5-7 again. LGBT people should be protected, but their sin deserves no respect. Secular culture is wrong in putting the good and the evil in the same category; it only abuses moral people.

          • Jolanda Tiellemans

            Woman are weaker? Speak for yourself.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Women are weaker than men. A fact. The Holy Bible is scientific. You secularists used to worship science. Why do you oppose science now? You lost all kinds of objective truth because you lost Christianity. All truth is God’s truth.

          • Jolanda Tiellemans


          • John N

            Grace, I know slavery has been a common practice among mankind. But it no longer is now.

            And your holy bible still condones, even commands it. It does NOT tell you to threat your slaves fairly NOR does it command you to free them. Instead it commands you TO OWN THEM FOREVER – as you can read yourself if you would actually read it.

            And of course your bible does NOT teach mankind men and woman are equal; it teaches mankind that A HUSBAND IS THE HEAD OF HIS WIFE, that women have to be silent in church, and that in wartime women are not spared but should be killed or raped if they are still virgin.

            That’s what your bible actually says, that is the word of your deity. To all today’s standards we call that immoral, vicious, uacceptable. Morally we have outgrown your god and are now far superior to him.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            John N, you are wrong. Planet Earth has 30 million slaves officially and the actual number exceeds 200 millions worldwide because children are being sent to forced labor instead of going to schools. You don’t care and you are dreaming about the planet because you are not Christian. Unbelieving Non-Westerners treat humanity’s crimes as traditions and secular Westerners treat those as a mere culture; humanity has no hope of rescue if there is no Christianity. The Holy Bible commands people to be free because everyone is equal in God’s sight; that’s why your Christian forefathers and former slaves were able to bring freedom and equality upon the earth. Today, you are trying to enslave mankind with depravity and it’s the most wrong thing to happen. You must repent of your thirst for slavery.

            You are wrong on the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible is being practical about the roles of man and woman and commands the execution of only the rapists, not the victims. Read the Holy Bible itself instead of your atheists’ usual junk manuals. Secular Western culture has become despicable because you have departed from Judeo-Christian teachings. Whatever you have as good is from the Holy Bible; you have nothing good on your own because you stole everything good from the Holy Bible. You guys were just illiterate savages like the rest before Christianization. You don’t realize anything because you don’t read the Origin. Your average racist fathers are incomparably better than you because they were neither pervs or baby-killers. You’ve been living in a lie.

            There hasn’t been any single good Westerner who scorned Christianity. Read the Holy Bible, find the truth and origin of the good. Even ancient Greeks sought good and found Christianity. A civilization that actively seeks depraved decadence is only the de-christianized society. It’s historic new level of low. Pre-christian = barbarism. Post-christian =Sodom. Christianity = truth, light, life, hope.

          • John N

            And one of the reasons for slavery and woman discrimination still existing is because holy books of ancient religions condone it, Grace.

            Just like it condones genocide, infanticide, rape, child molestation, etc.

            You can call it being practical as much as you want and try to wiggle your way out of it, but that is what it says. Do you want me to quote it for you?

            And I guess you know well enough the morals taught in it are below standards- your trying to make excuses for what it says tells enough. You yourself are far more moral than your deity.

            But what can you expect from books written by bronze age people with little knowledge of the real world?

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            You are wrong. UK and USA abolished slavery for all mankind, because they learned to apply the Biblical commands. No other slave owners did it, though every tribe and clan enslaved each other and their women. It’s always the Biblical Christians who insisted that the colored people and the unborns are the same humans instead of sub-humans. You secular Westerners are forcing endorsement of Sodomy upon the Christians in your land to avenge them for bringing racial equality last century. You just want to bully gentle Christian people. Stop doing the evil.

            The Holy Bible only proves God’s righteous annihilation of baby-killing pervs( Leviticus ch.18-20) and His taking away and taking care of all innocent humans (Psalms) and commands execution of all rapists including the pedophiles. (Exodus – Deuteronomy) No culture is more immoral than today’s Post-christian secular Western culture in human history. You guys were normal when you were just mere racists because you wouldn’t touch colored women or children. Now the object of your lust has no limit whatsoever. Learn what your tourists are doing.

            The West has no morality whatsoever apart from the Holy Bible; your original is only the despicable Greek porn stories. That’s why Post-christian West runs into sexual chaos. You need Christianity for moral sense. You were all just illiterate savages apart from the Christian Church’s education. You must stop repaying the good with evil to the Christian Church.

          • John N

            >’You are wrong. UK and USA abolished slavery for all mankind, because they learned to apply the Biblical commands’

            No, they did not. They could not, because your bible actually commands its followers to keep slaves – like I showed you from its own texts. You can not deny what it says.

            Actually slavery in the UK and USA was supported for hundreds of years by christians using their bible as justification before some enlightened people finally started thinling otherwise.

            The bible also approves and promotes sex slavery (Exodus 21:7-11), rape (Judges 21:10-24, Numbers 31:7-18, Deuteronomy 21:10-14), murdering babies (2 Samuel 12:11-14), pedophilia (Numbers 31:1-18, Judges 21:7-11) and, of course, racism (Deuteronomy 7, Numbers 1-13) – what do you expect from a god who has his own ‘chosen people’?

            But I guess you just do not want to see what horrible examples of immorality are mentionned in your bible.

            In most of the world we do no longer approve slavery, rape, child abuse or racism, which makes it clear that humans do not get their morality from your – or any – holy book. So your claim ‘The West has no morality whatsoever apart from the Holy Bible’ is clearly debunked.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            1) You are wrong. The Holy Bible commands us to be free. Read I Corinthians ch. 7. White men supported slavery because white people believed that the colored people were sub-humans first, but the Bible-following Christians corrected them. Today, Christians are fighting for the rights of unwanted children in wombs as full humans. Mankind has not changed and is worse, actually, with or without the legality of slavery. Slaves can fight back and overthrow the masters, but unborn children are truly defenseless. Today, de-christianized white men’s nations are shamelessly pushing Sodomy. You promote sex slavery, men in women’s washrooms, Nazi indoctrination of immorality upon the children, and racism against the unwanted children in wombs. De-christianization made the great West regressed terribly. You guys really need Christianity.

          • John N

            >’1) You are wrong. The Holy Bible commands us to be free. Read I Corinthians ch. 7.’

            No I’m not wrong. The bible commands us a lot of things. Some are acceptable, some are not, some are considered despicable today, as I showed you.

            That is exactly why you cannot use the bible as a moral guide.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            No, you pick and choose because you grew up in a culture with a lot of defects. The entire Holy Bible is applicable to all peoples for all time and everywhere for truth and salvation and to bring human rights, liberty, equality, and justice to all. When the West abandoned the Holy Bible, it has become a Sodom where the mentally-ill rich oppress normal people. Truth and morality have a right to exist. You guys need Christianity expecially since you have no other decent religion. You can’t stand your ancestors and your own forefathers because they were Christian. Disrespectful kids must not inherit the land. Secularism only brings blasphemy and infanticide and sexual immorality.

          • John N

            Yes indeed I pick and choose. And I find things in the bible that according to today’s morals are not acceptable any more.

            That is not my problem, but yours.

            Certainly if you keep on saying that ‘it is applicable to all peoples for all time and everywhere for the truth and salvation and to bring human rights, liberty, equality, and justice to all.’

            So how are you gong to explain that?

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            The Holy Bible is wholesome if read entirely. Your culture is despicable and hopelessly decadent in any civilization’s standard. Don’t demand the Christians to endorse it. Let the Christians be. Sodom only lasted a few decades after it got bad. Mankind has rights to life. No one can stop you from sinning by yourselves in any way, but don’t demand moral and normal people to endorse your depravity. That’s a human rights abuse. The Holy Bible is good and vital and everyone needs it. Today’s Western decadent culture is bad and toxic and people have rights to comply with it.

          • John N

            >’The Holy Bible is wholesome if read entirely’

            No Grace, your bible might look great if you just pick the cherries and skip all the nasty parts.

            You already admitted the bible is based on racism. I showed you it also condones , promotes and even commands oppression of women, slavery, mass murder, infanticide and rape. It is therefore useless as a moral guide in the 21th century.

            I don’ t ask any christian to go against his or her religion. It are in fact christians who try to force this immoral holy book upon us by trying to change or restricting secular laws on marriage, abortion, euthanasia, and education to fit their specific view and please their specific god. And that us what atheists keep fighting against.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            2) * For Exodus ch.21 and Deuteronomy ch.21 passages were about female slaves’ rights. They were treated as wives. Unlike today’s secular playboys who only exploit women, those men took responsibility of women in those times because starvation from poverty was common. You are safe and well-fed only because your Bible-believing Christian forefathers worked hard for you.

            * For Numbers ch. 31, the Midianites were the tribe set for divine annihilation like the ones in Canaan because of their irreversible evils( Leviticus ch.18-20). Baby-killing pervs had to be wiped out from the face of the earth, but the virgins received mercy because they were no threat for vengeance against Israel. God wipes out human tribes for the good of His creation world. It’s a warning against all mankind. Germany lost 7 million men when they tried to annihilate the Jews. USA or any other tribe is no exception if the tribe goes too immoral. (Book of Jude)

            * Israel commits no pedophilia. They only married marriable aged girls. Unlike today’s Westernized society, mankind usually always have plenty virgin women for men to marry. Men run after children with lust when there are no virgin women for marriage. Judges ch. 21 is Israel’s own doing anyway, not God’s instruction. You never read the Biblical text, as always.

            * Israel’s racism is not at all wrong; it’s the God-given special status to the Jews. Racism among mankind in ancient time was a necessity for survival and protection. Not every civilization was safe for each other or civilized or had literacy like the Christian America of last century.

            * Read the entire chapter of II Samuel 12, God took away the baby to Heaven. The Creator decides each creature’s lifespan because He alone can make every creature had truly happy time. Read Matthew ch. 5-10. You must not murder unborn children, because you are only a fellow creature and you cannot make any single entity happy. You must stop thinking of the God Almighty on your term. He is holy and sovereign and just; He is altogether different from you. You are in error because you are blasphemous.

          • John N

            >’2) * For Exodus ch.21 and Deuteronomy ch.21 passages were about female slaves’ rights.’

            No, it was about slave masters’ rights. Or what do you think ‘ If she please not her master …’ means?

            >’ For Numbers ch. 31, the Midianites were the tribe set for divine annihilation like the ones in Canaan because of their irreversible evils( Leviticus ch.18-20) …’

            Right. The Midianites did commit sin against your god. And that gives christians the safe conduct to murder and rape, Which is, according to your bible, morally acceptable and even promoted.

            >’* Israel commits no pedophilia. They only married marriable aged girls.’

            And they raped the unaged girls: ‘But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.’

            >’* Israel’s racism is not at all wrong; it’s the God-given special status to the Jews’

            Right. You do realize this is exactly what racism is about, do you?

            >’* Read the entire chapter of II Samuel 12, God took away the baby to Heaven’

            Whatever. After making it very sick for a week, your god finally murdered it. You seem to think this kind of behaviour is acceptable? But abortion is not?

            And I am being blasphemous by literally quoting from your own bible? How funny.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            1) Females can go free with the means of self-support! In the ancient world, food(survival) was more important than freedom. People were not plenty with everything always like your rich Christian America. Well-fed ancient Israel did foolish things against the Lord and were severely punished by Him. USA is next. You guys have scorned God’s blessings. You must repent of your evil to get a life.

            2) You are wrong. Israel did not rape them. (Why do you guys always hate the Jews so much and blame them all the time? Stop it. ) Read Leviticus ch. 18-20 to see what the Canaanites were doing. They were not nice little tribes like in your Disney cartoon movies. You Americans watch too many cartoon movies and do not know any reality about mankind. No nation will be spared either, if it behaves like the Canaanites.

            3) Israelites have been scientific and they wait for girls to grow up for marriage. (Song of Songs ch.8) Ancient Jews were not pervs like today’s secular men. All pervs were executed anyway. (Exodus ch. 21) Today’s mental illness among men who run after children with lust was partially caused by lack of virgin brides. You guys need virgin brides for everyone’s safety in the society.

          • John N

            >’Females can go free with the means of self-support! ‘

            You just contradicted your own bible. 1 Corinthians 11:3: ‘…and the head of the woman is the man’.

            >’You are wrong. Israel did not rape them.’

            Again you contradict your bible: Numbers 31:1-18: ‘But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.’ You should stop doing that, Grace, he does not like liars.

            I do not care one minut for your justification – in today’s morality there is no justification possible for armed men killing, enslaving and raping children. None. And you do realize that too.

            >’ Israelites have been scientific and they wait for girls to grow up for marriage.’

            How nice of them. Except, of course, if he girl was a foreigner, in which case these rules did not count – ask the Midianites.

            I do not target your god’s favorite people, Grace. Life could be harsh back then, certainly if you were a woman. I do not think the Israelites were much different from their neighbours in that aspect.

          • John N

            >’You guys need virgin brides for everyone’s safety in the society.’

            What? Do you realize how very misogynistic you sound here? I guess I was wrong before whenI said you were better than your god. You are actually equal to him. And that is not a compliment.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            4) Israel has rights to appear “racist” for God’s special Covenant with them and for self-preservation. Thanks to the Bible-literate American Christians’ tireless noble efforts that the entire world realized that racism which hurts others is wrong, for the first time in history. Rejection of inter-racial marriage for oneself and one’s own clan is not racism. You Americans behave broad-hearted about it only because you are powerful on earth now and have no idea what a tiny small tribe feels when surrounded by countless mighty foreign enemies. Again, stop treating every tribe and clan like your nation. America is stable with mixed blood only because of the shared Christian Protestant virtues and Protestant intelligence and nothing else. The Holy Bible is practical to everyone on earth. You must observe and think.

            5) God is perfect and good and sovereign, and He is absolutely free to do anything because whatever He does is the ultimate good. He never lies or does wrong like humans do all the time. God is holy and all-knowing and all-wise, and whatever He does is right. The baby has been happy with Him. Humans must not conduct abortion because humans cannot be good without the efforts to make babies live on. (Psalm ch. 139) You absolutely need humility before the Creator God. Lack of humility is the absolute evil of the creatures, both humans and demons. The way you talk about God and religions and Christians is disrespectful. Listen to the victims; stop being like the villains whom your forefathers have defeated last century. Do not dream about peace when you scorn the truth so hard. Peace exists with righteousness. Read Matthew ch. 5-7. You scorn the Christians because Christians are gentle. You must remember there is Judgment Day. (Revelation ch. 20-22)

          • John N

            >’Israel has rights to appear “racist” for God’s special Covenant with them and for self-preservation.’

            Do your bible condones racism and discrimination. Thanks for confirming.

            >’God is perfect and good and sovereign, and He is absolutely free to do anything because whatever He does is the ultimate good’

            So your bible condones murder, genocide, infanticide, abortion and rape IF your god does it OR he commands it. Because your god defines the rules for morality, but is not bound to them. Fine. So whenever humans need a justification for their behaviour, they can use divine command – just like they did in the old testament.

            And you don’t realize why rational people don’t want to worship such a god, even if he actually existed?

  • hytre64

    “Parents can already withdraw their children from collective worship but the committee wants children to be able to act independently of their parents.”

    This quote tells of their real agenda, namely that parents will no longer be in control of their children. This leaves either the children in charge OR the State in charge of the children. Since most States in the West control the education of the children in one form or another, then the State is free to indoctrinate the children from the time that they are toddlers and the parents cannot object.