Mother Who Miscarried Shares Photo of 11-Week Son as Testament to Personhood of Unborn

Photo Credit: Tiffany Burns/Facebook

MIDLOTHIAN, Texas — A mother from Texas who miscarried her unborn son at 11 weeks is sharing a photo of her child as a testament to the personhood and perfection of the unborn.

Tiffany Burns of Midlothian posted the photo of her child to social media on July 29, whom she held in the palm of her hand.

“This is my hand holding my sweet baby, Ezekiel,” she wrote. “I delivered him on January 20, 2016. His heart stopped at 11 weeks 2 days.”

Burns outlined that her child, even just a few weeks old, had physical features that clearly showed his humanity.

“He had a heartbeat. Such a sweet sound. He had life!” she said. “He was not a blob. He was not just a clump of cells. He was formed. Perfect. Look at the details. His sweet fingers. Toes.”

Burns called her son a “sweet little missionary” in that even in his death he can show other mothers the reality of life in the womb.

“I am blessed to be his mother. He lived to show others life!” she wrote. “Please feel free to share his LIFE with others.”

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The photo has already received over 1,600 likes and nearly 3,000 shares in less than a week. Hundreds of viewers and followers have also left words of support.

“So very sorry for your loss. He is so beautiful!” one commenter named Melanie wrote. “Thanks for sharing your precious baby. I pray that anyone who has plans to abort will see your precious baby and have a change of heart about abortions.”

“Precious little guy! How could anyone murder these babies?” another named Charlotte wrote. “I dare anyone to say this baby isn’t a miracle. Life starts at conception!”

“Maybe your pain will save another baby’s life,” wrote a supporter named Linda.

“I do believe God had big plans for him and is using him,” Burns wrote in reply. “As soon as I saw him, I knew I couldn’t keep him to myself. I have already heard stories! Praise God!”

And when one viewer asked why Burns decided to share the photo with the world and not keep the matter private, she explained that she wanted others to see what a child at 11 weeks looks like—especially in a day and age when mothers are told that their son or daughter is only tissue.

“Unfortunately, a lot of people are misinformed about what a baby looks like at 11 weeks gestation,” she wrote. “I share him so people can see and know life does start very early and they are babies in the womb. People are led to believe that at 11 weeks they are just a blob or a bunch of cells. Also, he is my son. I share him like I would any of my children. ”

Baby Walter
Baby Walter

As previously reported, photos of baby Walter, born to Joshua and Lexi Fretz of Greencastle, Pennsylvania have also been touching lives around the world. Walter passed away at 19 weeks after his mother went into premature labor. Joshua Fretz took photos of the couple’s tiny son, which were later shared online and used to reach others.

“Just came across Walter’s pictures. … I am pregnant and been in such a bad place this week. Did my first scan last week and he’s a boy, too. But this week I started praying for a miscarriage or decide to terminate since his father has shirked all responsibility,” one mother wrote to the family. “I asked God to gimme a sign today that we will be fine, or I go ahead and seek a termination tomorrow. A few hours later, I see the link on Facebook. It put me to tears. But most importantly it has made me know without a doubt that I cannot do this to him.”

“[S]haring your story and showing his pictures it has helped me so much,” another named Crista stated. “I just had a baby seven months ago and I’m pregnant again. The father wants me to get an abortion and I thought about it, but now there is no way I can do it. God blessed me with this child for a reason, and I will take care of her and love her just like I do my other children.”

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  • sammy13

    That is a human being! NOT a lump of cells as the pro-abortion crowd would have us believe.

    RIP little Ezekiel.

    • Chet

      He is indeed, back with his Heavenly Father, the giver of all life.

      • wandakate

        The “SPIRIT” departs from the body at death and returns to GOD who gave it.

  • Nidalap

    Have any Planned Parenthood officials commented on this tragic waste of perfectly good organs?

    • Caree Rouse Smith

      Since it is a phony picture, my guess is “no”.
      They deal with reality.

    • wandakate

      Probably not, b/c the truth is they don’t care. It’s all about their agenda, and all about the money from the supporters that believe that this “HUMAN” is only just a blob of cells, just jello in the womb…

  • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

    I am so sorry for the loss of Ezekiel. A beautiful baby proof of the Humanity of the unborn. 11 weeks 2 days is a first trimester baby. Thank you for sharing the truth of the Humanity of the unborn. May this baby change the hearts of many.
    There are some people who come to this site to troll. My hope and my prayer is that they will respect this mom and her son enough not to come and troll on this story.

    Rest In Peace Ezekiel you are with the Lord now ♥

    • jael2

      Dear Lady in Christ,
      Let us pray that the trolls who have ill intentions, will see this precious baby, and God will take their hearts of stone, and replace them with hearts of flesh. After all, they too, were once the size of baby Ezekiel, and were spared a grizzly death by abortion.
      To those who condone the shedding of innocent blood, take a look, a long look at Baby Ezekiel. When you look at his head, arms, legs, fingers, toes, and tiny blood vessels, doesn’t that debunk the whole “clump of cells” or “egg yolk” myth? A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

      • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

        I will Pray That they will see the humanity in this baby. May they see the truth.Even though he was so small no one in their right mind could deny his humanity. He is proof.

        • Caree Rouse Smith

          This is not real. Educate yourself.

      • Caree Rouse Smith

        It is a phony picture.
        WC Fields was right.
        One born every minute.
        Educate yourself.

        • jael2

          Go over to the baby center dot com, and look at what an unborn child looks like. Just plain medical facts; no agenda. Just think, we as a nation have murdered over 60 million children just like this one. Pretty staggering numbers, eh?
          But of course, there are those who are baby holocaust deniers, just like those deniers of the Nazi holocaust.

          • Evermyrtle

            When we find ourselves pregnant, with that little “clump of cells” we should remember that at one time we were a little “clump of cells” that was not destroyed but allowed to survive!!

            I do realize that many have made such a mess of our own lives that we think we are doing our own baby a favor to murder him/her, don’t do it, give him/her the fair chance at life, that they deserve! No baby deserves to be murdered in any way, at all, to say nothing to the horror with which it is sometimes or always done!!

      • wandakate

        The President, the Vice President as well as Hillary and her running mate all believe that this child was a “clump of cells”, he was and “egg yolk”. This photo PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt otherwise, that ALL of them are so WRONG!!! This is a real “soul” (person). A child growing that was growing in the womb. These people support the Planned Parenthood organization. So if affect they ALL support murder of the unborn. It was brave of this mother to do this, very caring of all the other babies out there who are still in the womb.

    • Caree Rouse Smith

      Phony picture got another idiot.
      This isn’t real.
      Do you really know so little about our reproduction and birth process?
      Get an education.

    • wandakate

      Your picture and article brought me to tears and I am a grandma 5 times. How precious he was, and how wonderful of you and caring of you to share this with others so that we may know (without a doubt) that the fetus is actually a real human growing in the womb. It’s alive, it’s developing inside its mother and will grow up to be a real live human soul (person-being-human).
      Abortion is murder and under very few circumstances should it ever happen unless the mother’s life is threatened. A child of rape can be adopted, a child born to a teenager can be adopted. There is NEVER any reason to abort a baby other than in the case of a pregnancy that is going to kill the mother.
      Thank you again for having the willingness to do this, bless you. Your babies spirit went to be with the LORD when he died.

  • bowie1

    We should have thought of that when my wife miscarried her one and only pregnancy about 19 1/2 years ago. The nurse showed it to us in her hand but gender was not yet determinable since it had died at two months but miscarried a month later.

  • jael2

    This precious child’s picture is a reminder of the humanity of the preborn. The only person who would condone the murder of one of the least of these, is the person with a heart of stone.

    • Caree Rouse Smith

      This “precious child”, is not a real picture.
      Fools are easy to fool.

      • jael2

        Why would a little baby cause you to get so upset? Why are you denying basic human development? Look at the medical models of an 11 week old baby. Do an engine search. They really do look like baby Ezekiel.
        You may also want to do a search on “aborted babies”.

    • wandakate

      And GOD formed man from the depth of the earth and BREATHED the breath of LIFE into him and Adam became a “LIVING SOUL”. Yes, this little one was also a “living soul”, a real human, a being, a person. He has legs, arms, a head (facial features) that were forming, toes, fingers. He sure looked like a little human to me. Our problem as humans is the condition of our hearts. They are NOT right. We have it all wrong. We need to seek the TRUTH, and see what is there to see and stop making up lies. ABORTION is WRONG, and it’s also murder. They are ALL accountable to GOD for their wrongs…

  • If you have an unwanted pregnancy, please put the child up for adoption. There are many looking to provide a safe and loving home.

    • wandakate

      YES…adoption is certainly better than MURDER!!! Have a heart and do the right thing. We’re ALL accountable you know.

  • Caree Rouse Smith

    Phoniest piece of crap I have ever seen.
    This is a huge lie and anyone buying into it, is a moron.
    Look it up folks!
    This is fake as the Bat Boy in the Enquirer.
    Don’t fall for this garbage!
    Hold them to journalistic standards and stop the lies.

    • Andria Cook

      Caree… may God be with you, and may you never have to experience the pain of losing streak child at any stage of their life.

      Following Tiffany’s story from the exciting moment of announcement to the tragic moment of loss and even more traffic moment that someone so thoughtless would take hope away from a grieving mother to push their own agenda.

      This story… wasn’t about you. This moment…. it wasn’t about you.

      You are choosing to hurt people who choose to believe differently than you do.

      How sad. How truly and utterly sad

    • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

      May God open your eyes so you may see. May God open your ears so you may hear. May God open your mind so you may understand. May God open your heart so you may receive. May God show you His love for you and teach you how to love in return.

  • MacNinni

    At the moment of conception, a blueprint for life is created.

  • Amos Moses

    NFL Star Ben Watson: Planned Parenthood Was Created to ‘Exterminate Blacks’ and ‘It’s Working’


    • wandakate

      I believe they exterminate anybody they can get their hands on, regardless of the color!

  • Crosseyedone

    Thank you Ezekiel, and your mum, for being a wonderful testimony to the love of our Lord Jesus whom we know is holding your in His arms.

  • Chet

    Oh, what a difference it would make, especially in America, if this story and pictures could only be shown on TV… Networks sell airtime for every contraption and interest under the Sun, including filth, but they somehow remain uninterested in making money when it would clearly display truth…

    • wandakate

      Totally agree, but why is that? They don’t care about the “TRUTH”. They would rather make money promoting lies, b/c lies are really more popular than the truth that will set them free.
      What was right is now wrong isn’t it? What was always wrong is now all the sudden right! Therefore until the human heart is made right, there will always be WRONG and SIN and DISTORTION and LIES…

  • C_Alan_Nault

    Have faith and follow Jesus

  • Gena B

    It really is an amazing thing to see what God does every day on this planet, created a beautiful life even if for a short while. Father only knows why they are take so soon.