Actor Hugh Grant Mocks Biblical Marriage as ‘Unromantic’

Photo Credit: Tine Hemeryck
Photo Credit: Tine Hemeryck

(Christian Institute) Hugh Grant has described marriage as “unromantic” and said casual affairs keep marriages together.

The British actor, well known for his roles in romantic comedies, made the comments during an interview with controversial radio host Howard Stern.

Grant is currently promoting his latest film in the U.S. and admitted he likes the fact that his married character has a mistress.

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  • Nidalap

    The erosion of marriage causes it to be viewed this way…

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    So self-destructive. Affairs cause the collapse of family units and the genuine childlessness. Biblical marriage of one man and one woman for lifetime is true love and the only right marriage.

  • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

    Having affairs is not only disrespectful to your Husband/Wife. It is also disrespectful to God.

    • Chrissy Vee

      And so NOT romantic! 🙂

      • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

        Not romantic! 🙂

  • Becky

    Foolish sod. Not one bit surprised he thinks nothing about adultery.

  • You know, something really romantic that Mr Grant should try when he visits America is picking up a hooker on the street and having her fondle his private bits in a parked car. He’s an expert on romance. He should try this.

  • hytre64

    With both his comment about Traditional Marriage ™ being unromantic AND his serial adultery, it is apparent that this Hollywood celeb had no real understanding of (A) Romance, (B) God-Given Marriage, or (C) Trust.

    Romance is Not Infatuation (an intense but short-lived passion for someone). Infatuation has not commitment, no trust. It is the excitement of getting another person to be interested in you – making you feel special. Infatuation is about how you get to feel.

    Romance a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love, not lust. It is about caring enough for the other person to make them feel special, cared for, and appreciated.

  • Gena B

    coming from a guy who likes prostitutes

  • BobbyHead

    I’ll never pay to see this demonically inspired actor. I don’t think I’ve ever paid to see him in a movie anyhow.

  • Ira Pistos

    Here’s an opportunity to pray for him. That he’s allowed to see his error and repent.
    This is better than smugly mocking him in turn.