Czech Christian Aid Worker Remains in Prison After Nearly a Year

jasek-compressedSudan (Mission Network News) Czech Christian aid worker Petr Jasek has been in a Sudan prison for 352 days — nearly a full year. He’s one of the people featured on Voice of the Martyrs’ Prisoner Alert system, and an example of the abuse of religious freedom in Sudan today.

According to Open Doors USA’s World Watch List, Sudan is the eighth harshest country for restriction and persecution of Christians. Only about five percent of the Sudanese population is Christian, says The Joshua Project. The rest are overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim.

Jasek and his three companions, Hassan Abdelrahim Kodi, Kuwa Shemaal, and Mr. Abdelmoneim Abdelmoula, have repeatedly appeared in court in Sudan since August. They were given several charges including complicity to execute a criminal agreement, waging war against the state, espionage, calling for opposition to the public authority by violence or criminal force, inciting hatred between classes, propagation of a false news article, and entry into and photographing of military areas and equipment. The maximum sentence could be the death penalty.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Pray for Rev. Hyeon-Soo Lim imprisoned in North Korea and Dr. Kenneth Arthur Elliot kidnapped in Burkina Faso, too. Keep praying for abducted Christians and never give up.

    • Heidi K.

      Yes and please don’t forget about poor pastor D!
      Blessings from Canada