Human Rights Activist: Mexico ‘In Denial’ Over Christians Forced Out of Homes for Their Beliefs

Mexico-Map(World Watch Monitor) Mexico has a “policy of denial” about the thousands of evangelical Christians forced out of their homes because of their beliefs, according to a Mexican human rights activist.

Pedro Faro Navarro, director of the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Centre, accused the government of “making up the figures” of people forcibly displaced because they have left the “traditionalist” Church, which blends aspects of indigenous paganism and popular Catholicism.

He said that the scale of the problem is hard to gauge. “Unfortunately, there are no records that we can use to officially count the number of cases because the Mexican state has never recognized the problem of forced internal displacement,” he said.

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  • Liberal Elitist

    A bit lonely here. Apparently fundamentalist Christians don’t care about Mexican evangelical Christians being forced to leave their homes. I suppose everyone is commenting about some gay this, that, or the other.

    • Grace Kim Kwon

      Global Christians have been used to this kind of persecutions all around the world throughout the ages. USA is one happy nation on the harsh Earth because of all the superb churches that help out everyone and the excellent Protestant hard-working ethics. Being fined or jailed for opposing homosexuality should not happen in the USA. It’s a disgrace to all mankind. You guys are one huge well-fed spoiled species. Everyone has rights to the truth and sane morality on Planet Earth. No slavery to American pervs.

  • Guest254

    No problem with this article because as a Jesus believing God fearing man, these things must happen to prove everything that Jesus said would happen to those that believe. Persecution.
    No need to retaliate In Mexico, just keep spreading the gospel for great is your reward in heaven.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Pope should speak to Mexico to stop doing this if he really cares about following Jesus.