Men With Scabies Arrested After Committing Homosexual Sex Act on Display Bed at Bed Bath & Beyond

( – Two men were arrested and charged with engaging in lewd behavior on a display bed at Bed Bath & Beyond during regular business hours.

Police officers responded to the Route 3 Riverfront shopping center at 5 p.m. Monday on a report from a witness that two men were engaged in a sex act, records show.

Police arrested two 28-year-old men, one from Nutley and the other from North Carolina. Both were charged with lewdness, criminal mischief and possession of marijuana, according to police records. The Nutley suspect was also charged with having an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

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  • Michael C

    Really? What’s the intended purpose of republishing this article? How many straight people are charged with lewd behavior every day in this country? No articles about them?

    Fueling hatred is not the way to go.

    • What’s to hate here? The parasites, or the communicable disease?

      • Michael C

        What’s to hate here? The parasites, or the communicable disease?

        David van Heerden, thank you for taking it upon yourself to be an object lesson.

    • Emmanuel

      Michael, you are correct. But, when was the last time you saw or heard of a straight couple going into a store and doing the same?

      • Michael C

        google it.


  • Wouldn’t it be weird if this kind of behavior was encouraged by law?

    • Ambulance Chaser

      No, it would be disgusting. Luckily, it’s not.

      • A moralist who hates the cross! Great combination!

        • Ambulance Chaser

          I don’t know what either of those things mean, nor do I know why you think they apply to me.

    • Becky

      Homosexual behavior? It was encouraged and now protected via the US Constitution. Homosexual acts are lewd and homosexuals condemn themselves in every manner…most especially their souls.

      • Jenny Ondioline

        What is “homosexual behavior”? Do you mean sex? Why is it “behavior” when homosexuals do it but not when straight people do?

    • james blue

      Not as weird as why you would wonder such.

  • William of Glynn

    I love Bed Bath & Beyond. My husband and I bought a Keurig there two weeks ago. Works great.

  • Michael C

    I’ve read many stories just like this and worse about straight couples.

    • 0pus

      Prove it.

  • Neal D

    Lower than animals.

  • Shalom

    Scabies is the least of their problems. The CDC claims that 1 in 6 gay men in America is infected with HIV. No demographic group in America is more unhealthy than gays.

    • William of Glynn

      In 2015, African-Americans represented 12% of the US population, but accounted for 45% of HIV diagnoses.

      • Shalom

        From the CDC website:

        ““Gay and bisexual men continue to be most affected by the HIV epidemic in the U.S. At current rates, 1 in 6 MSM will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime.”

        “Overall, the lifetime risk of HIV diagnosis in the U.S. is now 1 in 99.”

        1 in 6 gay men. For the rest of us, 1 in 99.

        If you believe that this data from the CDC website is incorrect, contact them and state your case.

        Also: racism is not good. You need to work on that. White supremacy is evil.

        • William of Glynn

          You think the CDC is racist?

          • Shalom

            You’re trying to deflect attention from gays, and focusing on blacks.

            You sound like a KKK guy.

          • William of Glynn

            I’m merely quoting the CDC. You seem to be the one with an agenda.

          • Shalom


          • William of Glynn

            Your comments make no sense.

          • Shalom

            I have to end this, I can’t engage in dialogue with someone so blatantly racist.

          • William of Glynn

            You’re the one playing the “racist” card.

          • Roy Hobs

            I had to move my family from Atlanta Georgia to the Pacific Northwest. Do you want to know why? Because the crime committed by blacks all around me was getting out of control. So am I a racist? Or do I just love my family.

          • I don’t think that was his intent. See my reply to the OP above. HIV has a greater infection rate within the communities most intolerant of gay people. People do not get tested because of embarrassment and fear of stigmatization.

            Why on earth must every conversation about gay people turn into a discussion on AIDS/HIV? HIV has no preference as the epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa proves. HIV does not define gay people.

          • doree10

            It defines the act as one with consequences…Of Biblical proportions…I know my brother is a statistic…

    • First of all HIV has nothing to do with this. Secondly, the full quote (which provides context) reads:

      If current diagnosis rates continue, 1 in 6 gay and bisexual men will be
      diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime, including 1 in 2 black/African
      Americanb gay and bisexual men, 1 in 4 Hispanic/Latinoc gay and bisexual men, and 1 in 11 white gay and bisexual men. But these rates are not inevitable.

      This isn’t about racism either. Rather the figures demonstrate that the communities most intolerant of gay people have the highest infection rates — mostly due to a failure to get tested for fear of stigmatization.

      More importantly it is time to stop trotting out HIV to maike some point about gay people. Being gay is not unhealthy. Unprotected sex is unhealthy. Not getting tested for HIV is unhealthy. Oppression is unhealthy. I am HIV negative as was my partner of 30+ years.

      • Oboehner

        You can break it down all you want, the common denominator is “gay and bisexual men”, it matters not what race they are or what brand of shoes they wear.
        Congrats, you are one of the other 5 – for now.

  • Croquet_Player

    Well, this was disgusting and these two people were quite rightly
    arrested. But of course straight people get scabies too, are arrested
    with drugs on their person, and do disgusting criminal things in public.
    But we don’t hear as much (we hear nothing) about them from the
    Christian News. This article makes it appear as if they did this because
    they were gay. No, they did it because they are criminals, possibly
    high on drugs. If some drug-addled straight couple, infected with
    scabies, performed the identical act, would we have been so helpfully
    informed by this website? And if we’re going to discuss the CDC stats,
    when “Shalom” says “No demographic group in America is more unhealthy than
    gays”, that isn’t true. The number one killer of Americans, by far, is
    heart disease, which accounts for one in four deaths every year. Which,
    unless you’re unlucky enough to be born with a congenital
    heart/circulatory defect, is entirely because we Americans have a hard
    time putting our forks down and walking around the block. I’m told
    gluttony is a sin as well, but we hear very little about that sin. Let’s be honest about these matters.

  • Of course this site keeps an eye out for lewd behavior on the part of heterosexuals. Certainly they are not suggesting that this is representative of gay men. Right?

  • sammy13

    Romans 1:27 – “And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.”
    I suppose recompense and HIV could be one in the same?

    • Chris

      The verses where Paul claims homosexual behaviour is caused by idol worship. Not very believable.

  • Ronda O’Bryant

    I’m going to puke now!!!!

  • Trilemma

    Oh, the heartbreak of scabies. This is what scabies does. It makes you have homosexual sex in public. Don’t let this happen to you. Seek treatment or this mite happen to you.