Man Charged in Turkey Nightclub Massacre Says His Intent Was to Target Christians

Photo Credit: Burak Su

(World Watch Monitor) The man charged with killing 39 people on New Year’s Eve at Istanbul’s exclusive Reina nightclub attack, Abdulkadir Masharipov, has testified before a Turkish court, saying, “My purpose was to kill Christians.”

The Uzbek national was arraigned in court 11 Feb., nearly a month after he was captured by Istanbul police 16 Jan. He told the judge interrogating him at the hearing that he was a member of the so-called Islamic State, which had claimed responsibility for the attack the following day. IS had defined the massacre as revenge for Turkish military involvement in Syria.

But Masaripov insisted that he did not consider his actions as an attack against the Turkish state, according to Hurriyet newspaper reporter Damla Guler, citing a confidential court document on 13 Feb.

Rather, the jihadist said, “I believed it was an act of revenge against the murderous actions carried out by the world’s Christians, an act of retaliation on their holiday,” Masharipov told the court. Observance of New Year’s Day is discouraged by many orthodox Muslims.

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  • It seems Satan is indeed divided against himself. How shall his kingdom stand?

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    The Christians in secular nations must dress up in godly modesty and and behave decently even for the Muslims. The Muslims think Christians show skin and sleep around and get drunk in bars. This man probably is lying to make his sentence lighter (the Muslim courts pity those who try to destroy infidels), but Christians must look modest and decent even to testify the faith in Lord Jesus effectively. I watched the movie “God’s Not Dead” recently and was disappointed. A Christian wife initiating a divorse for small insults and the Ex-Muslim girl going to a bar-like Christian concert at the end instead of a church worship. The movie’s content was good as a whole, but something was not right. May those who alive hear the Gospel and get saved.

    • Bob Jones

      I have disappointed also with Christian movies. I can’t remember which one it was, it may have been God Is Not Dead, but every time a Christian met an unbeliever, I knew that somewhere, somehow, they would be converted. It never fails. Not based in the real world or the experiences dealing with unbelievers. Very canned and predictable. I too hope that the jihadists hear the Word of God and are converted. God can use those movies to convert people. I’m not trying to take away anything from them, but to me, they are not very realistic.

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        Atheists converting to Christian faith in their death beds sounds familiar and is based on reality. But it’s a sorry earthly life. Atheists should convert to Christianity when they are young and healthy to serve the Lord while on earth. It was sad that the Christian wife decided to divorce her atheist husband who loves her and did not commit adultery in “God’s Not Dead.”

  • Charles

    New Years hasn’t a thing to do with Christianity. He’s pulling the infidel card.