Plastic Prostitutes: Sex Doll Brothel Opens In Spain

(Fight the New Drug) — Sex doll brothel. What sounds like a weird sci-fi joke is a new reality in one European country, and some experts are predicting this new “business” is a look into the future.

Barcelona, Spain, has just become home to the first known brothel with “lifelike” silicone sex dolls as its employees, reports Forbes. There will be four “love” dolls to choose from at the new business, all different in looks and ethnicities, but similar in female qualities. Customers can choose from a white European doll, an African American doll, an Asian doll, or a doll with blue hair that’s inspired by a Japanese anime character.

What is marketed as a lovely, romantic experience with a lifelike-yet-lifeless sex doll is actually pretty lonely and definitely strange.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Poor, poor dolls. Dolls should have dignity rights against perv human males. This is what happens when there are no virgin brides and men live for merely self and hobbies. Loss of humanity. This would not be a news in Japan. Japan’s nuclear plant explosion polluted the entire Pacific Ocean, and the pollution is symbolic to the sickness of their animation works and the use of their “dolls.” If Spain goes extinct by playing with dolls, who will protect the border of the Western Christendom? So sad. Should the Western Christendom end like this? Was this all about the Western Europe? A man and his doll? Should a man perish with a doll? ( Sadly, the doll still is the victim.) Won’t Spain even listen to Pope? Western Europeans need Jesus Christ for salvation, meaning, honor, and survival.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Western feminism’s fine conclusion: men who run after dolls. It’s so pathetic that it’s laughable, only if they don’t abuse the dolls that much. Where are the real men who preserved Europe?

  • InTheChurch

    Please, make sure the dolls get their shots.

  • balloonknot9

    So what this does in reality is further objectify the act of sex. The men who frequent these places, and they will do it to the point of having enough “frequent flyer miles” to fly around the world monthly , will become emotionally detached in the same manner as those who are addicted to porn have become. This is nothing more than another form of opium den, as men will become addicted and lose the ability to have real relationships.