Sex Education Linked to Higher Teen Pregnancy Rates

Photo Credit: Aneta Blaszczyk

(Christian Concern) — More sex education is linked to higher rates of teenage pregnancy, a new study has shown.

It found that teenage pregnancy rates have declined in areas where the government has cut spending on sex education and birth control.

The decline was steepest in areas where councils slashed their teenage pregnancy budgets most aggressively.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Western liberals actually indoctrinate children to be hopelessly immoral in public schools. Children need Christian education to be pure and loyal and happy in this world.

  • electedbyHim

    “Sex Education Linked to Higher Teen Pregnancy Rate”

    Sure it is, the education department is sending a message to teens that it is alright to have sex before marriage. Satan twists everything.

  • Trilemma

    Sex education classes teach students how to have sex so as not to get pregnant or contract an STD. Students don’t hear anything after the word sex.

  • Good Grief

    Tell that to the Bible Belt states with the highest rates.

    Right, Texas?