Freed ISIS Child Soldier Recounts Horrors of Brutal Training, Years of Torture

(Fox News) Akram was 7 years old when he learned how to behead a person. The lessons started with pictures that showed the way to decapitate an enemy. He then graduated from drawings to a town square, where he witnessed a real beheading.

Akram, now 8, was a prisoner of ISIS for 2 ½ half years. In captivity, he underwent brutal training, including torture, as he learned to become a child soldier.

Freed by Kurdish fighters two months ago, along with a younger brother and sister, he is now in a refugee camp 25 miles east of Duhok, a Kurdish-controlled city in northern Iraq. Their mother is still in captivity.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Pagans expose and use children for brutal cruelty, and the Ex-christian Western culture exposes children to unthinkable sexual immorality. Planet Earth no longer has the proper English people or clean Israel. The grief of the children is more serious than the Earth’s impending calamities. May our God swiftly bring His judgment. Lord Jesus quickly return to Earth to avenge all the children. Christian grown-ups should not seek personal happiness in this kind of world. It’s only the children who should dream to be happy, ever.