Parents of UK Baby Barred From Experimental Treatment in US Prepare for Son’s Mandated Death

(Daily Wire) Per Orwellian U.K. court rulings, ten-month-old baby Charlie Gard was set to have his life support removed on Friday, but due to a heartbreaking plea from the sick boy’s parents, they will now have more time, an undisclosed amount, to say goodbye to their child before his government-mandated death sentence.

“Charlie suffers from a mitochondrial disease that destroys the muscles and the brain,” explained Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro on Thursday. “There was no available treatment in the United Kingdom, and so Charlie’s parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, raised $1.6 million to fly him to the United States for an experimental treatment. But the hospital argued that the treatment wouldn’t help Charlie, and would prolong his suffering, and that they knew better than the parents who had to suffer through his illness and care for him every single day. Thus, the hospital argued that it would be in Charlie’s best interest to die.”

The European Court on Human Rights sided with the hospital and determined Charlie’s parents were barred from bringing their ill baby to the United States for such potentially life-saving treatment. Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children would instead kill Charlie by withdrawing all life support, the court ruled. Charlie has to “die with dignity.”

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  • Grace Kwon

    May the Lord save the life of Charlie Gard. De-christianized Europe no longer lives for life. Humanism/Darwinism essecially kills, as it ignores the Creator God and gives no meaning to human life. Western Europe needs God to live again.

  • diamondinruff

    They will remove all life support from Charlie. If charlie continues to breath on his own after the ventilator is removed, then they will starve him to death, no food or water. What a horrible way to die. The medical profession has become all about money and not about preserving life!