Europe Sees Spike in Nigerian Women Trafficked for Prostitution

(Voice of America) Police and aid groups say more than 60 percent of illegal prostitutes in Belgium are trafficked from Nigeria. Many are only teenagers and almost all come from Benin City, a city in the south of Nigeria.

Rosa was sexually exploited by Nigerian traffickers and had to prostitute herself on the streets of Spain, Norway, France and Belgium. But Belgian police saved her after two years.

“The police took me and asked me [the] question if I want to talk. If I talk, they are going to make a better way for me. They will give me document. I say yes because the stress is too much,” she said.

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  • Grace Kwon

    Boys should be educated to be Christian gentlemen since little, and men should get married properly and live to protect women and children. If men do not live to protect women and children, they end up harming and exploiting women and children just because men are stronger. A good homeland is full of noble men, good mothers, and godly children.

  • Grace Kwon

    Women and children are regarded as men’s possession in the Non-christian cultures. Europe can be a utopia again only if she honors Lord Jesus Christ and cherishes chastity and becomes a good example to the foreign elements within. People respect those who respect God and one’s own parents and forefathers.