Letter to Spanish Government Denounces ‘Totalitarian’ Gender Ideology Law

Photo Credit: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

(Evangelical Focus) The Ibero-American Congress for Life and Family has sent a letter to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressing concern about the LGBT non-discrimination and equality bill that could be approved in September.

The draft law was vindicated by political parties and social organizations in the recent World Pride mass demonstrations in Madrid.

The letter, signed by Aaron Lara Sánchez, coordinator of the entity that brings together Christian representatives of civil society, NGOs and churches from Latin American countries, expresses its concern for “the road to totalitarianism” undertaken by Spain.

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  • FoJC

    “They criticize gender ideology because, although it presents itself as progressive, “it violates the majority of society, which must be silent in order not to be criticized, singled out, attacked, or offended.””

    Well said. Equality has never been the goal of feminists and homosexuals. The goals of their agendas have always been to dominate and control. They want the freedom to commit an atrocity they desire, with the approval of the government and ruling classes.

    Follow Jesus, find Wisdom.

  • balloonknot9

    While I do not buy into the prevalence of gender ideology and find it at best a very small portion of society, I don’t see why any one should be denied the ability to survive and thrive in this world. While I do not believe in the current bathroom situation as well, all people need the basics for life and denying any one those needs is just as sinful as people think this gender issue is too.

    If people consider this gender ideology more of a mental illness, then where is the compassion and understanding that should go along with it as well. This is not an endorsement, as who can endorse a mental illness, but being punitive does nothing to solve the problem either.

    • vicnicholls

      Do you think Christ is going to be punitive when they meet Him? Yes. That’s why people are saying to repent now.