UK Retailer John Lewis Removes ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ Labels From Children’s Clothes

(The Telegraph) John Lewis has launched a range of gender-neutral children’s clothes, becoming the first retailer in the country to remove “boys” and “girls” labels.

The department store said it did not want to “reinforce gender stereotypes” with its childrenswear, which now has unisex labels on all clothing from 0-14 years.

School uniforms are still in gender categories but are expected to switch to unisex soon.

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  • Jack-b-Quicker

    Right, anything to perpetuate the spreading disease of liberalism throughout the fading west.

    • bartcen

      Right! Because if God wanted children of both sexs to wear dinosaur jammies He’d have put it in the Bible.
      That company is truly damned for all time. God’s wrath shall strike them down. Let us pray Psalm 109 for the CEO of that sick blasphemous company.

      • Jack-b-Quicker

        I am growing more and more each day toward forgiveness and a willingness to allow the LORD His vengeance. At this point, all I can do is pray that His coming won’t be delayed.

  • meamsane

    John Lewis? Is that a boys name?

  • meamsane

    Parents, don’t forget to keep your children’s hair shaved from 0-14, that can be a real tip-off to gender. And no make-up til’ after 14 years. Of course, I’m for banning make-up for all ages of females. Ooopps, sorry, I said females.

    • Cady555

      You’re getting this backwards. This is not about limiting what a child wears or how they express themselves, it is about expanding the choices.

      If a guy likes long hair or a girl likes to wear Levis and flannel shirts, why should they be labeled or judged? The individual gets to make the choice, not some merchandising director putting “boy” labels on some choices and “girl” labels on other choices.

  • bartcen

    Right!! Like the Bible says…. girls & boys wearing the same dinosaur jammies is an abomination unto the Lord!! Pray Psalm 109 for that company’s CO, so that he may know the Lord’s wrath!

  • Cady555

    Do you honestly need a label saying “boys” or “girls” to decide what clothes to buy?

    Have you noticed that a lot of t-shirts, flannel shirts and other clothes can be worn by anyone?

    Boys shoes sizes technically go to size 6, but at many stores often stop at size 5.5 or 5. Men’s shoe sizes technically start at 6.5, but at many stores, the smallest size is 7 or 8. My just grew into size 6. We ended up with a pair of black sneakers from the women’s section because there was not one pair his size in either boys or men’s. None. The shoes are fine, fit him well, and don’t look at all feminine. So why do they need a label on the inside that says “women’s”?