Scottish Episcopal Church Punished for Performing ‘Gay Wedding’

Photo Credit: Scottish Episcopal Church

(Daily Caller) — The leaders of the worldwide Anglican Communion imposed consequences against the Scottish Episcopal Church on Tuesday for allowing and performing “gay weddings.”

Bishop Mark Strange, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, told the gathering of primates, or Anglican leaders, that the Scottish Episcopal synod accepted the consequences for their June decision, which bars the church from taking part in Communion-wide decisions and from sitting on any church-governing bodies for three years, according to Anglican News.

The Scottish church nevertheless remained resolute in both supporting “gay marriage” and maintaining its membership in the Anglican Communion.

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  • Robin Egg

    What is there to discuss? God’s Word clearly condemns homosexuality, therefore, it can never be sanctioned in a Christian church. That church will then become apostate. Another sign of calling evil good and good evil. Tragic.

    • ThroatwobblerMangrove

      What’s your proposal to homosexuals? They can’t change. You want them to live loveless lives?

      • This style 10/6

        Yes, that’s the way they want it.

        • ThroatwobblerMangrove

          Sick, isn’t it?

      • That is not true. Jesus tells us to be born again and thereby become a new creation in Christ.

        • ThroatwobblerMangrove

          It IS true. Medical science says it’s impossible. I know who I’m going to listen to.

          • I believe in God and His Holy Word. Anything that goes against that is a lie.

          • ThroatwobblerMangrove

            Including the things that we can prove with science and see with our own eyes. Wow. Just wow.

          • God is our Lord and Creator. Do you think mankind actually knows more than He does?

          • ThroatwobblerMangrove

            What it tells me is that you’ve got the word of God completely wrong if you’re fighting against what we KNOW to be true.

          • Please explain.

          • ThroatwobblerMangrove

            When it has been demonstrated that science is right about something and your Christian faith is incorrect, you have an opportunity to correct your thinking but you don’t. You continue to believe what’s wrong.

          • God is ALWAYS right.

          • ThroatwobblerMangrove

            If that’s the case, then your position, when proven wrong, cannot be God’s, and you need to adopt another one.

          • You have yet to prove anything.

          • ThroatwobblerMangrove

            LOL! Well, prove your Abrahamic God and your Satan to me and then maybe we can talk!

          • The proof of God is in His Creation and the empty tomb of Christ.

          • ThroatwobblerMangrove

            Did you see it?

          • See what?

          • ThroatwobblerMangrove

            The empty tomb.

          • No I have not.

          • You are listening to Satan.

          • ThroatwobblerMangrove

            There is no Satan.

          • And that proves my point.

          • ThroatwobblerMangrove

            Yes, it does. You believe things that you have no basis to believe based on faith, and I trust what I know to be true because it has been proven so.

          • Prove to me there is no satan.

          • ThroatwobblerMangrove

            Because there is no reason to believe there IS a Satan other than some ancient book said there was one. Same logic I used to disprove unicorns and centaurs.

          • Do you not believe in God?

          • ThroatwobblerMangrove

            I could conceive of A God. But not any of the storybook Gods from any of the holy books.

          • What kind of a God can you conceive of?

          • ThroatwobblerMangrove

            If I could conceive of God, I don’t think I would be able to believe in it. I think God has to be unfathomable in concept if he/it exists.

  • The General

    The Episcopal Church in America just released its membership figures for 2016 – yep, another year of LOSS. Three-quarters of their congregations have fewer than 100 people attending on Sundays. Nothing shrinks a church faster than hanging out a rainbow flag.

    • ThroatwobblerMangrove

      So you think acceptance of homosexuals is to blame for declining church attendance. Do you also think homosexuals are to blame for the hurricane devastation we are seeing?

      • The General

        Yeah, acceptance of homosexuals does cause churches to shrink.

        Never argue with data.

        1960: 3.2 million members
        2016: 1.7 million

        United Church of Christ
        1960: 2,056,000
        2016: 880,383
        More than half its members in 50 years.

        United Methodist
        1960: 11,026,000
        2015: 7.06 million

        Presbyterian Church USA
        1983: 3.1 million
        2015: 1.5 million

        Lutherans (ELCA)
        1987: 5.2 million
        2015: 3.6 million
        The ELCA approved the ordination of non-celibate gays in 2009: it lost a half-million members in 2010-2011, so clearly there was a cause/effect relationship in this case between gay issues and membership decline.

        Disciples of Christ
        1960: 1.8 million
        2014: 497,423

        • Kevin Scott

          All right, so where is the data you promised? You showed me stats about shrinking data, which is fine and I don’t dispute. How do you know the declining numbers aren’t because people are increasingly finding themselves uncomfortable with the intolerance towards homosexuals and are leaving for THAT reason?

        • ThroatwobblerMangrove

          You want me to give you some data on gay-hating churches with equal or worse declining attendance who haven’t changed their views? I can do that.

          Your data shows that attendance is down. Whether that has to do with homosexuals being allowed in is unknown and unproven.

        • This style 10/6

          I am delighted to see those figures

        • Etranger

          So the only variable that would cause that decline is acceptance of gay people? Could it be more justified skepticism or mistrust of corrupt church leaders? Seems like there are a lot of reasons that could explain declining church attendance!

        • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

          Wow, that is a huge decline.

  • Denny

    Wiki says this denomination is less than 1 percent of the population of Scotland, so this apostasy does not affect many people.