Terminally Ill UK Man Loses ‘Right-to-Die’ Case

(BBC) A terminally ill man has lost his high court challenge against the law on assisted dying.

Noel Conway, 67, from Shrewsbury, who has motor neurone disease, wanted a doctor to be allowed to prescribe a lethal dose when his health deteriorates.

Currently any doctor helping him to die would face up to 14 years in prison.

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  • Robin Egg

    Very sad indeed, that someone wants to end their own life. Thankfully, there are still laws in places that prevent euthanasia. We are not animals. We are created in the image of God.

    • Eldrida Urika

      Hi Robin Egg. I’m happy to see you have been posting here! This place is so dead and have no arguments at all? It would be nice if they would remove some of the bans they put on people so we could actually discuss things not just all agree. I hope other people will choose to post soon otherwise I am going to go to another board. This one has become too quiet and seems to have a one-sided group left after that ban, according to my cousin.
      I agree that suicide is not of God, because he wants us to appreciate the life he has given us. But would God want us to suffer because of a disease instead of a way that isn’t debilitating like these people are?
      It isn’t like it is only non-believers that need this in some circumstance.
      I have a problem with this, and hesitate to decide exactly what God would think of this issue because of his love for us.
      I have heard friends talk about going to the hospital to say goodbye to people with terminal disease that they waste away full of pain before they die. A lot of the time they can’t visit again and if the person lives longer than thought, no one goes to see them. I understand that. My grandmother had a debilitating stroke that left her in the hospital with communication difficult. The worse she looked the more I resisted going to see her again. I wanted to remember her as my Grandma, not as the stranger I saw in the hospital.
      Would our God want us to suffer like that? There is a reason for everything that God allows to happen, and it is up to us to try to find that reason when something goes against our belief in our Lord’s Word. When it isn’t happening in our lives, we can’t see the reason necessarily, but we must trust Him at times like that.
      So I feel it is something I have to confirm is what God thinks. I also look at their world and am trying to see past the things the devil puts in the way so we can’t see God in something like this.
      When it isn’t a scripture that I can’t refer to in an issue of this world, I keep looking to find where in His Word I can find help, beyond that suicide is self murder. Unless this issue only comes up for non-believers – in which case whether it is a suicide or not has no impact on their destiny – or it is about whether they will keep their faith in God, or whether they will give up on him. Either way I’d like a scripture to tell me this is really what he wants people to endure at the end of their lives living as servants of God (Christians)
      There is a Christian way of looking at this issue, by considering it an assisted death by an injection of a “medicine” that will ease us into death as opposed to the death so many suffer to reach. It isn’t suicide to end someone’s pain, I guess they think.
      I need to hear God’s guidance with this, or I leave it into God’s hands and leave the issue in God’s Hands, Trusting Him to take care of it, while I can’t do anything but try to understand unless I have these circumstances in my life myself.
      Blessings Robin Egg! So glad to see you again!

      • Robin Egg

        Hello Eldrida! Nice to speak with you again as well.

        Yes, I am posting on this site again. I have never stopped reading the articles though becau”:se this is the most all encompassing site for Christian news that I states “know. As to the ban, this is one of the most impressive that I have seen. This is a privately owned website for Christians; refer to the guidelines above; not for long discussions or debates. There are plenty of other forums for that. We should be free to express our Christian perspective on the articles published without having our faith attacked by trolls. Engaging them is not helpful and it is what has driven away alot of posters in the process. The moderators are to be commended for their outstanding performance. Yes, commenting has gone down considerably, but I believe and pray that God will reward them with many new posters that will bring glory to God! Amen.

        • Robin Egg

          As to euthanasia, please read Hebrews 9:27 “It is appointed once for men to die; after that comes judgment”. Hebrews 10:31″It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God” . Throughout the scriptures we are admonished to care for and comfort the sick. Not kill them or cause them to die. Jesus did promise that we would experience suffering. It is a terrible thing to witness, and I have experienced many times in my own life. However, deliberately causing the death of another human being is still murder by any other name. Secular humanism likes to use words, like mercy, death with dignity, assisted suicide. It is still murder by any other name. If a person decides to commit suicide, that is a terrible thing, but engaging others to help you do it, is causing them to commit murder.

          I hope this helps with your understanding. And I truly hope that you do not leave this message board. Just be aware of what it actually is. Disqus offers many sites for open discussion and debate, and that may be a good resource for you to use. Thank you very much for the conversation. God bless you and I hope to see you again!!

        • Eldrida Urika

          Robin please copy this and paste it into a document so you can read it as I do not expect this to be posted for long. I disagree with the moderators about these things as far as I have learned.
          I can’t honestly agree. I enjoy the discussions with people who do not agree with our beliefs. I find it opens up my understanding to why they are unbelievers in the first place, which to me, gives me a chance to look at spreading the gospel aimed at what the misunderstanding is about. No discussion about 2 sides is a wasted time when both sides can learn something from each other.
          Many of the people who were banned were not trolls, Robin. They were just unbelievers who wanted to have a way to understand why we believe like we do. Many atheists are people who were extremely faithful to their belief in God, and looked into it when they had doubt, something all believers have had, and these people went so deeply into the research they see a totally different view of religion after studying many of them all over the world. I can’t honestly say someone who has taken that much time to search for answers to make a proper informed decision for themselves is something I could fight against. Many believe in God, or a higher being, but they don’t believe as we do that God is involved with our lives. I’ve never studied it so far and I know I won’t because I have been made to know my God well enough to believe he is real from the proof he has blessed me with. Others are not as blessed as I am, as far as I can tell, or else others don’t see the things I can look at as blessings. I have Joy and Peace as no other because of God giving me and my cousin proof too. God doesn’t have to do big things in our lives to bless us and many look for the bigger things and miss all the smaller ones. I’m more likely to see the smaller blessings and not see the bigger ones as quickly because I am not expecting them until they happen. Small ones in my eyes are daily things that make me smile or give me something special to love for a moment. A person I can make smile with a word or a smile, those are blessings as much to me as they are to others. Every time I have ever helped anyone – which is all my life – I have been so happy to make someone else happy, it is what I need to be happy. I do not depend on others to make me happy, but rather I am made happy by making them happy. If it doesn’t work, and not everyone will smile back, then I go on to see what the next thing is that I can do. I don’t need big things to show me, because I am so happy in the Lord I just want to spread the happiness I feel to everyone else. That is a blessing to me because so many can’t do that for others. I think of it as a blessing because it doesn’t just make me happy, or them happy, it can affect people for ages down the way that few people will know about. God wants us to love every one and I can’t help but be happy about it.
          He does give me bigger blessing when I pray for them, often, but mostly I am happy with what I have and one thing I don’t need to afford is to spread the happiness I feel to others. I encourage others to smile because “I just know you have a pretty/nice smile”. It works even with the hardest of people at times. People who are known as “grumps” can be transformed by their smiles if you can find the right way to use. It doesn’t just transform them, it transforms how other see them too. Even if it’s not seen again, a smile will last a long time in a memory.
          I think by having others here to keep us on our toes with our scriptures, and beliefs and to be able to actually have a chance to change their minds, or even discussing things that one faith does not believe in – or does believe in – that the other disagrees with – is much more rewarding to me. If everyone agrees where is the learning, where is the standing for our individual beliefs? There are more than one religion and this site is being more than privatized it’s being focused on with one religion beliefs over others. I don’t agree with them and I’ll be banned, if I’m not for saying that in the first place.
          Don’t you see how the number of comments has dropped to less than a double digit number for most of the articles. There used to be hundreds until they got rid of who disagreed with them. Sorry, my cousin was one of them. I know what to expect here from what happened to her. The fact that I am expressing this opinion here will be found and I will likely be monitored and banned for it. The way this site is controlled now, it’s not even worth fighting about anymore. who wants to agree with everyone about everything? Sorry that is why we are all different, otherwise the whole world would look alike act alike and everything else exactly the same like this world would be as boring as this board is becoming. That’s going to ruin what the board used to be. I hope when it’s noticed and something changes, God willing, that it will be a site with a comment board that is for discussion of differences of views, not prevented from seeing any other view but one and only one. Christians do not do that, Robin. They try to reach out to people to bring them to Jesus not turn them away. They try to use their faith to open their minds to the right path to choose. They don’t shut them down so they won’t listen, they show them love and compassion and try to help them to see the Light, not stay in the darkness. I hope this makes you change how you see this comment board, because I saw something different in you in the first posts between us. You sound like you care more than many of these posters do. Think about what I have said and copy it because it won’t last long, and neither will I. May God bless you with the right insight to understand what I am saying to you.

          • Robin Egg

            You have completely under estimated me. Blocked and flagged troll.

          • Eldrida Urika

            You must be right if you are the one telling me. Sorry, are you not a good guy after all? I’m sorry I misjudged you.
            And you are misjudging me. I am not a troll, trolls need to be swatted away.
            They hassle they don’t try to discuss.
            We can disagree that’s true, but not be a troll too.
            I am a Christian and I’ve watched from afar what happened before the ban too. Being what my cousin used to call a silent poster helped me see what the problem was with the other posters that she had problems with.
            You see, we have the right to have a different religious view without being banned for it. And since that was all that many of the posters who were banned did, was disagree, that’s what it is now. You don’t have to believe me. I expect unless you are of the same view, you will find that you will find out the same thing after time.
            Stay strong in the Lord and stand up for your beliefs against people who insist that their way is the only way. Or their beliefs will end up to be yours.