Colorado Christian Baker Asked to Make Cake to ‘Celebrate the Birthday of Lucifer’

LAKEWOOD, Co. — A Christian baker who is at the center of a U.S. Supreme Court case surrounding his right to decline to fulfill orders that conflict with his religious beliefs was recently asked to make a birthday cake for Satan.

“I would like to get a quote on a birthday cake for a special event,” an email, sent to Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop on Sept. 30, read. “It is a cake that is religious in theme, and since religion is a protected class, I am hoping that you will gladly bake this cake.”

“As you see, the birthday cake in question is to celebrate the birthday of Lucifer—or as they are also known [as] Satan—who was born as Satan when he was cast from Heaven by God,” it stated, as reported by the Daily Signal.

The email requested that the birthday cake be decorated with an “upside down cross, under the head of Lucifer.”

“I thought I would seek you out to bake this cake since you appear to be a very moral person since you refused to bake a cake for same-sex couples,” it said. “And since religion is a protected class, I hope you will be willing to bake this cake, so my small group of religious friends can celebrate the birthday of Lucifer this coming November, just a few days after Halloween.”

As previously reported, the Massachusetts-based organization known as The Satanic Temple urged its followers last month “who feel alienated or oppressed by the privileged status that religion holds over sexual orientation” to contact religious bakers and order a cake to “honor Satan.”

It said that it came up with the idea in light of the Masterpiece Cakeshop case and its fears that the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in favor of the Christian baker.

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“Because religion is a protected class, a baker may refuse service to LGBTQ people, but they may not refuse service based upon someone’s religion. If they aren’t willing to make a cake for same-sex unions, let’s have them make a cake to honor Satan instead,” spokesperson Doug Messner, who goes by the name Lucien Greaves, said in a statement.

While the organization contends that it is a religious group, it also acknowledges that it is “non-theistic” and does not believe in Satan or the supernatural at all, but only views the devil as a metaphor and a “symbol of the eternal rebel.”

Messner further divulged to reporters that The Satanic Temple is particularly upset that Christian bakers have declined to create baked goods for same-sex ceremonies because many members of the devilish group identify as homosexual.

“A lot of our membership is also homosexual as well, and I feel like there’s obvious reasons for that,” he said. “You know, we’re very into that kind of thing. There’s no issue of tolerance with us. And a lot of people who have grown up gay feel very alienated from traditional religion. So we have a very high population of LGBTQ community also as membership of the Satanic Temple.”

However, Phillips says that it is not just same-sex celebrations that he declines. He also doesn’t create custom baked goods for bachelor parties or Halloween events, and remarked in a recent video that sometimes in a day he will turn down more requests than he accepts.

“It’s very easy to get caught up, and people do get caught up, in the idea that the case is just about a Christian cake artist who doesn’t want to create cakes supporting same-sex marriages, but the issue is much broader than that,” Jeremy Tedesco of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) told the Daily Signal. “If the government has the power to force Jack to create cakes and engage in artistic expression that violates his beliefs, it has that power over all of us.”

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