‘Too Stark of a Reminder’: Texas Church Where 26 Were Killed Will Be Demolished, Pastor Says

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas (Time/Associated Press) — The Texas church where more than two dozen people were killed by a gunman during Sunday services will be demolished, the pastor said.

Pastor Frank Pomeroy told leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention earlier this week that it would be too painful to continue using First Baptist Church as a place of worship.

A national Southern Baptist spokesman said Pomeroy discussed the plan with the denomination’s top executives, who traveled to the rural community in a show of support.

The spokesman, Sing Oldham, said the pastor described the building as “too stark of a reminder” of the massacre. Pomeroy expressed hope he could turn the site into a memorial for the dead and put up a new building on property the church owns.

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  • Robin Egg

    Of course it should be torn down. A memorial garden would be appropriate. Nobody should be expected to enter that building again. Thankfully, our Savior is not confined to 4 walls. I pray that our Lord will continue to lead these precious souls on the road to recovery and healing.

  • NCOriolesFan

    That church lost so many members, they could replace the building with a cemetery.

    • mr goody two shoes

      26 people that’s mind boggling . That’s like other ages during the 30 years war or something like that.

  • mr goody two shoes

    Seems to be the way people deal with these buildings after something like this happens now days. Sandy hook elementary school was torn down also .Also a Amish school house after something like this happened.

  • mr goody two shoes

    A quick reply to Amos Moses on Luke 22: 35 and 36 ”’ I think you need to read kretzmann comentary .the disciples did not get what Jesus was saying to them in picture language. just a verse or two down they proudly showed Jesus two swords As if they could protect them selves when they could no longer see him instead of trusting he would always be watching out for them because swords or guns can’t realy protect any one from Satan . . also on God allowing him self to be taught by humans. Did not human parents do any teaching of him for at least 12 years and there was no time Jesus was not fully God either. Who do you think taught God to wash his armpits so he wouldn’t stink? Who do you think Taught God to talk and know what word to use for a cup or saucer the language of his people .Mary and Joseph that’s who .