US Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeal of Sheriff’s Deputies Fired for Wife Swapping

WASHINGTON (AFP) The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday let stand a Louisiana sheriff’s firing of two of his deputies for swapping wives and families, refusing to review lower court rulings in a case that raised eyebrows.

Brandon Coker and Michael Golden, who worked in the southern state’s Bossier parish, discovered the loves of their lives—in the arms of each other’s wife.

After consultation with their families, the men proceeded to simply swap homes—and wives: Golden moved in with Coker’s wife, and Coker made his life with Golden’s wife. Neither couple divorced.

In late October 2014, their employer, Chief Deputy Sheriff Charles Owens, was shocked to discover the divorce-less swap.

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  • Robin Egg

    Amazing. Two sets of selfish parents that don’t give a whit about their children’s well being.

    • james blue

      Do you think divorce should be illegal?

      • Robin Egg


        • james blue

          Okay so other than the fact that they didn’t get papers what difference is there between these people and divorced families that remarry that would make it different in regards to the children’s well being?
          I’m always saddened by broken families and know it often is hard on the children, but a loveless marriage can be just as hard

  • Nidalap

    When you start trying to redefine marriage, you’re going to eventually arrive at ‘anything goes’…

    • james blue

      If they divorce and make it official what practical difference would there be?