Drag Queen Part of ‘Three Wise Men’ Parade in Madrid

(Evangelical Focus) Last summer, Madrid became the centre of global LGBT Pride celebrations. For several weeks, parades, demonstrations and political commitments to promote gender ideology were made.

Now the LGBT lobby in the city will also disseminate its agenda among children in the traditional “Three Wise Men” parade, the equivalent of Santa Claus in other countries.

Hundreds of thousands of children in every town and city of Spain eagerly await the arrival of the wise men on the 5th of January. The ‘Kings,’ as they are known, ride through every Spanish city handing out sweets and smiles. On the 6th, many wake up hoping to unwrap some new toys and games.

A local LGBT group in Madrid will use this year the traditional parade to promote queer ideology among children. An alternative celebration was first planned, but then the city council in the district of Vallecas invited the group to join the official parade with its own float.

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  • Amos Moses – He>i

    nothing is sacred to those who reject truth …………..

  • The General

    I’m waiting for homosexuals to mock Muhammad.

    They only bash religions that they know won’t behead them. They are cowards.

  • Vince

    And we’re supposed to talk these people seriously? They are not even adults.
    Gays can publicly mock Christians, but guess what happens to people who mock gays?

    • james blue

      What happens to them?

    • YoikesAndAway

      Well we are not to mock anyone regardless, but I understand your perspective. The mere fact that they need to mock religion goes to show how powerful religion is and the faith that guides us.

  • Lydia Church

    These are definitely… three very…. FOOLISH men!