European Court of Human Rights: Iranian Christians Safe if They ‘Practice Faith Discreetly’

(World Watch Monitor) The European Court of Human Rights ruled last month that an Iranian who sought asylum in Switzerland based on religious grounds could be deported to his home country because his life was not in danger, despite various reports detailing how Iran persecutes religious minorities and converts to Christianity.

Human Rights advocate Ewelina Ochab, in an article for Forbes Magazine, called it “another blow to the victims of religious persecution.”

The court said “Mr. A” did not have reason to expect torture or to fear for his life, as long as he didn’t pose a threat to the Iranian government and “practice[d] his faith discreetly.”

But quoting from various reports that provide evidence and detail stories of religious persecution in Iran, Ochab said: “It is concerning how the Swiss authorities concluded that converts ‘who practiced their faith discreetly, did not face a real risk of ill-treatment upon their return’… The only reasonable conclusion is that by ‘practicing faith discreetly’, the Swiss authorities meant not practicing faith at all, as the practice requires some degree of manifestation and … this practice is significantly limited if not impossible in Iran.”

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  • vicnicholls

    Prayer for my brother.

  • Lydia Church

    Oh sure, just keep it all to yourself and you will be ‘safe’. But that’s not the way of the Christian faith. We live out our faith, we share it at our own peril, and we leave it neither outside of anyone’s door, nor inside our own door. It goes with us wherever we go because it is who we are. If Jesus is not welcome then neither are we and there are certainly places where we should not go unless we have specific business there from the Lord. I’m not saying we all need to wear a big Jesus t-shirt to work every day, but I’m sure you can understand the meaning if you read the Bible and interpret Jesus’ commands to His disciples (us) correctly.

    • Lydia Church

      i.e.: He told us not to hide our light under a basket.

  • Open intolerance to religious beliefs is nothing new to the ECHR.

  • NCOriolesFan

    Bring his family to the USA. At least we still have religious freedom.

  • Lemmylemon

    I will worship the Lord as I see fit, and I will do so in silence.