Nigerian Student Arrested After Converting From Islam to Christianity

(World Watch Monitor) A Nigerian university student who converted from Islam to Christianity has been arrested by state security forces, as has the man who introduced her to Christianity.

Nabila Umar Sanda, 19, is a student at Bingham University in Karu, in the central state of Nasarawa, which is owned by one of Nigeria’s major churches – Evangelical Church Winning All, or ECWA. It was while studying there that she became friends with Simput Dafup, a 33-year-old Christian, who, once she expressed an interest in Christianity, invited her to meet a local church leader, Jeremiah Datim.

Speaking to the press in Jos, capital of neighbouring Plateau state, Datim explained that after the young woman decided to become a Christian, he immediately made contact with the local Islamic organisation, as has become customary.

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  • Lydia Church

    Only YOU can decide your religion, what it is going to be, if it is going to change or not, etc.
    You don’t need anyone’s permission. No matter what ‘official’ documents say, you don’t need officials to change what is listed under religion for your religion to change, nor do you need their approval. That said, if there is some official place where my religion is stated, I want it to say what it truly is and be registered as a Christian in every possible place it is recorded, since we are not to hide our light under a basket but rather profess our faith publicly. Also, if there are some legal technicalities involved that need to be amended accordingly based on the stated religion or change thereof, that is another matter. But if there is no such issue like this going on, I say don’t tell these obvious enemies of the Christian faith again and avoid this in the future.

  • God bless you my brother in Christ!