Good Samaritans Rescue 9-Month-Old Found Lying in Middle of the Road

(Inside Edition) A 9-month-old baby has been rescued after she was found in the middle of the street in upstate New York.

In a heart-wrenching video taken by a bystander, the small baby can be seen crying as she lies in the middle of the road by herself.

Eventually, a stranger picks up the distressed baby.

A woman claiming to be the baby’s mother then shows up before the video cuts out.

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UPDATE: Click here for the mother’s side of the story.

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  • Susan Perelka

    Natural affection will grow cold. The bible says this in only one of the symptoms of people the closer it gets to His second coming. (2 Timothy 3 and Matthew 24). Hold fast to Gods Word, keep it in your hearts, ALL of it and practice doing it. God has revealed what will happen until He comes back. These things will even be done by those professing to be christian. For a nation that claims to be mostly christian, then why are we not acting like it? Something to ponder. Are we starting to see the beginning of those “difficult times” spoken about in 2 Timothy 3? If most in this nation really belong to Jesus, then why are we in the condition we are in? Folks, we have strayed from Gods instructions that He has given in His ENTIRE Word (Old and New Testament). We are guilty of adding to and deleting from His Word and this is us eating the fruit of our ways. It is time to REPENT (Read Revelation Chapters 1-3 with Jesus telling His people what THEY need to repent of before He returns). He tells HIS people that if they will repent from THEIR wicked ways, then He will heal their nations. 2nd Chronicles 7:14. Not the unbelievers, but those professing to be believers. A large theme in Gods Word is Him instructing HIS people to return to Him (repentance) and to stop disobeying Him. In the last days, they will no longer listen to sound doctrine (Gods instruction in His Word). God says He has given us His instruction for OUR good, so that it will go well for us. Why do we always think we can go against those instructions and it will end well for us, it won’t, we are only deluding ourselves. Ponder these things, search your hearts and if you have strayed from HIm, REPENT and RETURN to God. His mercy is greater than His wrath, but make no mistake, His wrath is coming in the future, read the book of Revelation.

  • JohninRedding

    Could this really happen in this country? Could there really be parents who are so careless or out of it? There are lots of places kids could accidently be left behind, but not in the middle of a road!!

    • wandakate

      The mother should be taken and evaluated for mental illness…arresting her is the way they do things, but it seems like to me she needs some serious help. Anyone that could do that knowing that the child could have been ran over by a car is apparently missing some marbles. She needs some serious help and the sooner the better. The child needs to be out of her custody as well.