Mormon President Announces Plans for Temples in Russia, India, Nicaragua

Photo Credit: Wikipedia/User DannyWSU

SALT LAKE CITY (Associated Press) The Mormon church has announced plans to build seven new temples, including one in Russia where Mormon missionaries are known as “volunteers” and banned by that country’s law from publicly proselytizing.

New church president Russell M. Nelson announced Sunday that the Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will build its first temple in Russia in “a major city yet to be determined.”

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  • Amos Moses – He>i

    Russia has kicked out JWs …… i wonder how this will go over ………..

    • NOCM

      As well they should have.

    • John Roberts

      Well, they kicked out Jehovah’s Witnesses for several good reasons, none of them having to do with with anything having to do with the latter-day saints. The JWs exercise ridiculous control over their members. Mormons don’t. You may think Mormons are a cult, but then, so was early Christianity, with Jesus. We LDS are well liked in Russia because we integrate well with outsiders. JWs don’t. We also don’t SHUN our relatives the way JWs do. Finally, if you exercise your influence to get us kicked out of Russia, BEWARE lest ye be not far behind!

  • NOCM

    Mormonism–is in no way Biblically Christian. But rather is a Satanic cult.

  • Spreading the Mormon gospel of satan.

  • TomMars

    A temple in search of a friendly city in Putin’s Russia? Probably will take a miracle. Of course, Mormons were able to place a temple in East Germany before the fall of the Wall and Communism. No doubt a miracle is part of the plan. And some patience at rejection. Freedom of religion is foundational to all other freedoms and rights. Tyrants demand that only the state, and those gods willing to bow to the state, be worshipped. Any free thought or differences of faith are feared by both tyrants and those not secure in their own beliefs–those built on sandy foundations tremble at the wind. Sooner or later the Mormons will have their temple and it will be a symbol of freedom in a part of the world that struggles to understand the concept. Let’s hope it is sooner rather than later.

    • Damien Priestly

      Temple to what…

      ,,Joseph Smith eagerly concocted a religion to help himself coerce as many women as possible into having sex with him, 40 wives including other married women and a 14 year old . That applies to Brigham Young as well…who had 16-slave-wives and 59 children, which makes for a lot of girls he sold off.

    • rolando

      Mormonism is the only true church on earth and it will continue to grow albeit in much smaller numbers than Satan’s church. Its mission is to make bad men good and good men better. Bendiciones

  • John Roberts

    Mormonism is no Satanic cult. Christians who condemn us for believing in many gods are themselves hypocrites, for who are the Father, Son and Holy Spirit if not GODS. Open your Bibles to Genesis. “Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness.” And, “Man has become as one of US.” God is ONE in purpose and unity, isn’t He? When praying to the Father, one Entity is in supplication to another Entity (both GODS), and Jesus says to the Father concerning the Twelve, “…that THEY may be ONE, even as WE are ONE.” (John 17:22) The term “even as” means “in the same way.” Thus we can believe the apostles formed ONE QUORUM (a singular word), yet be comprised of many apostles! In the same way, the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and perhaps others are ONE in PURPOSE; ONE in UNITY. They all are GOD, and each one is “a” God.

    If you knew your Bibles, you would not be so hasty to condemn. Glass houses and all that.