Risking Life and Limb to Bring Christianity to North Korea

Beijing (AsiaNews/AP) Scores of missionaries risk their lives every day on the border between China and North Korea to spread the Gospel and help North Koreans. Most of them are South Koreans, but some are ethnic Korean who have lived in China for generations.

Their lives are permanently at risk. In recent years, ten missionaries have died under mysterious circumstances, this according to Kim Kyou Ho (pictured), head of the Chosen People Network, a Christian group based in Seoul.

North Korea is suspected in some of the cases. In hundreds more, missionaries have been imprisoned in or expelled from China, which bans proselytising by foreigners.

One of the missionaries, a Korean-Chinese woman who asked her name not be used to protect her family, said that she is monitored by both the Chinese and North Korean authorities, yet is willing to pursue her work. “I always pray and I’m with God, so I’m not worried,” she said.

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North Korea: #1 on the 2018 World Watch List from Open Doors USA on Vimeo.

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  • Croquet_Player

    I was horrified to learn that some – no doubt very well-meaning people – were sending bibles to North Korea via balloons. The balloons would pop, and some unsuspecting person would have a bible on their roof, their property, and be subject to the death penalty when it was found. I am of the opinion that people may read whatever books they like. This is the essence of freedom. I am also of the opinion that this was a staggeringly foolhardy way to go about it, and put unsuspecting people in tremendous personal danger. North Korea is a horrifying, totalitarian dictatorship. We don’t need to help them by randomly dropping contraband on the populace. We look like we’re helping the dictators. (“Oh look, we found this on your property!”) We may help North Korea by welcoming them to the world, and denying every opportunity they have to behave badly. This includes our relations with China. It’s very complicated. We can do this, in a calm, thoughtful manner. And we may save millions of lives in the process.

    • Susan Perelka

      We cannot do this without Gods help. We are living in a time when lies are rampant, the enemy is pressing hard. BUT GOD knows the truth, He is the only one who can see into the heart, He can’t be fooled. We need His help. It is time for Gods people to pray diligently for one another (according to His Word, His will, not ours), to help carry one another’s burdens, and to make sure we don’t become spotted by the world. We belong to Jesus, we simply need to follow the instructions in His Word, ALL of it. We are in the world, BUT we are not of this world. Persecution is part of it, sacrifice is required, something the churches here in this nation are shying away from teaching. Gods word says that the way we get FULLY equipped for every good work is with ALL of scripture. It’s time for us to do that, it’s important. Otherwise, we are not fully equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16. We all need to pause and think about that.

  • Luminous

    We need to hear more sermons on courage as a Christian virtue.

    • Susan Perelka

      I agree. We are so comfortable here in America, that we forget to pray for our brethren around the world, who are not as comfortable. May God awaken our hearts here, to pray for our brethren and to help them carry their burdens. They are our family, our brethren in Christ. When they rejoice, we rejoice. When they weep, we weep. May God move us to help them do His work.

  • Susan Perelka

    Abba Father, The gates of hell shall not prevail against Your church. LORD, give Your servants courage and boldness to proclaim Your truth in North Korea. Watch over them and give them opportunities to share Your message of redemption and convict people’s hearts by Your Holy Spirit. Provide their needs and let Your message come before leaders in North Korea also. Deliver them from all their troubles as You did for Paul. What the wicked mean for their harm, use it for Your good. Give them power to glorify Your Name, the name of Jesus. Let their light shine brightly in the darkness, May You bless them and keep them and make Your face to shine upon them. Forgive the North Koreans, and have mercy on them, open their blind eyes and deaf ears to Your truth. I look forward to the day when I will be with You forever and I will meet all those who will accept Your truth and we will live forever in Your Kingdom, no more pain, no more sorrow, no more tears. All those whom You rescued from satans hands and place into the loving arms of our Savior, Jesus the Christ, our blessed Redeemer. Thank You LORD for the mercy you offer mankind. AMEN.

  • HpO

    This article sure pulled my heart strings. But when I snapped out of it, I asked myself, Hey, who just did that to me? And there it is. What I read and all “this [is] according to Rev Kim Kyou Ho (pictured), head of the Chosen People Network, a Christian group based in Seoul.” So who is he and what are they up to, REALLY?

    According to Kim Jin-young, “‘Korea is the chosen nation’ … Establishment of Christian NGOs”, Christian Today (South Korea), November 1, 2010, which I had Google translate for me from Korean to English:

    “The … NGO ‘The Chosen People Network’ is launched by the slogan ‘Korea is the chosen people of God’ … [at the] Sunmin Network held … at the Dasarang Hall in Jongno-dong, Seoul on the morning of May 1 to discuss the background of NGO formation and plans for future activities. Pastor Kim Kyou Ho, a senior representative of Christian Social Responsibility, said, ‘It is more important than ever that Korea acknowledge that it is a NATION CHOSEN BY GOD, and that Koreans should serve the world for world evangelization.’ … ‘THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA IS THE NATION CHOSEN BY GOD, and we will publicize to the Korean church and society that the people of the world are called to serve the world. The remarkable development and growth of the Republic of Korea was possible because of THE GREAT WILL OF GOD WHO SELECTED A SMALL COUNTRY IN ASIA to serve the nations of the world,’ said the Sunmin Network. ‘The chosen nation can only exist if its mission is fulfilled. Therefore, we should be aware that our people are chosen to serve the nations and become the people of the gospel as THE SECOND SPIRITUAL ISRAEL.’ … It also said that major campaigns, forums, and the opening of academies for the training of talent will be the main activities of the Sunmin network in the future. Pastor Kim said, ‘… We are focusing on activities to look at the Republic of Korea 10 years and 20 years later. … If the Christian Social Responsibility is an organization that immediately expresses the voice of Christianity on every issue of society, the Sunmin Network will play a role of preparing the future of the Korean church and society, such as cultivating Christian talents. There is an ULTIMATE PURPOSE in allowing people to have a PUBLIC CONSCIOUSNESS.'”