Navy Upholds Inclusion of Bible on POW/MIA Table Following Mikey Weinstein Complaint

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — The U.S. Navy has upheld the inclusion of the Bible on a “missing man” table at a Naval hospital in Okinawa, Japan after an organization that seeks to separate the Messiah from the military submitted a complaint about the Bible’s presence and a notation of America being “one nation under God.”

“As one of nine symbolic references on the table, the purpose of the book and accompanying description is not to promote religion, but to commemorate the strength and resolve required of POW and MIA personnel in the most difficult of times,” wrote Rear Admiral P.D. Pearigen of Navy Medicine West in San Diego in a response to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), led by Mikey Weinstein.

“Each item on the table contributes to an atmosphere of remembrance and solemnity without emphasizing the book as a religious text,” he said. “In light of the foregoing, neither further review nor an investigation of this matter is necessary.”

As previously reported, according to the National League of POW/MIA Families, the Bible is traditionally present at missing man tables, and “represents the strength gained through faith to sustain us and those lost from our country, founded as one nation under God.” The display additionally includes a place setting, a rose and a candle.

The Okinawa missing man table further featured a placard that provided the aforementioned text as to what the Bible represents.

After successfully having the Bible removed from a missing man table at an Ohio Air Force Base in 2016, the MRFF submitted a complaint to Pearigen about the Okinawa display through New York-based attorney Donald Rehkopf Jr. Weinstein said that 26 service members, including those who profess to be followers of Christ, were a part of the grievance, and asked for the removal of both the Bible and the placard.

“The statement on the exhibit’s placard is nothing more than an illegal, unconstitutional proselytization from an extremist, fundamentalist Christian sect,” the letter read. “It ignores all followers of other religions and totally ignores all those who subscribe to no religion—all in blatant violation of [Department of Defense] and [Department of the Navy] regulations.”

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Weinstein initially contacted officials at the hospital to request the removal of the items at issue, but they declined to do so without the permission of the facility commander, who was away on assignment.

While it was reported that the matter was under investigation by Navy Medicine West, Pearigen wrote to Rehkopf on Tuesday to advise that no review is needed as the table passes regulatory and constitutional muster.

“I assure you that the Bible and description of the POW/MIA remembrance table are consistent with DoD and DON guidelines and with the Constitution,” he stated.

The response irked MRFF, which referred to the decision as being “embarrassingly imbecilic.” He disagreed with several parts of Pearigen’s correspondence.

“[I]t is beyond idiotic for the admiral to assert, because there are 8 other items on the POW/MIA table, somehow that sectarian Christian Bible does not stand out. On the contrary, that Christian Bible stands out like a tarantula on a wedding cake,” Weinstein wrote on Friday.

He also contended that the original missing man table didn’t include a Bible, and stated that Pearigen’s letter “utterly fails to acknowledge the fact that the accompanying National League of POW/MIA Families script (translated into Japanese for indigenous personnel to read) on that POW/MIA table does not even mention the critical significance of the candle placed on that table but, instead and in its place, makes it clear why that all-important Christian Bible is prominently displayed.”

Weinstein expressed determination to continue to combat the Bible and placard placement.

“MRFF … remains both resolute and fully committed to vehemently fight Admiral Pearigen’s ridiculous, illogical and unlawful decision to defy Constitutional law and DoD/Navy regulatory provisions with his disgraceful actions,” he said.

Read Weinstein’s remarks in full here.

As previously reported, Weinstein has a long history of objecting to Christian expression in the military. In 2013, he asked Department of Defense officials to punish superiors who attempted to proselytize their subordinates.

“It is a version of being spiritually raped and you are being spiritually raped by fundamentalist Christian religious predators,” Weinstein asserted.

He also appeared before Congress a year later, where he was questioned by Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) about his hostility toward Christianity.

“On June 16, 2013, you said, ‘Today we face incredibly well-funded gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nations armed forces.’ Did you you make that quote?” Forbes asked.

“I did,” Weinstein replied frankly.

In 2015, he wrote a blog post calling for the ousting of Christian chaplains who disagree with same-sex “marriage,” and also demanded that Satan, Allah Odin and others be added to a “God bless the military” display in Hawaii.

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  • Nidalap

    Nice to see a story where the bullying tactics of atheistic organizations aren’t successful! 🙂

  • IslandAtheist

    Delusion shouldn’t be part of our military, and that’s all god is, a delusion.

    • Amos Moses – He>i

      is that a scientific or theological statement ………..

      • Rippie


        • Amos Moses – He>i

          “that’s all god is, a delusion”

          well you are not who the question was aimed at … but since you want to claim science …… describe your experiment ……. where are your data runs and how did you perform this experiment to determine your results ….. what were the controls you had in place …… what data did you throw out and on what basis ….. where is your PEER REVIEWED STUDY ….. and who read that study and approved its publication and where can it be found …………… because you are claiming science …. this is the current scientific methodology science recognizes ….. show me what you have ………..

          • Rippie

            Boychick, that’s not my quote, but I do stand by what IA said.

            It is actually incumbent on you to prove the existence of this One True Creator God. And by “you,” I mean anyone in any of the Abrahamic faiths, since they all cower before the fable of this OTCG with fabulously spun faerie tales and myths.

            It’s not all bad. All y’all have made the clergy fantastically wealthy, seemingly willingly. So it’s good for them.

            There is no need to prove the absence of something. That is literally impossible. In fact, the mere observance of a pure vacuum (such as we can create or find one) destroys the absence of something, but that’s science, so you’ll never get it unless I make up spirits and give them names, or non-material materials like “ether.”

            God could VERY easily, since It is claimed to be all-knowing and all-powerful and all-prescient, but having supper with every person on the planet over the course of a single day. That is well within the ability of the OTCG.

            Otherwise, there are, what, about 4B combined Abrahamic “adherents” of various non-compliance in the world. Alive. Right now. And billions who’ve lived previously.

            And yet, there is no actual proof of the existence of this OTCG. None. And ignorance is not proof of the OTCG, even though it’s what is offered most by practitioners as such. “Great mysteries” just mean we don’t know yet how something works, not that it’s proof of the OTCG fable.

            This is why thunder was a god, rain was a god, fire was a god, wind was a god, lions were gods, elephants, etc, etc. Because we didn’t understand them they were “gods.”

            That is not an acceptable way to define and defend the “existence” of an unproven and fabulous OTCG.

            Not my job to disprove what’s not there. It’s all Y’ALL’S job to PROVE it, even though it’s not there!

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            as i stated …. but you answered BOYchick ………. and NOPE …… YOU made a positive ASSERTION of FACT ….. it has become YOUR CLAIM …….and you CLAIM A NEGATIVE YOU CANNOT PROVE ……… so the problem is all yours …….

          • Rippie

            Science, you ignorant nimrod, is about what is observable, quantifiable, can be qualitatively ranked and is repeatable.

            Science can NOT prove a negative because it cannot be observed. Without observation and measurement, it is fable, myth, bedtime faerie tales to keep the kiddies in line.

            It is remarkable to me that religions have gotten away with the threat of the invisible, silent (thus never observed) bogeyman who is all powerful (“his WILL is behind this disaster or coincidence or fortune do to hard work”). The invisible monster under the bed, in the closet that you must never open… This is exactly akin to the threat of the judging god in the afterlife, where you can never take a look first for verification and, by your tradition, only one person has ever returned for a brief time to reinforce the tall tales.

            You clearly are a science-ignorant dimwit. You have no idea how to set up a study, as it is impossible, truly IMPOSSIBLE to prove that something does not exist.

            Likewise, in the utter and complete absence of evidence, it it absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to state, never mind prove that something does exist.

            So, no. I don’t claim a negative you can’t prove, I state that you cannot prove a negative and that that is not how the scientific method works.

            Otherwise, a blind person could aver with absolute conviction that light does not exist.

            However, we know that it does. That blind person has proven nothing but their inability to perceive light.

            So far, there have been NO proofs of the direct perception of an OTCG. NONE.

            It is impossible to observe, measure or define nothing. As I said, you must prove that something is there to be observed and your anti-science stupidity isn’t proof of anything other than an horrifically deficient edjumucashun when you quit sk0oll after 3d grade.


          • Amos Moses – He>i

            “Science, you ignorant nimrod, is about what is observable, quantifiable, can be qualitatively ranked and is repeatable.”

            EXACTLY …… and so YOU CANNOT PROVE THE NEGATIVE that YOU said was SCIENCE when you ANSWERED if it was a SCIENTIFIC OR THEOLOGICAL statement……. so i accept you admission of DEFEAT …………… thnx ………. you should not answer questions when 1. they were not put you ….. and 2. you really should think through your response before you do …… it was a STUPEFYING answer that you made ….

          • Rippie

            There is no evidence of God’s existence to examine. For all intents and purposes and for all other observations of the universe, God is not a factor at all and has not been. That utter long term absence of God is an axiomatic rule that the OTCG does not exist as it/he/she has left no evidence at all, and thus that all further scientific endeavors can proceed with that axiom in force.

            As far as theology goes, again, no proof. I’m more than willing to examine the metaphysics of an actual, existing, effectual OTCG, even if only demonstrable though secondary characteristics or consequential results of unobserved actions or the unobserved entity.

            Sadly, even those do not exist, and as a Buddhist, metaphysical relationships are nothing new to me, even if they beggar the classic physical scientific mind.

            There is no OTCG. There is no evidence of one. There is nothing at all that is quantifiable or that can be qualified as being unequivocal proof or even indicators of this OTCG. Nothing. Fantasy books compiled into a couple of attached anthologies doesn’t do it.

            If my replies have left you unable to think, dude, that’s on you, your problem, not mine.

            I’m trying to keep this simple for you. I already got my engineering degrees decades ago. You strike me as a very narrowly miseducated dimwit.

            Nothing you’ve said yet has indicated to me anything beyond your ability to slightly adapt cut-n-paste argument point lists.

            Wow me. Prove to me that the OTCG exists. Lay it on me, because it’s your burden, not mine. So far, all the non-evidence points at non-existence.

            Reverse that or GTFO.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            “There is no evidence of God’s existence to examine.”

            SO AGAIN ….. is that a SCIENTIFIC OR THEOLOGICAL statement ………….. and WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE …………

            FYI … absence of evidence …. IS NOT EVIDENCE OF ABSENCE ….. just that you do not recognize the EVIDENCE …………..

          • Rippie

            What are you, three years old?

            THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO EXAMINE. Produce some or OTCG is just a delusion, a fantasy, a faerie tale, a fable, a myth, imaginary.

            If you can’t provide examination durable proof as an ardent defender of the fiction, then that is all there is: fiction.

            The simple empirical statement, until you can provide otherwise, is that THERE IS NO EVIDENCE.

            The bulk of your comment is agreeing with me, so quit while I am ahead.

            Bye, Felicia!

          • Amos Moses – He>i



            and where is your EVIDENCE that there is NO EVIDENCE ……. just because you cannot see the evidence or want to ACKNOWLEDGE the evidence ….. DOES NOT MEAN IT DOES NOT EXIST ……. if you are sitting at a table in complete darkness …. and there is an object sitting on the table ……. JUST BECAUSE you cannot see it or RECOGNIZE IT …… does not remove it from existence ………..

            LOOK …. it comes down to this …… HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW and HOW DID YOU COME TO KNOW IT ……………. and ….. YOU HAVE NO ANSWER ….. as yet ………

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            me: “is that a scientific or theological statement ………..”

            YOU: “Both.”

            me: “where is your evidence for science”

            YOU: “Science, you ignorant nimrod, is about what is observable, quantifiable, can be qualitatively ranked and is repeatable.
            Science can NOT prove a negative because ”

            me:”EXACTLY …… and so YOU CANNOT PROVE THE NEGATIVE that YOU said was SCIENCE ”

            YOU: “There is no evidence of God’s existence to examine. ”

            SO ….. if there is no “evidence” ****IN YOUR OPINION**** ……. then …… IT AINT SCIENCE ……

            SO HOW CAN YOU CLAIM “Both.” ………..

            ALL YOU have is SELF CONTRADICTION ………. (which makes you an outright LIAR) ……….

          • TheKingOfRhye

            If you have no evidence that something existed, would you believe it existed?

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            Here is the point …. trying to claim science as a basis in the ABSENCE of EVIDENCE …. aint science …. so what you are left with is still just belief …. not SCIENCE as was claimed …..

          • TheKingOfRhye

            trying to claim science as a basis in the ABSENCE of EVIDENCE …. aint science

            Not believing in something because there is no evidence is the scientific way to approach things. If I see no evidence for something, I have no reason to believe it. I might not go around saying I know for absolutely sure it doesn’t exist, but I’ll feel pretty safe in going about my business as if it doesn’t.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            science is not about belief …. it is about WHAT YOU CAN PROVE ….. and it is utter stupidity to claim you can prove a negative …… which when you say there is no evidence of God ….. that is EXACTLY what you are saying ……….. as this poor lost soul did ………

          • TheKingOfRhye

            If you think science is about “what you can prove”, that just shows that you don’t understand science.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            if you think science is about what you CANT prove ….. then YOU do not know anything about science …… i have a TWENTY PLUS year medical career under my belt …… so do not sit there and tell me what i know and do not know about science and the fallacious arguments being offered here as science ……………..

          • TheKingOfRhye

            “As an astrophysicist, I live and breathe science. Much of what I read
            and hear is couched in the language of science which to outsiders can
            seem little more than jargon and gibberish. But one word is rarely
            spoken or printed in science and that word is “proof”. In fact, science
            has little to do with “proving” anything.” – Geraint Lewis, Professor of
            Astrophysics, University of Sydney

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            right …. so then it is ALL JUST BOVINE SCATOLOGY …… and you all should QUIT SCIENCE as YOU HAVE NONE ……………..

          • TheKingOfRhye

            Hey, you’re the one who seems to not understand things like evidence and what the burden of proof means. (hint: you have it, not me.)

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            ummmm …. WHAT EVIDENCE ……. it is just an OPINION ….. and worthless and NOT testable and not REPEATABLE …… so NOT science …………..

          • TheKingOfRhye

            ummmm …. WHAT EVIDENCE

            What I’ve been trying to say is, that’s the question you need to be answering, not me. You’re the one making the claim.

            here is what all of you are saying …… we demand evidence …… but we do not accept your evidence …… and in fact we do not accept ANY EVIDENCE

            Well, yeah, I think all the supposed “evidence” for the existence of a god is lacking. If I thought otherwise, I wouldn’t be an atheist.

            sorry ….. just because a scientist says something DOES NOT MAKE IT SCIENCE

            Well, SORRY right back at you. I think an astrophysicist like the one I quoted should know more about what science is and how it works than a guy with some unspecified “medical career.”

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            and as i just said ….. YOU do not accept the evidence ….. SO WHAT IS THE POINT ……. i MADE NO CLAIM …… i ASKED A QUESTION ….. “is that a scientific or theological statement” and the answer was “BOTH” …. AND THAT IS IT …. that IS NOT A CLAIM ……. and YOU A-Theists are the ones here making a CLAIM …… and the burden is ON YOU ………..

            ” I think all the supposed “evidence” for the existence of a god is lacking”

            so WHY ARE YOU HERE if you do not accept any evidence ……….. and you make MY POINT ….. all you have is BOVINE SCATOLOGY ……… and YOU claim it is science ……..

            ” I think an astrophysicist like the one I quoted”

            is dumber than a bag of hammers because …. HE HAS NO EVIDENCE ……………

          • TheKingOfRhye

            i MADE NO CLAIM

            I’m talking about the claim all theists make, that their god exists. That’s the claim you’re making, and you’re the one who needs to have evidence for it, not the ones who lack that belief. I’m sure you think there is evidence, but obviously, I don’t think there is. I have no burden of proof, YOU (theists in general) do.

            ” I think an astrophysicist like the one I quoted”

            is dumber than a bag of hammers because …. HE HAS NO EVIDENCE

            Do you even remember what I was quoting that guy about?? It was to show that science doesn’t really deal with “proof.” What more evidence of that do you want besides quotes from actual scientists?

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            nope …… not a claim …… see ….. and this is key ……WE did not go looking for YOU to make any claim ……. YOU ALL CAME HERE ………. and we have NOTHING to prove to you ….. YOU DO …… and that is why ALL OF THE A-THEISTS come here ………… because they have a chip on their collective shoulders and have something to prove to us ………. and as we have been discussing …… you all claim science …… AND YOU HAVE NONE …………..

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            ” It was to show that science doesn’t really deal with “proof.””

            i said NOTHING of proof ………. he has no EVIDENCE ……….. and the FUD means NOTHING as to whether what he says is science ………. if he ever does any REAL science then please show it ……….

          • TheKingOfRhye

            i said NOTHING of proof

            Uh, yeah, you did. When you said

            science is not about belief …. it is about WHAT YOU CAN PROVE

            That’s what I was talking about. That’s what I came up with that quote in reference to.

            And by the way, what the heck is a “FUD”?

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            And the proof is EVIDENCE ……. and as all of you have said …… “I CANT FIND ANY” …….. so you base a conclusion on NOTHING ………. and it is the same BOVINE SCATOLOGY EVERYTIME for EVERYONE OF YOU ………………

          • TheKingOfRhye

            And the proof is EVIDENCE ……. and as all of you have said …… “I
            CANT FIND ANY” …….. so you base a conclusion on NOTHING

            If I see no evidence for something, I don’t believe it. What is wrong with that?

            you all make KNOWLEDGE CLAIMS …… EVERYTIME …… and when it is
            asked if it is science ….. you all say yes ……. and then you
            proceed to ARGUE FROM IGNORANCE …… as if IGNORANCE is a virtue …..
            and IGNORANCE is all you have …..

            I don’t make any “knowledge claims” in regards to the existence of a god. Some people here will say “there is no god,” but I avoid that myself, just because some people – like you – will take that as a claim of knowledge (which I’m not trying to make).

            But, ya know…sometimes I think we’re talking about two different things here in conversations like this. Notice I usually say “god” (or “a god” or even “a god or gods”) and not “God” with a capital G? That’s two different things, ain’t it? When someone says “God”, at least in our part of the world I suppose, they usually mean the God described in the Bible. Now, that’s something that is described in specific ways and there are specific claims made about….so, that’s something that someone could possibly have an easier time falsifying. I guess what I’m trying to say here is just that I remain pretty much agnostic on the question of some sort of god existing, while I’m at the least highly doubtful, for various reasons, that the God described in the Bible exists.

            But, the “argument from ignorance” is used at least as much, if not more, by theists, by the way. I’ve seen it used many times here.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            NOPE ….. you all claim science AS IF you had any evidence …… but then you turn around and say you do not because THERE IS NO EVIDENCE ….. according to all of you ….. and then you demand evidence ….. and then claim not to see it …..

            YOU ALL MAKE KNOWLEDGE CLAIMS ……. and then say there is no EVIDENCE OF YOUR SUPPOSED KNOWLEDGE CLAIM ……. and so it is NOT science …… it is all BOVINE SCATOLOGY ………….

          • TheKingOfRhye


            No, I haven’t seen any evidence for your claim, so therefore I don’t believe it. And, yes, it is a claim, no matter where you make it. So, tell me…..where is the “KNOWLEDGE CLAIM” in that????

            And, by the way, it doesn’t do anything to make your argument look more intelligent or well-thought-out when you CAPITALIZE every OTHER WORD.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            and you cant see it as you are blind to it …… and we cannot cure YOUR blindness ……. and you have been told this ….. and you refuse to accept it …… and just because you cannot see and recognize the evidence …. that does not remove it from existence ….. NOR does it alter the reality that it does exist and its effects ……. and we are not moved by your blindness to what WE CAN CLEARLY SEE ……. just because you cannot …………

            and YET …. this does not alter one IOTA the FACT that you ALL make KNOWLEDGE CLAIMS …… when you HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE ……. and continue to make ABSOLUTE DECLARATORY STATEMENTS that things do not exist …… that we can CLEARLY SEE ………. and because YOU are blind ….. WE are stupid in your eyes …… that do not work ………….

          • TheKingOfRhye

            I thought you would have seen it enough from me by now – I always make it a point to refer to myself as an agnostic atheist. I don’t make “knowledge claims,” that’s what the “agnostic” part means. I don’t make “absolute declaratory statements that things do not exist.” I’ve said this stuff over and over again, to you and other people, in response to things exactly like this. I don’t know, maybe I should stop saying that, and start saying I worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or Bob Dobbs, or even Cthulhu or something like that, just so I might for once stop having to deal with people that can’t figure out what an agnostic atheist is. (tip: it ain’t that hard, folks)

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            a difference with NO DIFFERENCE … you are still blind ………… and you make knowledge claims all the time …… “lack of evidence” is a knowledge claim ……. of which you cannot support in any way as science …………..

          • TheKingOfRhye

            All of the things I have seen, the things that have been presented to me that are supposed to be evidence for the existence of any god have failed to convince me. I make no further claim than that. I don’t claim to know no god exists, I don’t claim to have all the answers, I don’t “claim science,” as you said before. (or at least not in the sense you seem to think that means) The existence of a god is not even something that can be determined by scientific means one way or the other. That question is outside the purview of science. Science deals with the physical, material, measurable world. A god, by definition, would be outside the scope of that. You say I judge people as “stupid” for believing? No, I don’t. If I did, I would have to say that about many people who are clearly highly intelligent. I might think some Christians and other theists are stupid, but I would have other reasons for thinking that.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            “the things that have been presented to me that are supposed to be evidence for the existence of any god have failed to convince me.”

            and so you are blind … and we cannot fix it ….. SO WHAT ………… it is NOT our job to convince you of the truth ….. it is ONLY our job to present it to you ………. you have a clear choice …… you have made your choice ……. again ….. SO WHAT ……

          • TheKingOfRhye

            I suppose you concede my point, since you’re now just changing the subject.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            FUD=PhD ……….. FUD …………..

          • TheKingOfRhye

            Uh huh…..I’ll just assume it stands for something you think you can’t say here.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            PH as in PH – ONEY …… D as in DUH ……. FUD ….. PhD …………

          • TheKingOfRhye

            Another thing…wasn’t that line “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” famously used by Carl Sagan when talking about the existence of aliens? I think that’s a good thing to make a comparison to, or make an analogy with, here. Do I believe aliens exist? At best I would say I’m agnostic on the question. At most, there is evidence that suggests aliens might exist. (the discovery of extrasolar planets) BUT….would that mean that I’d have to believe someone who told me specifically that there are aliens from a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri and that they’ve repeatedly visited Earth and even communicated with him personally? No, I’d probably think he was off his rocker. I might not be able to disprove the existence of aliens, or even disprove the existence of aliens from Alpha Centauri, but I could safely dismiss his claims about them, unless I felt that there was some sort of evidence out there that backed them up.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            “wasn’t that line “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” famously used by Carl Sagan when talking about the existence of aliens”

            sure …. so what ……..

            “Do I believe aliens exist? At best I would say I’m agnostic on the question”

            i am not …….they are dealt with in scripture ………

          • TheKingOfRhye

            sure …. so what ….

            What, did you skip over the next few sentences after that? I said why I brought it up.

          • Chet

            Why does one concern himself in such fashion over nothing… Christians and believing Jews spend zero time attempting to prove or disprove the big bang theory unless so challenged. For me, I wouldn’t waste my time and energy on something of which I do not believe to be true, that being the BBT…

          • TheKingOfRhye

            Christians and believing Jews spend zero time attempting to prove or disprove the big bang theory

            Maybe you don’t know it was actually a Christian priest who first came up with the Big Bang Theory. And for the matter, many Christians and Jews and people of other theistic faiths believe in it today. (since it is, after all, well backed-up by scientific evidence)

          • Chet

            No blood bought Holy Bible believing Christian or practicing Jew who knows his heritage and fears God Almighty subscribes to any such nonsense. You may fool others but not me, Sir… People of “other theistic faiths” already believe the lie, thus, I’m not surprised they’d fall for this particular trick of the Devil. Then again, those who deny God and His Christ have made a god out of themselves as the final all knowing authority regarding things spiritual.

            Remember, King, if the big bang theory is correct you’re in good shape and I’m none the worse as we’ll both amount to the same thing, nigh unto roadkill. We’ll be as some ol’ bloated possum or coon lying alongside the shoulder waiting to pop, stinking to high Heaven. And in no time our memory upon the Earth will be forgotten as a bad meal.

            Then again, if the Word of God is true (of which I gladly stake my eternity) I get to go to Heaven upon death’s taking me over, all thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on my behalf on the Cross of Calvary in concert with His empty tomb. But for those who reject God’s free offer of mercy and grace via His Christ, well, the eternal outlook is beyond bleak and beyond description in the awful place identified as Hell. Can you now be assured of your own eternal fate as I am of mine?

          • Bob Johnson

            Pascal’s wager – if there is no God, then when you are dead nothing happens – everybody loses. If there is a God, then believers go to Heaven and non-believers go to Hell. Therefore, the only rational position is to believe in God.

            This assumes there is only two choices my God or no god, but what if when we die it turns out to be Odin or Kali?

          • Chet

            Besides the Holy Bible, which book describes a god or supposed deity who created the universe, Earth and all things contained therein? Which one gave man free will to do as he pleases? Which god so loved the world that, despite man’s SIN, he would provide a means of forgiveness for all man’s wickedness? And which god would offer his only begotten son to redeem fallen man: his only son, to be mocked, spit upon, stripped, beaten, whipped till his back was laid wide open, and ultimately to be nailed to an old rugged cross to suffer at the hands of sinners and be separated from the love of his own father due to the son’s bearing the sins of the whole world?

            Which god, today, stands ready to bless men, to forgive man’s myriad sins, to even forget same, to change man’s life for the better, to break bondages, i.e., drugs, alcohol, fornication, homosexuality, adultery, etc, to give hope for the present, to restore families, to heal broken homes and lives and offer eternal life in the place identified as Heaven at the end of one’s days? And which god has a record of all his doings that has survived thousands of years despite men’s attempts to discredit same and even destroy it?

            I submit God Almighty, of the Holy Bible, is the sole true and living God. This deity loves all us sinners and such God has provided the means by which He can maintain His perfect holiness while yet affording forgiveness for all man’s SINS. And He has accomplished all this and untold more in the person of His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ via His finished work on Calvary’s Cross and His empty tomb. And the proof is not only in His creation and His maintenance of the universe but revealed within umpteen millions upon millions of grateful changed lives. I happen to be but one and I praise the Lord for making it all possible. Thank you for this opportunity and please know, Jesus saves!

          • TheKingOfRhye

            Well, the problem is, you’re operating with a serious (but perhaps common) misconception of what the big bang theory actually says. It says nothing about what or who, if anything, actually caused it. There’s nothing in the big bang theory that precludes a god or gods or whatever from having caused it. Sure, many believe that it conflicts with Christianity, but others don’t, and some people of other religions don’t, as I said. The big bang theory is not atheism, and atheism is not the big bang theory. I suppose most atheists believe the big bang theory, but that’s because (also like I said before) all the evidence points to it, in fact confirms it, and we have no dogma to supposedly conflict with it.

            Can you now be assured of your own eternal fate as I am of mine?

            Nope. I’m not, and I never said I was. I have no idea what my “eternal fate” will be, and I’m okay with that.

          • Chet

            Well, each to his own, respectfully. You, Sir, assuming you are a gentleman, are no different than me and all other men in that we are all sinners, period. And as such, all are in need of the Saviour who is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ of Calvary.

            You can very easily determine your own relationship with God Almighty and you can very easily in-turn settle your eternal destiny right where you are. Try reading the New Testament book of John and then the book of Romans. One’s salvation is impossible in and of one’s own self (good works) but is indeed fully available to all who will but come to God in repentance and faith in this wonderful, merciful Christ. It would be the best decision you have ever made and the one that will assure you of Heaven as if you were already there. Of course, in Adam, all flesh dies, but we need only die once and be immediately in the presence of the Lord. This, as opposed to enduring the second death as those will do, who, following the Great White Throne Judgment, are then hurled into the everlasting Lake of Fire as described in Revelation 20:11-15.

            I regret many decisions I’ve made in life, some thoughtfully, some without premise, but making my own decision to trust Christ was by far the best and most important decision I’ve ever made. And now, regardless of my myriad SINS (now forgiven and forgotten) my eternity is settled and assured through no efforts of mine but, rather, my faith in Christ’s finished work on Calvary’s Cross and His empty tomb.

            Looks like we’ve carried our exchange about as far as we can go. Thanks for the opportunity to exchange ideas and God bless. Jesus saves!

    • John Wilch

      I pray to GOD that the day never comes when you need his help.

      In my 27+ years in the Military, I have run across several men who claim to be Atheist and when the bullets start flying. They get very religious, specially when they’re hit, the first thing out of they’re mouths is: “Oh, God, I’ve been hit!” and then they start yelling for the Medic and as they’re being worked on, they started crying “Oh, God,don’t let me die!”

      So you see, most of you so-called Atheist are hypocrites. Or as the old saying goes: “THERE ARE NO ATHEIST IN A FOXHOLE.”

      Proud to have served and here’s a little prayer that I’ll send to you: “May the Great Spirit tap you on the shoulder and guide you to the light.=!”

      • IslandAtheist

        Praying to your imaginary man made sky king won’t help anybody.

        • Rippie

          There’s power in prayer, but not in the way they think. Einstein was closer to grasping it than maybe even he realized, and he was a very reluctant “believer” in God based on what he knew to be true and real.

          • TheKingOfRhye

            I think Einstein meant something very different by the word “God” than most people do.

      • Rippie


        • John Wilch

          Dude, you’d probably soil your pants the first time a round went by your head. Served with the US Army in Vietnam (’69-’69), A Co/228ASHB/1st Cav Div (AM) as a Helicopter Door gunner and then with USAF in ’91 during Desert Storm as a Cook.

          • Rippie

            Thankfully, I was never shot at. Too smart to send out in the line of fire, so the Navy kept me firmly on US soil.

            I’ve fended off assaults of myself and others, though, over the years, disarming baddies. Jujitsu and non-firearm weapons work the nards.

            I’ve only flown in a couple of those gigantic Sikorsky’s so I can’t really identify with your experiences, but I always thank GIs, especially grunts and gropos for their battle duty and service and buried too many friends or their brothers.

            I’ve also been literally minutes to hours from death 3 times and JUST missed dying in accidents a couple times. I’m a Buddhist. God, whatever that really is, if anything, has nothing to do with it, and as a Buddhist, I know that I myself am responsible to hanging on or letting go.

            Anyway, that was a long grind to get to SSgt, I have to say, but it’s said that Sergeants run the Army, as it’s claimed that Petty Officers run the Navy, even if I was a Junior Officer. From my perspective, Pettys and Warrants got the jobs done and I was just doing what Senior Officers told me to do in my job.

            I heard a joke about bunnies that it’s the only service for regular jamokes because only the officers are going out and being shot down!

            Being a cook was probably a nice wind-down for you.

            Buddhists are atheists. And we have great strength and are sanguine with death as simply a process as a part of life. I came to that very young. Now I’m an old dude and have faced death a few times, differently than you have done, and been there for the deaths of other people I didn’t know. I get it. I still haven’t turned to a god who is just simply a faerie tale. Sorry.

            If your beliefs got you through your bad times, like the helo dropping hard, great. People use crutches.

            My crutch is truth, reality and knowledge. And it makes me so calm at the worst times that first responders, people I’m cradling in my arms, my doctors and nurses, seasoned cops and firefighters (yes, I rush to bad scenes) have all been amazed at my demeanor in an emergency.

            I’m thankful when things go well, but not to God or gods, but for whatever merit I had called upon, mine or someone else’s.

            You were in Nam. You have at least a passing understanding of Buddhism, even if it’s Vinayana, not Mahayana.

            Hey, man, I chastise people for abusing the names of prophets like Jesus (Christ) or saying “Oh, God.” I find it offensive, even if not for the reasons that some do. I never say “Oh, God” or “Oh, Christ” or the like. The closest I get is “For the love of Pete!”

            I’m not a goody-goody. But some things are simply offensive to me.

            But God? Nah, man. If that’s your crutch, whatever works for you.

            I’ll get my fix on reality and facts, thanks.

            Ciao and Hoorah!

      • TheKingOfRhye

        You know…I’ve never been in the military, or in anything else I thought was a life-threatening situation, so I can’t speak about that, but I’m an atheist, and from time to time I’ll catch myself saying something like “thank God for that” or “oh, god, no” or whatnot. It doesn’t mean I’m not really an atheist, it’s just repeating expressions I’ve heard all my life without any real meaning to it.

        “‘There are no atheists in foxholes’ isn’t an argument against atheism, it’s an argument against foxholes.” – James Morrow

  • HpO

    I’m a born-again Christian saved by Christ Jesus, so I’ll take that pop quiz now, if you don’t mind, Rear Admiral P.D. Pearigen.

    TRUE OR FALSE: “The purpose of the [Bible] … is … to commemorate the strength and resolve required of POW and MIA personnel in the most difficult of times”.

    FALSE. Because, there’s no such thing as the Bible-based “strength and resolve … of POW and MIA personnel”! And even if it very unlikely exists, noone OFFICIALLY ever pays attention it or makes bones about it. ERGO: it’s a lie and a myth!

    According to Wikipedia’s source in the file, “Vietnam War POW/MIA issue”:

    “By the late 2000s, the remains of over 700 Americans killed in Southeast Asia had been returned and identified. … Efforts continued to recover Americans who remained unaccounted for, who numbered 1,621 as of March 23, 2016. … The U.S. has identified 296 individuals as Last Known Alive cases in all of Southeast Asia, and following full investigations, the Defense Department confirmed the wartime death of 245 of these individuals by March 2012.”

    The source of this info was the “Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency”. And they made no mention at all of the Bible-based “strength and resolve … of POW and MIA personnel”!

    • Lisa

      It gives strength to those that walk by it, the families and the presence of our Savior. This might be the Divine will.

      • HpO

        “The purpose of the [Bible] … is … to commemorate the strength and resolve required of [those that walk by it, the families] in the most difficult of times”?

        That’s not what Rear Admiral P.D. Pearigen said.

        What he also couldn’t spin was whether or not the “POW and MIA personnel” referred to in his statement did and still do “walk by it”, the Bible.

  • jofm1

    Go US NAVY!! And Thank you!!

  • Lisa

    Well, they are raping us Christians too, by what they are doing to us and saying about us, our believes, our God!

  • RobertJames Burkholder

    Good to hear.

  • Mark Brickey

    Thank you for standing firm!

  • Rippie

    So, no Qur’an? No Torah? No Book of Mormon? No Aqdas? These are all the central texts of the other major Abrahamic faiths worshipping the same God. Where are those texts?

    And Okinawa? Translating into Japanese for what was and is still a majority Shinto and Buddhist nation?

    This is an insult to the other like-minded Abrahamic traditions as well as the religious or philosophical traditions prevalent and generally very similar in the area.

    The message is that a non Protestant MIA or POW is just not equally valuable to remember.

    So, others need not apply? After all, the USA was intentionally formed as a SECULAR Nation and there is NO official or national religion, the very concept driving the US to be formed.

    And devotion(s) to God are FAR from the unique province of only (some) Christians! This is hostile and toxic false proselytizing in a completely inappropriate environment and does NOT represent the makeup of every missing fighter. Not by the wildest stretch of the Navy’s imagination!

    The Bible has no proper place, at least not alone without several other religious texts as mentioned, plus many more to represent the many traditions of Americans who fought and lost their lives in the Pacific Theater of WW2.

  • Susan Perelka

    “The gates of hell shall not prevail against His church”. (Matthew 16) It has been tried for generations to silence christians, but we are still here and still proclaiming Gods truth. Why? Because God Himself is sustaining it. No man is stronger than God. They have tried for generations to get rid of the bible, but it is still here also. It is a futile effort to fight against the One True Almighty God.

    • John Wilch

      Sue, I believe the the Bible has been translated into more languages than any other book

      May the Great Spirit always walk by your side and protect you for all eternity.

  • Chet

    See, Christians and believing Jews, it can be done, as Mikey is merely a man like all the rest of us. He has no supernatural power nor inherent authority to do anyone any harm. Let this be a lesson to all wimp-like believers who are contemplating buckling at the knees in the face of godless leftist adversity only to drop and roll over. Dare to emulate Daniel of old and stand back while the Almighty works such interference out in His favor to His glory and in His fashion. Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus Ye Soldiers Of The Cross…