Prosperity Preacher Asks Followers for Donations to Obtain $54M Jet, Says ‘Jesus Wouldn’t Be Riding a Donkey’

False teacher and prosperity preacher Jesse Duplantis is now asking his disciples for money to buy a jet that costs $54 million “so we can go anywhere in the world in one stop.” He seeks the donations in a video posted last week on his organization’s website.

Duplantis insists that God says he needs a Dassault Falcon 7X, which is a three-engine private jet that can carry 12 to 16 passengers and can travel up to 700 miles per hour. According to SherpaReport, the Falcon 7X costs about $54 million dollars new, and would be the fourth plane owned by Jesse Duplantis Ministries should it be secured through the donation drive.

“I really believe that if the Lord Jesus Christ was physically on the Earth today, he wouldn’t be riding a donkey,” Duplantis says in the video. “He’d be in an airplane flying all over the world.”

Duplantis is not the first to solicit donations for a private jet. In 2015, prosperity preacher Creflo Dollar obtained his coveted $70 million dollar jet after his religious organization’s board agreed to buy him one after soliciting donations from his worldwide audience.

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  • Dennis Culbertson

    Geez Jessie maybe read the Bible once in a while without trying to fold, staple and mutilate it’s message to fit Your agenda.

  • BuckeyePhysicist

    Actually Jesus DID ride a donkey!

  • Obviously he has become of prophet of satan.

  • Amos Moses – He>i

    another prosperity PIMP ……… trying to shear the sheep ….. well actually if they are following JDP …. they are goats who do not really follow Christ …. they follow an idolatrous “Christ” of their own making …… an antichrist in their own image …….

    • Evil man…

    • Croquet_Player

      Well, of course you know what the right way to behave is. If only everyone everyone would listen to you, and others who think as you do. This person claims to be “Christian”, and has many devout followers. Fortunately, for you, me, and everyone who does (or does not) not share his views, we are free to point it out as nonsense (or divine truth) as we choose. Isn’t it great to be an American citizen?

      • Amos Moses – He>i

        “If only everyone everyone would listen to you, and others who think as you do. ”

        nope ….. if anyone is listening to Christ …… then they would think as He does …. but JDP and his followers are not …….

        • Croquet_Player

          As you said, you believe you know what “listening to Christ” truly means. Which is your entire, absolute right, of course. And anyone else’s right too. And this is why it’s so wonderful to live in a country where if this person’s religious views suddenly became most overwhelmingly popular, you and I would still be able to hold our own views, without fear of government reprisal, and maintain our civil rights. Isn’t that great?

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            “you believe you know what “listening to Christ” truly means”

            it means what Christ says it means …. just as when you are told by your employer to do something …. you do not get to say “oh, he really meant this, not that” …… sorry … odes not work that way … and you wont be working if that is what you do ………

  • james blue

    We believe or disbelieve someone who says “God told me” based on if we agree with what that person tells us God told him or her.

    • Joe

      We believe or disbelieve someone based on whether or not what they are saying is based on Scripture. We should always be testing the spirits. If Jesse already has 3 planes, why does he need a 4th? He reaches millions around the world with his TV program and yet he needs a 4th plan to reach people with the Gospel? If he’s not doing it with TV, how does a 4th plane make it easier?

      • james blue

        I’m currently having a very similar discussion elsewhere in regard to basing it on scripture.

        if someone was caught with a dagger raised about to kill his son and said God told him to sacrifice his son would you believe him? We know from the bible that God instructed such before, what makes you think he wouldn’t do it again?

        If you saw a story on the news about someone finding a trapped child, thus saving its life and in the interview the person said he felt God telling him to take that route, would you believe him?

        Have a blessed day

        • Joe

          I understand your point of view and I think that there is more to is than just comparing it to scripture.

        • Amos Moses – He>i

          “if someone was caught with a dagger raised about to kill his son and said God told him to sacrifice his son would you believe him? We know from the bible that God instructed such before, what makes you think he wouldn’t do it again?”

          so you are going to take a story that foreshadows the Messiah …… and you are going to TWIST it into whether we believe what God has said ….. AND THEN try to apply that to what JDP is doing to heap the rewards upon himself instead of preaching the gospel …..

          and you still want us to think you are a christian ………. WOW …….

          • Bob Johnson

            So you don’t think Abraham was trying to “heap rewards upon himself” that is, seek God’s favor?

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            God used Abraham and that story to demonstrate how God would save men ….. by the sacrifice of Gods only Son ….. and all the elements of that are in that story …….. including God providing the sacrifice of a Lamb (of God)(Christ) in place of Isaac ….. as Christ is our replacement sacrifice …….

          • Bob Johnson

            Neither I nor James Blue said or even implied that Isaac was a child. And your answer seems to suggest that we should not take a literal view of the Bible, rather that the Bible should be read symbolically.

            You also missed my point and question that Abraham was seeking God’s favor (reward) in the same manner that you stated Jesse Duplantis is trying to “heap the rewards upon himself.”

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            Nope …. it is literal AND it is type and shadow ….. and the OT is only about ONE PERSON ….. Christ Jesus ….. and Christ said so ……. so if Christ is real ….. the what He said is REAL and literal ….. and it all occurred as God had it planned and to be written as God had it planned to be …………. as a prophecy of the Messiah ……

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            “You also missed my point and question that Abraham was seeking God’s favor (reward)”

            i ignored it as irrelevant …. Abraham ALREADY HAD IT …… it was PREDESTINED ……..

          • james blue

            Please show me anywhere I suggested I believe him.

            Then anything to suggest I care what you think about me.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            “Then anything to suggest I care what you think about me.”

            you answer ……….

          • james blue

            Are you sure that’s not because I’m amused that I live rent free in your heads? (yes I did use the plural)

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            you watch too much Big Bang Theory reruns ……….

          • james blue

            I’m assuming you are talking about the TV show. You don’t seriously think the expression came from there do you? I suspect you wouldn’t know of the lady to whom the phrase is attributed or what it means sans the full quote without searching.

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            i am impressed that you know … but not that impressed ……….

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            Video series shows how it ‘deliberately’ fails to do mandatory reporting

            oh my ….

  • Zimo29

    Send all your belongings to god, in care of me

  • Lydia Church

    He wouldn’t need a plane, when He returns He will be in the clouds and every eye will see.
    But I think He purposely avoided this time in history because of all these sorts of things…

  • Croquet_Player

    In the interests of strict fairness, I would like to strongly point out that I think this person is a low and common con artist. That he is using religion to do it is a tried and tested successful method. However, I do not lump all “Christians” in with him, and far from it. Honest people of any faith, or no faith, may and should point out grifters of any stripe, anywhere and everywhere they find them.

  • B1jetmech

    What a crook.

  • DC Panorama

    It is amazing how many stupids are following that “pastor”; means that stupidity is taking brains democratically.

  • Excuse me Jesse but Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem 1 week before He was crucified there.

    Jesse you are serving Satan and not Jesus.

  • airstart

    Just another religious con man. Nimrod was one of the earliest recorded. He just wanted a tower to reach heaven, since aviation was yet to come. Jessie’s’ sheeple will probably cough up the 54 mil. God doesn’t confuse their language anymore, He just sends them strong delusions so they’ll believe the con. If it weren’t for dumb sheeple, religious con men would have to get real jobs.

  • It’s good to see many Christians can see prosperity preachers for what they are: Confidence men and women whose goal it is to pick the paltry pockets of the poor, pious pigeons.

    Unfortunately, there are some who do not so blatantly and crudely sell their snake-oil for worldly treasures, and are followed and funded by millions of slightly more reasonable folks but who still can’t see the mind controlling and wallet opening forest for the emotionally stimulating, scriptural trees. Folks like: Kenneth Copeland.

    Bishop TD Jakes.
    David Oyedepo.
    Pat Robertson.
    Benny Hinn.
    Joel Osteen.
    Creflo Dollar.
    Billy Graham.
    Rick Warren
    Joyce Meyer
    Juanita Bynum $10 million
    Rev John Hagee $5 million
    Paula White $5 million
    Bishop Noel Jones $5 million
    Louis Farrakhan $3 million

    Then there are those who have less, such as Pope Francis ($2 million?) but live in sumptuous splendor and comfort without spending a dime. Why does he need any money at all?

    • Mark

      You envy people who succeed because you didn’t.

      • So, you say that preachers who gather unto themselves great treasures on earth (much of it from the poor) successful? And you consider yourself a moral person?

  • peanut butter

    Him and Creflo… two of the top fleecers, false preachers in it only for the money. But there’s plenty more out there.

  • berno

    He is not Jesus and Jesus is not like him.

  • Elca

    If the deplorables in his Church agrees to give him the money to buy his jet, then good for him.
    This is America…and if Trump is as smart as Fredo, he would ask the Republicans to sell the white house to Jared or Putin.

  • Youssef Benyahia

    This is a fourth plane he wants. The bible says if you have two coats give one away. There are people around the world who have no drinking water. Christ was humble he washed his disciples feet.

  • ChuSez

    Another Hell bound hypocrite using the Word of God to wring money out of his slow witted benighted followers.