Texas Judge Rules Father Must Attend Costly Counseling Over 8-Year-Old Son Who Wife Insists Identifies as Girl

DALLAS — A mother who insists that her son identifies as a girl has been granted her request that her son continue to attend public school, where he has been regarded as female, instead of being homeschooled as the child’s father wishes. A judge has also required that the child’s father attend costly therapy sessions, as well as his son and twin brother, which he is concerned will likewise seek to ingrain in the boy that he is a girl. Costs are estimated to be at $5K-$7K a month, with a $10K retainer.

“James and Jude did not have a victory in court today. Judge Mary Brown has condemned James and Jude to a life of therapy, confusion, and abuse without even having a hearing. There are no other words for what has happened today,” reads an update on the Save James Facebook page. 

“She has forced James to live as ‘Luna’ in a school surrounded by teachers and therapists who do not acknowledge that he has said multiple times to multiple people that he wants to be a boy and hates being forced to be a girl,” it states. “She has forced Jude into a stressful existence of constant lies and misery as he watches his brother get destroyed before him without any hope for an end to this madness.”

As previously reported, Jeff Younger has eight-year-old twin boys, James and Jude. When James was three, his mother, Texas pediatrician Anne Georgulas, began dressing him as a girl as she believed that he identified as transgender, seeing that he imitated female characters from “Frozen” and wanted a girls’ toy from McDonald’s.

She consequently entered James into “psychological treatment,” where he was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Georgulas also enrolled him in school as a girl.

However, friends of the Youngers state that the therapy is wrongfully leading James up to chemical castration and assert that the child prefers to dress and act like a boy when he is away from his mother.

They outline that James loves pillow forts, campouts, plastic swords, superhero outfits and bow ties, and that he has wrestled and played battleship with their sons as boys naturally do.

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“When James is with Jeff, the boy shows no signs of wanting to be a girl. Even when in female company, away from Jeff, James rejects a female gender expression,” the Save James Facebook page contends.

However, Georgulas claimed in court documents in 2018 that Younger was being “emotionally abusive” toward the child in treating him as a boy, which included taking him to get his hair cut.

“[T]he father has engaged in emotionally abusive behavior toward the child (as example only, haircutting and other non-affirming actions),” an attorney for Georgulas wrote.

She asked that Younger be prevented from cutting James’ hair, as well as for an injunction prohibiting him “from engaging in non-affirming behavior and/or taking Luna outside the home as James, or allowing others to do so.”

Georgulas further requested that if the father fails to regard the boy as “Luna,” that the court either limit his consecutive overnight possession of the children or place it under supervision.

In October, Judge Kim Cooks gave both parents joint conservatorship after a jury initially ruled against giving Younger sole decision-making authority over the child’s care.

Life Site News reports that Cooks found that Georgulas was being “overly affirming in instances when James supposedly showed a desire to be a girl, including taking him to LGBTQ parades, buying him dresses and fake hair, and enrolling him in kindergarten as a ‘girl’ named ‘Luna.'”

However, Georgulas appealed and sought for Cooks to be recused from the case. Judge Mary Brown then presided over the matter, upholding the joint conservatorship in January.

A hearing was scheduled for Aug. 11, but the Save James Facebook page states that Brown ruled without one and instead granted Georgulas her request that James continue to be sent to public school — which treats James as “Luna” — instead of being homeschooled as his father desires.

She also required Younger to attend counseling sessions, which he did not want to attend due to the exorbitant costs of $5K-$7K a month, plus a $10K retainer fee. Younger additionally is concerned that he has no say in who the therapists are and what they will tell his children. He is not able to ask his sons what was said to them by the therapists.

“Judge Mary Brown, without even having a hearing, has wiped out thousands of dollars for Jeff. He had a Writ of Mandamus in place to appeal her order that forced him into therapy. That Writ of Mandamus cost him well above $15k. It is now gone,” the Facebook update states.

An evidentiary hearing is scheduled for September.

According to reports, Georgulas is not James and Judes’ biological mother as the twins were conceived via an egg donor through in vitro fertilization.

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article stated that Younger had lost his joint conservatorship. Life Site News and The Daily Citizen had reported that Brown had granted sole deciding authority to Georgulas, but “Save James” tells Christian News Network this is not accurate. 

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