New ‘Preachers’ Daughters’ Reality Show to Highlight the Teenage Temptations of Preachers’ Kids

A new reality show that centers on the lives of preachers’ kids is scheduled to air on the Lifetime Television Network in 2013.

Preachers’ Daughters is said to give a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of teenagers whose fathers are Christian ministers, and how they handle worldly temptations with the guidance of their parents.

Broadway World reports: “A profound and hard-hitting, but often humorous, look at the daily pressures typical teenagers face, Preachers’ Daughters captures the intense moral, social, sexual and spiritual conflicts these daughters endure as they weigh whether or not to break free from the strong beliefs, time-honored traditions and rituals their loving, but strict, parents have raised them on.”

“Adolescence can be a challenging time of transition for children and their parents,” stated Rob Sharenow of Lifetime. “By opening their homes and lives to our viewers, the families featured on Preachers’ Daughters will provide an honest portrayal of their experiences — book-ended by the deep love they share and shifting household dynamics in their beliefs.”

According to reports, eight one-hour episodes will be recorded and produced by Thinkfactory Media. Adam Reed, Emily Sinclair, Adam Freeman and Leslie Greif, Gena McCarthy, Kimberly Chessler and Toby Faulkner will all serve as executive producers.

The announcement becomes the second surrounding reality shows that will center on preachers’ homes in the new year. As previously reported, TLC recently unveiled a new prime time program called The Sisterhood that features a behind-the-scenes look at the everyday lives of five preachers’ wives from Atlanta, Georgia, whose lifestyles are much different from what they portray in church.

“If you pull back the curtain and see us for who we truly are, you’d be shocked,” states one of the wives, Ivy Couch, in the video promo, whose husband Mark leads Emanuel Tabernacle Church.

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The broadcast, shot in one of the largest cities in the Bible Belt, follows the women as they dress provocatively, giggle about sexual matters with their friends and husbands, and live on the edge in a variety of ways, including getting tattoos.

One scene shows Couch laughing as she opens a gift bag from her husband to find that he had given her handcuffs to use in the bedroom.

“You better watch yo’self, girl!” Mark jokes.

“People don’t expect a preacher and his wife to have a good sex life,” Couch tells the cameras.

“It’s very difficult to be a ‘first lady.’ Very difficult,” she declares in another clip.

While it is not known whether Preachers’ Daughters will be as risque’ as The Sisterhood, indications suggest that the broadcast rather demonstrates how teenage girls can overcome temptations to sin in today’s society through Godly parenting rather than embracing the world and its lusts.

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