DirecTV, CVS Pushing Homosexuality in TV Commercials

DirectvAs the sin of homosexuality becomes more of an accepted behavior in American culture, satellite television provider DirecTV and drug store giant CVS have become the latest to join the bandwagon of major corporations pushing homosexuality in marketing campaigns.

In a commercial entitled Rivalry, DirecTV uses two men who state that they are “just like any couple” to promote the provider’s NFL Sunday Ticket.

“Chris and I have our friendly rivalry,” the ad begins, showing the two men smashing through the living room window as the dog runs for cover. “Giants, Cowboys—you know the deal.”

“But we sure agreed on getting rid of cable, and upgrading to DirecTV with NFL Sunday Ticket,” it continues, one man clinging to the other as they fly through the air. “It’s the only way we can watch our favorite teams every week.”

“Sure, we still argue sometimes,” one of the men states. “But we’re just like any couple, really,” the other chimes in.

According to reports, DirecTV has been providing homosexual-themed movies via its pay-per-view services for years.

In a new television commercial for CVS, now known as CVS Health, homosexuality is featured more subtly with a brief two-second video clip of two men who viewers agree are meant to depict a couple.

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The advertisement shows a variety of individuals making wishes by crossing their fingers, picking a clover or bowing their head over a birthday cake.

“The wish we wish above all, for ourselves and those we love, is health,” it begins, with the men appearing seconds later. “So, we quit selling cigarettes at our CVS pharmacies. We’ve designed a comprehensive program to help smokers quit, too.”

CVS Health also features an article on their official website entitled Gay or Straight: Can You Really Change? written by Sherman M. Fridman, JD. Although the article notes that same-sex attraction is different from actual homosexual behavior, it concludes that “[a]cceptance [of one’s homosexuality] is an important psychological step.”

Fridman uses the stories of two individuals, David and Judith, to state that people should embrace homosexual temptation and not resist it.

“Judith is a case in point. She had been raised in a ‘fairly religious, conservative’ family in the Midwest. A virgin when she married, Judith had never been excited about dating men. Although she was married for 14 years and had a child, she says she did not feel particularly close to her husband,” the article states.

“David and Judith are both finally comfortable with their homosexuality, and both believe that sexual orientation is not something that can be changed,” Fridman concludes. “They both insist that the lives they lead are perfectly normal.”

DirecTV and CVS are among a myriad of corporations that have sought to include homosexuality in their marketing or have announced their support for same-sex ‘marriage.’ As previously reported, in 2012, cereal giant General Mills came out in support of same-sex ‘marriage,’ and dessert mix company Betty Crocker did the same a year later, donating cakes to three homosexual twosomes for their “wedding.”

JC Penney published Mother’s Day and Father’s Day print ads depicting homosexual couples in 2012, and in 2009, the Campbell’s Soup Company placed a two-page ad featuring two lesbians in the homosexual publication The Advocate. Starbucks defended its support for same-sex “marriage” last year despite boycotts against the company, and the restaurant chain Chipotle was featured two homosexual pride parades. In San Francisco, Burger King advertised its “proud Whopper” earlier this year, and Nabisco promoted its Honey Maid grahams and Teddy Grahams in a commercial that featured a homosexual couple.

Home Depot, Target, Walgreens, Microsoft and Levi’s, among others, have also met resistance from Christian organizations for their support of the homosexual lifestyle.

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  • Donald

    Slavery is accepted in the bible as well. Do you all agree with that as well? I don’t care what anyone says. This is America. Where every once should have the same rights as everyone else. Civil unions are not the same. Separate but equal didn’t work 50 years ago why would it work now?

  • Rob

    So they claim to promote health but promote a lifestyle that’s the cause of half the cases of AIDs. Only shows how disingenuous it is. If they’re going to promote perversion, they make others who pay for their services the ones paying for it, which is why many have no choice but to ban such venues. JCPennies learned that one the hard way.

  • Dave

    It is becoming very difficult and soon impossible to keep track of which companies to avoid doing business with.

  • Mark Ward

    The fact is that major corporations are acknowledging that not everyone is in a “traditional” family unit today. There are all kinds of couples, some raising families, some seniors, some just a twosome. The assumption that the “sin” of homosexuality is worth the time and effort and condemnation it gets from the religious right is absurd! Look at the murders of innocent children all over the world. Look at the fact that abortion is used by many as birth control in our own country and subsidized by taxpayer dollars! Look at the Muslims beheading Christians in the middle east and our nation standing by and doing little or nothing about it! No my friends – there are FAR worse things going on in our world and things that are far more deserving of the attention and intervention of the Christian Community world-wide.

    Remember that it was our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ himself that said “LET HE THAT IS AMONG YOU CAST THE FIRST STONE!” And what about the biblical admonition to “JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED”??

    There are many moral, decent, kind and yes CHRISTIAN gay men and women in this world. Many of them are pushed out of the very church communities they need by the bigotry and hate that has been directed at them from the pulpits of America. At the very least we are told to hate the sin, but love the sinner. Think about it.

    Personally, I suspect it will be God who judges the gays just as he will judge everyone else on this earth. And without the Sacrifice and Shedding of His Precious Blood on Calvary, none of us would be saved. Maybe the Church should remember that fact! And maybe they should focus their attention on the real atrocities of this world. And if we are in the last days and the time of Jacobs Trouble before the end of history and the Return of Christ – then PRAISE HIM and PRAY and PREPARE Yourselves spiritually. Pray you may be counted worthy to escape the final seven years of history before the Millennial Reign of Christ begins on earth. The scriptures tell us that few will survive the coming last days. Spend your time getting the log out of your own eye and getting your own house and soul right with The Lord.

    To be the purveyors of hate and fear and to condemn between six and ten percent of the world population because of your perception that they might be homosexual is absurd! It is un-Christian and flies in the face of everything Jesus taught us.

  • Charlene V Capetillo

    Mixing apples and oranges.
    Directing the PUBLIC toward true values is the intent..not forcing gay agenda on a defenseless generation as the LARGEST LOBBY IN WASHINGTON is relentlessly doing.
    We conservative traditional Americans do not promote HATE as accused. .we are desperately trying to save our youth from the erosion of any values that the homosexual lifestyle brings into view. Sexual urges are the motivation to engage in any relationship one desires..regardless of the stigma, harm to friendships and family cost is considered above the “irresponsible desire” for sex..NOT WISE COUNSEL especially to our youth.

  • Spoob

    Pushing homosexuality? Or maybe just simply asking people to accept and tolerate homosexuals?