Latest Ray Comfort Film to Address Homosexuality ‘Without Compromise’

Ray Comfort AudacityLOS ANGELES – Christian evangelist Ray Comfort plans to release a movie next year that will address the controversial topic of homosexuality from a biblical perspective.

Comfort, founder of the California-based apologetics ministry Living Waters, has produced a number of film projects in recent years, including the abortion documentary “180.” As previously reported, Comfort’s most recent projects included the documentaries “Evolution vs. God” and “NOAH—And the Last Days.”

Now, Comfort has decided to release a film on homosexuality—a topic that he describes as “the most controversial issue of our day.” In an interview with Christian News Network, Comfort said has was initially reluctant to address the contentious issue in a movie.

“I didn’t want to do this movie,” he said. “When different people kept asking for one that addressed the subject of homosexuality, I said an adamant ‘No!’ and I was deadly serious. It just wasn’t going to happen. One of the major reasons for this was that to speak even slightly against homosexuality nowadays is tantamount to being a hate-filled racist.”

Despite the cultural pressures to remain silent on the topic, Comfort says he realized it is possible to frankly address homosexuality without compromising the truths of the Bible. He says the film’s focus will be the gospel—not political activism.

“This movie isn’t motivated by an ounce of hatred,” he promised. “It’s just the opposite. We love gay people, and that’s what we believe will be the conclusion of most who see it.”

The movie, to be titled “Audacity,” will be released in early 2015.

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“We wouldn’t have made this movie if we didn’t care about homosexuals,” Comfort explained. “‘Audacity’ doesn’t stereotype or vilify gays in the slightest.”

Unlike Comfort’s previous films, “Audacity” will feature a script and professional actors. Comfort says the film will offer a “stirring story” that will “hold the attention of an avid skeptic.”

Despite the non-confrontational nature of the film, “Audacity” has already generated sharp backlash from non-Christians. Additionally, Comfort says he has even received “hate speech” warnings from Facebook.

“When we produced ‘180’ they said we hated women. When ‘Evolution Vs. God’ came out, we hated science.  Neither accusations were true,” Comfort stated. “We are now in post-production of a movie that shows how much we love gay people, and they are already saying that I hate gays.”

Comfort believes the unbelievers’ criticism is ultimately driven by a hatred of God.

“The issue isn’t about women, evolution or gays,” he said. “These critics hate any thought of God, and they think that if they can vilify me they can vilify the message—when they just confirm it with their hatred.”

Comfort told Christian News Network that he has been encouraged by the response has received from Christians.

“The response from Christians has been wonderful,” he stated. “We have received nothing but support and encouragement from those who have seen the importance of this issue.”

A crowdfunding campaign for “Audacity” has already raised over $130,000, with hundreds of people supporting the project. Overall, Comfort hopes the movie will show Christians how to effectively address homosexuality without compromising biblical truths.

“The biblical perspective is very clear on homosexuality. It’s stated in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10,” Comfort stated. “However, there is a way to handle the subject without compromise, to handle it biblically, and in a way that defuses the hatred. ‘Audacity’ will show Christians how to do that, and we believe it will be a wonderfully effective tool to give to those who don’t understand the issues that are at hand.”

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  • William Costa

    I thought that you might want to see this before you do your movie. I hope that it will help you.
    Now looking at homosexuality from a scientific perspective, a question that always comes up is that are gays responsible for the cause and effect of AIDS? Some people will tell you yes, and some people will tell you no. So let us look at this with a little simple science to find out. We will not need a medical or a biology degree for this lesson. From what we have learned using the Bible, God designed the male and female bodies for each other’s pleasure. The vagina was purposely designed with ribs to pleasure a man’s penis from the beginning of the shaft to the end of his head, and the head of the penis was designed to stimulate those ribs. The Vagina during arousal has fluids. These vaginal fluids contain water, pyridine, squalene, urea, acetic acid, lactic acid, complex alcohols and glycols, ketones, and aldehydes. It can vary in consistency, texture, taste, color, and odor, depending on sexual arousal, the phase of the menstrual cycle, the presence of an infection, certain drugs, genetic factors, and diet. Vaginal fluid is slightly acidic and can become more acidic with certain sexually transmitted diseases.
    In the urethra of the male penis, this is an actual passage way into the body for bacteria, much like the woman’s vagina is. When the penis becomes erect, the urethra opening is increased, and susceptible to more bacteria entering the male body. But this just shows once again how perfect God was when He designed us. When he made the male body to have sex with a woman, he knew that this would happen (of course), and that those vaginal fluids would get into that opening and burn. So god also created the Cowper glands for males. Cowper’s glands are two small yellowish glands near the prostate that secrete a mucous substance called Cowper’s fluid into the urethra during sexual stimulation in males. This is also needed because of the acidic environments that are hostile to sperm. Pre-ejaculate in most cases neutralizes residual acidity in the urethra caused by urine, creating a more favorable environment for the passage of sperm. The vagina is normally acidic, so the deposit of pre-ejaculate before the emission of semen may change the vaginal environment to promote sperm survival. Is God not perfect with His creations or what? God is so great!
    But this Cowper fluid has a weakness. It has no defense mechanisms. If any bacteria tried to crawl into the male urethra, it would be a smooth ride with no defenses to fight it off. But during normal male to female marital and faithful to each other sex, without an occasional bacterial infection, there is nothing to worry about. No defenses are necessary. God’s design here is flawless. But now let us look into the anus. The anus is a one-way valve, stimulated to open only by pressure from the inside, and stimulated to contract by pressure from the outside. This is the natural use of the anal muscle.
    Now past the anus is the colon and large intestine. The colon and large intestine houses over 700 species of bacteria that perform a variety of functions. Some of these bacteria produce large amounts of vitamins, especially vitamin K and biotin (a B vitamin), for absorption into the blood. Although these sources of vitamins, in general, provide only a small part of the daily requirement, it makes a significant contribution when dietary vitamin intake is low. An individual that depends on absorption of vitamins formed by bacteria in the large intestine may become vitamin-deficient if treated with antibiotics that inhibit other species of bacteria as well as the disease-causing bacteria. Other bacterial products include gas (flatus), which is a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, with small amounts of the gases hydrogen, methane, and hydrogen sulphide. Bacterial fermentation of undigested polysaccharides produces these. The normal flora is also essential in the development of certain tissues, including the cecum and lymphatics. They are also involved in the production of cross-reactive antibodies. These are antibodies produced by the immune system against the normal flora that are also effective against related pathogens, thereby preventing infection or invasion. The most prevalent bacteria are the bacteroides, which have been implicated in the initiation of colitis and colon cancer. Bifidobacteria are also abundant, and are often described as ‘friendly bacteria’. A mucus layer protects the large intestine from attacks from colonic commensal bacteria.
    This friendly bacterium and some other numerous defensive bacteria’s as they are called is only friendly when they are doing the job that they were specifically created and designed for. They will also attack ANY outside force that does not belong there. So during anal sex (let’s face it people, the human body was not designed for this, regardless if you enjoy it or not), this friendly bacteria is going to attack! Now even if an enema is given first, you are not washing out all of the friendly bacteria because the body keeps producing it to protect itself. (One recently good example of the lifespan of these bacteria is with Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Plumbing went bad, so people dug latrines for themselves. But these latrines were not deep enough. So even after rains and flood waters washing the human waste away, the bacteria still lived making many people sick.) When it attacks the male penis, it cannot hurt the penis itself because of the skin. But there is this lubricated pathway to the inner body via the male urethra. Once this friendly bacteria enters the new host, it continues to attack and will do so until it simply dies off. It is now not so friendly to the new host. Numerous bacteria enter a male every time anal sex is performed with the urethra being lubricated. Now having occasional anal sex will not do significant damage. But the more you do it, the more killer bacteria will enter that slicked down passage way, and eventually damage can and will be seen. (Remember the lifespan even after the waste was washed away in Katrina? So even after taking a shower the bacteria IS NOT washed off of the male’s penis. Think about that for gays performing oral sex even as much as 24 hours afterwards of their anal sex encounter. They are literally eating and swallowing feces bacteria still.) Now simply put, this is disgusting! How can anybody call this “normal”? It is not (Rom. 1:26, 27).
    Now this friendly bacterium is not seen once it dies, but the damage that it did can be. The male body that received these bacteria has defenses fighting them at full strength, but to no avail. These bacteria only die when their life time is up. They kill the body’s defenses that come to the rescue. Eventually, your body gets tired of making these immune chemicals to fight these ‘so-called’ friendly bacteria, that they just cannot make them anymore. That is how we get AIDS! Bi-sexual men with the virus pass it onto women, these women pass it onto other men, and now the media calls it a family issue and disease, and not a gay issue disease. The gays say that everybody does anal sex just to draw the attention away from it being a gay disease. This could very well be what God was referring to in Leviticus 20:13, when he said, “their blood shall be upon THEM.” Remember, God was talking about gays here in this Scripture, and AIDS is definitely a blood disease!

  • Jerome

    Let me guess, the movie is about a young gay man who struggles with his homosexuality until he finds God and than becomes a happy heterosexual Christian. Is that right Ray? Comfort, one of many obsessed with the sex lives of gay men.

  • Rachel

    Can’t wait to see it! I believe this will help many us Christians to minister to homosexuals with LOVE. Thank you Ray for being the salt and light of the world!

  • Karen Sherwin

    We (Christians) aren’t hating anyone, but if WE try to show our thinking which might be different than theirs, we hate them.

  • Michael

    I’m glad to see someone taking this on. If God is for you, who can be against you! What can mere men do to us?

    For too long the world has had a perspective of the Christian view on homosexuality that’s been distorted because of so many “Christians” who wrongly twist scripture to support their own hateful opinions of homosexuality.

    I pray this film will reveal a position from Christ’s perspective on how we should treat the homosexual as well as any unsaved person. They are all in need of the loving grace and mercy of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and we, as His hands and feet, are to be ambassadors for Christ, living as citizens of heaven, conducting ourselves in a manner worthy of the Good News about Christ. Amen!

  • Kevin Brown

    Is this movie going to be about how homosexuality is a sin or is it going to be about supporting homosexuality? If it’s supporting it I won’t have anything to do with this movie, but if it’s about how they’re trying to tell them it is sin and trying to show the love of God while showing it’s a sin I’ll check this movie out.

  • Peter Rowney

    Ray Comfort does hate women. He hates that they believe they have a right to control their own reproductive system and make their own choices about their own bodies.

    Ray Comfort does hate science. He hates the fact that he doesn’t even understand the most accepted fact in the history of biology.

    Ray Comfort hates homosexuals. he hates them so much that he recently photographed a gay man on a flight without his knowledge and then posted it on Facebook for his followers to mock and ridicule this man’s lifestyle.

    Personally I think Ray should have listened to his conscience on this movie. It will be the final straw that will break the back of his hatefilled ministry.

    There is not one single difference between Ray Comfort of Living Waters and Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church.

  • Michelle Bowen

    Ignore the haters, no matter what they’re going to hate. I am proud of you for taking this stand with the Bible NOT with the stupid issues of ‘rights’ that American’s cling to like its their life line.

    Don’t get me wrong rights are important but some rights are just wrong. Like Abortion, gay marraige, to name a few.

    I am behind you 100%


  • Alice J. C.

    I’m glad that some people have the courage to speak about this from a Biblical truth. Thank you, Ray, and all the others who do.

  • Peggy Wight

    Love everything I’ve seen Ray Comfort do because he knows the bible and knows the right questions to ask.

  • Jonas Acebo

    To not stand up and speak up frankly and honestly, to show them how we “speak the truth in love” as Paul describes it. We tell the message out of love, not to win arguments or for any purposes of conversion. We stand there and we tell the Gospel,we give reasons for the Christian faith, people hear it, they receive or reject it. You can persuade the mind but never convict the heart. As long as people fear honesty and reproach from the Truth, then they will never see the value of we’re doing this out of love, not of hate. We speak because of obligation and we don’t get anything out of it, only to speak the Gospel.

    • Gary H

      God knows which sins will destroy a nation. That is why He criminalized a small number of sins, and of those said a tiny fraction require the death penalty.

      • Saul Codison

        Gary H, I seemed to misunderstand by what you mean and I am cautious of what would be the implications of your words. It is not about the sin but into the heart and mind of every human being, that they are in constant rebellion and transgression against God. Hence sin is a manifestation of the expressing of man’s inner hatred against God ‘Out of the heart man comes out evil’ as Jesus said. While capital punishment is neither condoned or condemned, God did gave the State powers to legislate capital punishment if necessary. Only by the power of God can He change the minds of every man and woman through Christ’s redemptive work.

        While nations still cling onto Biblical beliefs and values, they are increasingly being marginalised due to the rampant secularisation in today’s society. Rather create a “tolerant” and “non-judgemental” society, it creates a society hostile to religion particularly Christianity. As countries to push this aggressive stance, they began to lose coherence and cohesion in life.

        • Gary H

          The Bible does not say, “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” It says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” (Prov. 23:7). Thus, the problem isn’t his sin as much as it is him. Yes, “the Lord hates… hands that shed innocent blood,” (Prov. 6:16-17), but those hands are attached to the man and controlled by his heart (i.e., his mind). So God hates “all workers of iniquity” (Ps 5:5). “The Lord abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man” (Ps 5:6). Also “the wicked and the one who loves violence [God] hates.” (Ps 11:5). Further, “The face of the Lord is against those who do evil” (Ps 34:16). God “loves righteousness and hate[s] wickedness (Ps. 45:7).

          Jesus was a man. Christianity today has been emasculated. Men and women are different and they communicate differently. Women are softer and nicer than men, and thank God that they are. However, Christian ministers should not behave like women. That foolishness is a death sentence for many unbelievers. Strength, confidence, conviction and tough love appeal to those who are searching. Thus the truth about Jesus is a beacon to real seekers .

          Today we are way nicer than God. It is tragic. This spiritual plateau that the Church has reached conveniently reduces the chances for confrontation. Nice people rarely rebuke, judge, confront, accuse or condemn. Nice people have less stress. It seems the only ones that Christians are quick to judge and condemn are fellow believers who judge and condemn the wicked. Go figure.

          • Saul Codison

            Gary H, only God can claim of wrath upon sinners. As Christians, it is the duty to say what God has said with good reasons as well as willingness to be direct and straight to the point to convict people of the Gospel. We too are given to rebuke people of errors as well (I’ve been trying to help people get back on the right track,some don’t and some does. It’s a burden to bear).

            You are absolutely right that Christians may sometimes judge other Christians for standing straight of condemning sin. The Church had been intimidated by the culture to stop “judging” people. What they have forgotten is that telling the Gospel is not about judging or being right, it’s about telling it to them out of love of God’s sacrifice with reasons why we should accept the Gospel. We win people, not arguments. In addition, I seem to misunderstand what you mean of nice people not being “stressed” or “rarely rebuke”. People who love their friends tell the truth even if it hurts them because it helps them to get back on the right track and show the good greater than rebuke. A proper correction benefits people as you and I may have experienced it.

            “Today we are nicer than God” is a boast and tantamount to Blasphemy. No one can claim they are greater than God. God exercises perfect love and perfect justice, we don’t. God knows what is true “kindness” and that is found in Christ’s work, balancing justice and love. Not only the Church must confront issues but every individuals of the Church plays a part as well. It doesn’t even have to be arguing, it could be working, studying or serving others. Let’s not forget words play a part as well.

            Let the Bible be our foundations for our thinking and actions.

          • Gary H

            Yes, “nicer than God” is hyperbole.”

  • James Grimes

    I hope the film promotes the condemnation of the sin and shows love toward the sinner.

  • Gary

    I like Ray Comfort. But Ray thinks it is possible for out and proud homosexuals to be saved. I think he is mistaken about that.

    • Chris G

      Gary, It’s truly saddening that any believer would make a statement like that. Having been what you would call an out and proud homosexual many many years ago before my eyes and heart were opened to the truth of all sinful behaviour and just how destructive a sin it is.

      Who are you to decide or question whom God may call to respond to the gospel?

      Notice in the following well known verse Paul after listing the various sins within society then specifically says “And such were some of you” BUT by the grace of God through salvation in Christ are they now aware of the truth of there sin.

      Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.
      (1 Corinthians 6:9-11 ESV)

      • Michael David Cilantro

        Both of you need wake up calls. I highly doubt god is gong to send you to hell for loving someone especially the same sex. Throw as many verses at me as you like. Only god can judge me or anyone for that fact. Homosexuality is not a sin nor is it wrong and yes I am a devout christian and strong believer in my faith but believe me when I say the books been tossed around and rewritten over many many times. I seriously doubt god is going to get upset because some kind hearted compassionate loving soul is attracted to the same sex, Good Grief, this argument has been going on forever it seems like and everyones answer is usually its wrong. Smh

  • TeasingTheSelfRighteousIsEasy

    At this point in human history the Abrahamic superstitions are a
    curse on humanity, the arc of human progress leads directly away
    from this primitive nonsense and has for hundreds of years.

    Indoctrinating children in supernaturalism before they are old
    enough to understand the concept of fiction is nothing less than
    ritualistic child abuse. It is by this process of indoctrination
    that this communicable mental illness is spread.

    It gives us a world filled with permanent two year olds scared of
    the dark and the bogeyman who have a built-in pushbutton connected
    directly to their fear response, a handy thing for social control.

    It is the world’s oldest confidence scheme:

    “Psst! Hey Rube, this is your lucky day! I have an inside line with
    an invisible being with super powers! Do as I say or my invisible
    friend will smite you! Now give me your lunch money and thank me for
    taking it.”