Professing ‘Christian’ Trump Increases Use of Vulgar, Profane Language on Campaign Trail

Donald Trump Credit Michael Vadon-compressed
Photo Credit: Michael Vadon

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who was endorsed two weeks ago by Jerry Falwell, Jr., the president of what heralds itself as the world’s largest Christian university, stepped up his use of profanity this week while on the campaign trail in New Hampshire.

During his town hall rally in Portsmouth on Thursday, while speaking of companies that relocate overseas in order to receive tax breaks, Trump declared, “And you can tell them to go [expletive] themselves!”

Later, when decrying island-building in the South China Sea, he proclaimed that the Chinese are “ripping the [expletive] out of the sea,” which generated laughter from the audience.

He also spoke against Barack Obama’s trips Hawaii on Air Force One and subsequent golfing breaks, remarking, “I’d want to stay in the White House and work my [expletive] off.”

At a separate event in Exeter, Trump again used expletives in speaking of Washington politicians.

“I was going to say they’re full of [expletive],” he said, “but I won’t say it … because it’s too controversial, and of course it’s not politically correct.”

On Tuesday, in Miford, Trump repeated as he has on several occasions that if he were president, he would “bomb the [expletive]” out of ISIS.

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ISIS is making a tremendous amount of money because they have certain oil camps, right? They have areas of oil that they took away. They have some in Syria, some in Iraq. I would bomb the [expletive] of ’em,” he declared to a cheering crowd. “I would just bomb those suckers. And that’s right, I’d blow up the pipes, … I’d blow up every single inch. There would be nothing left.”

Trump also remarked this week that if Ted Cruz obtains the Republican nomination, “they’re going to sue his [expletive] off,” due to controversy over his Canadian birth.

As previously reported, some have remarked that Trump has used more profanity than any other candidate they have seen run for the office of president.

“Over the course of his time on Twitter, including in some cases after he announced his presidential candidacy, Trump has tweeted or retweeted profanity on his account more than 100 times,” reported the Washington Post in December.

“[Trump’s swear] words render him unfit to be a presidential candidate, let alone president,” also wrote radio host Dennis Prager in a National Review article entitled “Donald Trump’s F-Bombs” in 2011. “Any fool can curse in public. … Leading Republicans need to announce that there is no place in the Republican party for profane public speech. You cannot stand for small government without standing for big people.”

Nonetheless, Jerry Falwell, Jr., the president of Liberty University, who endorsed Trump for the presidency two weeks ago and appeared at two Iowa campaign rallies with the candidate last weekend, has proclaimed before the thousands of students who attend the university and on national media that Trump’s life comports with Christianity.

“Matthew 7:16 tells us that ‘By your fruits you shall know them.’ Donald Trump’s life has borne fruit,” Falwell said last month during Trump’s visit to Liberty University to speak to students. “Fruit that has provided jobs to multitudes of people, in addition to the many he has helped with his generosity.”

“In my opinion, Mr. Trump lives a life of loving and helping others as Jesus taught in the Great Commandment,” he declared.

Falwell made similar comments to Fox talk show host Sean Hannity that same day.

“He may not be a theological expert and he might say two Corinthians instead of second Corinthians, but when you look at the fruits of his life and all the people he’s provided jobs, I think that’s the true test of somebody’s Christianity not whether or not they use the right theological terms,” he contended.

But other Christian university presidents, such as Dr. Everett Piper of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, have stated that it is because Trump’s life does not comport with Christianity that they will not support the candidate nor invite him to speak to students.

“Anyone who calls women ‘pigs,’ ‘ugly,’ ‘fat’ and ‘pieces of [expletive]’ is not on my side,” Piper said in a blog on the university website. “Anyone who has been on the cover of Playboy and proud of it, who brags of his sexual history with multiple women and who owns strip clubs in his casinos is not on my side.”

“I refuse to let my desire to win ‘trump’ my moral compass,” he continued. “I will not sell my soul or my university’s to a political process that values victory more than virtue. No, Donald Trump will not be speaking at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.”

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  • Ruth Davis

    This is who a lot of people and evangelicals are supporting. Wow

    • Gabriel A. King

      Don’t bother to thank us for saving your kids from being raped and murdered by Muslim invaders.

      TRUMP 2016

  • gizmo23

    Who says Christians are always nice people? Politics trump faith almost all the time.
    Both faith and government lose when mixed

    • Barefoot in MN

      Two names: 1) Ronald Reagan. I watched him from afar , and admired; many others have confirmed what I believed: he was the real thing. and 2) Chip Cravaack (House rep, Minnesota) – I knew him in person; he was always a gentleman. Both were/are men of strong faith. Quiet faith but strong.

    • Idiot@large

      “Both faith and government lose when mixed”.
      That is not only an overly simplistic statement. That also happens to not be completely true. Many of our greatest leaders have been men of faith. They just didn’t wear their faith on their sleeve.

      All that nonsense about separation of church and State. Does not actually exist. The only rule when it comes to religion. Is that the federal government can not establish a national Church. This restrictions was extended to states.

      • gizmo23

        Whenever you have a government that claims it is doing the will of God and it’s leader claims some divine mandate bad things happen. People of faith should be encouraged to lead and govern, but they should realize that they represent people with many faiths and cultures not just a particular dogma.
        We no longer have the divine right of kings and for good reason. That is why we had an American revolution.

  • BarkingDawg

    So Trump is a pig.

    and this is news to people?

    • Gabriel A. King

      King David was also accused of likewise “uncouth” behaviors. How long have you been perfect ?

  • Roman

    Instead of going after pastors and televangelists who are preaching false Gospels and leaving people and churches in financial ruins, we’re outraged over a political candidate using cuss words. OMG! How can we survive? lol Trump is not running for Pastor or even Deacon. President.

    • Gabriel A. King

      EXACTLY. “Outraged” in a politically correct tantrum over some stupid nonsense…. while Muslims rape and murder Europe, and soon the USA if we don’t elect Trump fast.

      TRUMP 2016 !

  • Guest

    Yes, and professing Christian Ted Cruz passed around a lie about another professing Christian, Dr. Ben Carson. Oh, and check out the gay foam bath pictures that are supposed to be professing Christian Marco Rubio.

  • disqus_SUijHfDO8w

    Despite this, the Donald is still the best choice in the GOP.

  • thara43

    We are not voting for a pastor we want someone who will take on Washington and hopefully repair the damage that the present administration has done. And by the way , he did not say the f word. His vocabulary is not great but I can overlook that to get someone who will kick a$$.

    • David T. Burket

      He did say the f word, AND he’s said it a number of times in the past before running – in public & on YouTube.

      • Guest

        There’s some bad footage of Cruz on TMZ.

      • Idiot@large

        I would prefer having a president who trully is transparent. Not one that hides his true self behind carefully written speeches. That are written by some professional speech writer.

    • afchief

      I can not trust this man. There is a check in my Spirit. Pray before you vote and ask God to lead you to the right candidate.

      • Guest

        Do you have any leading yet as to who you will vote for?

        • afchief

          I’m voting for Ted Cruz.

          • Guest


          • Idiot@large

            So you will vote for the candidate that lies, and then denies. Then only owns up to it after a week of getting beat over the head. Yep he is a true Christian. A hypocrite.

          • afchief

            Your avatar name fits you. Believing everything the liberal media says.

          • Gabriel A. King

            Ted & Heidi are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, CFR.
            “The usual suspects”.

            Heidi even helped author Obamatrade. lol
            Ted is no stranger to promoting amnesty.

            Establishment to the bone just like Marco Rino. Trump is beholden to no donors and speaks the truth without apology or a teleprompter.

          • Idiot@large

            LOL. How does it feel making a fool out of yourself, by making unfounded assumptions.

            My Avitar is a picture of my Puppy. How does it or my username, suggest I am a libtard?

            Ted Cruz is guilty of using deceptive campaign practices. He was cought red handed.
            If this were not true. Then why has he come out to try and kiss ass, by apologizing?

            He stole a page right out of shrillery rob’em clip’em, and her rapist husband, democratic play book.

            LIE & DENY, then APOLOGIZE! The demlican libtard way.

  • Becky

    No wonder he doesn’t need a teleprompter, he repeats the same thing over and over, expletives and all.

  • afchief

    I will vote for the most pro-life candidate, because God hates the shedding of innocent blood (Prov.6:17).

    I will vote for the most pro-Israel candidate, because God blesses those who blesses Israel & curses those who don’t (Gen.12:3).

    I will vote for the most pro-debt reduction candidate, because the borrower is servant to the lender (Prov.22:7).

    I will vote for the most pro-work candidate because God says if a man not work , let him not eat. (2Thess.3:10)

    I will vote for the most pro-marriage candidate , because God is for marriage as defined in Genesis 2:24 .

    I will vote for the candidate who most closely believes government’s purpose is to reward the good & punish the evil (Romans 13).

    I will vote based as close as I can on God’s Word (2Tim.3:16).

    • Gabriel A. King

      Yeah I think Bush, Clinton, and Obama said they were all for those things BEFORE they got elected too….. enjoy watching your kids raped and murdered by Muslims.

  • Nidalap

    He’s a salesman. He saw a market for a certain political product and he put the product out there. I think he found the market was hotter for it than he anticipated…

  • Guest

    I see Trump as a lot of westerners, who think because they were raised in a mainstream denomination (Trump is Presbyterian), that they are Christians. I do not fault him for not knowing better.

    I do, however, fault Ted Cruz, who was raised in an evangelical setting, for his deceptive actions regarding Dr. Ben Carson.

    May God bless the United States with a leader who will help the nation, whoever that may be.

  • Rosavera

    In this instance in reference to Trump, you are cherry picking his words to attain your end, like Machiavelli. Please do not just report on certain words but bring to light ALL in his speech and you will then agree with Falwell that Trump is and will be a very good president, he knows from experience how to get things done and quickly. Who do the Christians in the Middle East, in Africa have that has gone to protect them…? Which country is actually doing something to help the plight and the total erasing of Christians from these horrible persecutions…? NO ONE…! This is what gets Trump angry, and me, and we need someone willing to do something and not just lip talk and actually help these Christians, and Trump seems to be the only one willing to do it.

  • Idiot@large

    I think that those expecting the republican party to stand for morality. Is as ridiculous as expecting a clinton to tell the truth.
    I have meet very few real Christians in my life. Plenty that talk the talk. But very few who walk it. Between the artical, and the comments from many here. The hypocrisy of Christians is on full display. You pick on Trump, becsuse he is not Christian enough. Yet you will excusse, and protect Christian clergymen, who are drunks, philanderers, gamblers, and child molesters. As well as Christian politicians, who repeatedly lie to their constituents, claim they support Christian values. Even when their actions screams the opposite. But they don’t curse! At least not in public.
    As a Christian, is it your duty to pass judgment on Trump’s way of life and faith? Or is it God’s job to judge Trump’s life, and decide if he was Christian enough. You may not like his word choices. But at least you will always know where he stsnds on an issue. Unlike most republicrats in D.C.. Trump doesn’t change his opinion based on how the wind is blowingon that day. He sticks to his cconvictions. Unlike any of the republicrats you seem to worship.
    Your republican party as you kbow it. Is killing itself. After this election season is over. So will the establishments power.

    • Beema

      I couldn’t agree with you more. So far at least The Donald appears to tell the truth and in my view lying is far worse than the odd expletive which we witness every day on our TVs and movies and no one seems to be bothered by that. I get so fed up with trying to discuss important issues with so-called Christians as the usual retort is, ‘oh! we are not supposed to judge’ when in fact one is just trying to address problems in an effort to find resolutions. it can be like walking into a brick wall and as a result we resolve little or nothing while the world remains upside down and society spins out of control. I am a committed Christian and want only good for this God given earth. Political correctness is a form of lying too as it avoids being truthful. Just my personal thoughts.

      • Idiot@large

        Well you just proved a practicing Christian, can have a civil conversation, with a non-Christian. And actually agree to boot.

        Political Correctness, is worse than telling lies. Political Correctness is censorship.

  • Dianne

    And are CHRISTIAN people paying close attention to this? One can only hope and fervently pray.

  • Gabriel A. King

    Oh…. well EXCUSE ME ! I didn’t realize Trump wasn’t a “perfect Christian” like you folks.

    Do you have any other nonsense to bloviate, before America’s children are raped and murdered by the “religion of peace” ?