Warren Drops Out of Democratic Primary, Race Down to Biden, Sanders and Gabbard

Elizabeth Warren
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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren announced on Thursday that she was suspending her campaign for the 2020 presidential race after Super Tuesday results showed that she wouldn’t likely win the nomination. The primary is now down to three: former Vice President Joe Biden, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

“I think I would have made a better president than either one of them. That’s why I was running,” Warren told the Boston Globe, referring to Biden and Sanders. “I thought it was worth fighting for another approach.”

Warren also told reporters that she was disappointed that a woman would not have the nomination this election, stating that she advised little girls on the campaign trail that she was going to fight “because that’s what women do.”

“One of the hardest parts of this is all those pinky promises,” she remarked. “All those little girls are going to have to wait for a woman.”

Some outlets note that Warren forgot Gabbard was still in the race.

During a Democratic debate last month, Warren called for a “national law” to protect abortion access in case the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

“I’ve lived in an America in which abortion was illegal. Rich women still got abortions, and that’s what we have to remember about this. States are heading toward trying to ban abortion outright,” she said.

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“The Supreme Court seems headed in exactly that direction as well. If we are going to protect the people of the United States of America and we are going to protect our rights to have dominion over our own bodies then it’s going mean we simply can’t rely on the courts,” she continued. “It is time to have a national law to protect the right of a woman’s choice.”

In October, when asked about her views on same-sex relationships and whether she always held to them, Warren sang the song “Jesus Loves the Little Children” in asserting that she was brought up to believe that God loves everyone.

When asked how she would respond to someone who says that marriage is between a man and woman, she said that the person should marry a woman then — if they can find one who is willing.

“Well, I’m going to assume it’s a guy who said that, and I’m going to say, ‘Then just marry one woman. I’m cool with that,'” Warren said. “Assuming you can find one.”

She also tweeted in January that she believes states should focus their funding on public, not private schools, and “especially not ones that maintain anti-LGBTQ+ policies.”

“States should focus on funding public schools, not private ones — especially not ones that maintain anti-LGBTQ+ policies,” she tweeted. “We must ensure every kid — especially LGBTQ+ kids — can get a high-quality public education.”

Warren’s departure from the race now leaves former Vice President Joe Biden, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who all support so-called abortion rights and same-sex nuptials.

“Does the very real possibility of Roe v Wade being overturned terrify you?” Gabbard writes on her campaign website. “We must commit to defending a woman’s right to choose. I also support sensible codifying of Roe v Wade preventing third-trimester abortion except when there are grave or life-threatening health consequences for the mother.”

Biden has officiated at least two same-sex ceremonies and has expressed support for the Equality Act, a federal law that has concerned a number of Christian organizations nationwide.

“There’s homophobes still left — most of them are running for president,” Biden, a Roman Catholic, said in 2015.

President Trump has expressed his support for those who identify as homosexual on numerous occasions.

As previously reported, in 2017, Sanders became angry while questioning then-Deputy Budget Director nominee Russell Vought, as he pointed to an article written by Vought which stated that Muslims “do not know God because they have rejected Jesus Christ, His Son, and they stand condemned.”

“I would simply say, Mr. Chairman, that this nominee is really not someone who this country is supposed to be about,” Sanders said of Vought.

Early American Father Noah Webster, member of the Connecticut House of Representatives and author of the first American dictionary, once said:

“It is alleged by men of loose principles, or defective views of the subject, that religion and morality are not necessary or important qualifications for political stations. But the Scriptures teach a different doctrine. They direct that rulers should be men who rule in the fear of God, able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness.”

“But if we had no Divine instruction on the subject, our own interest would demand of us a strict observance of the principle of these injunctions. And it is the neglect of this rule of conduct in our citizens that we must ascribe the [evils] that tarnish the character of our country … ”

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